House Rules


  • Create characters using the following die-rolling method: Roll 5d6 six times, and drop the lowest two dice of each set. Assign the resulting totals to attributes as desired.
  • Hit points: Roll hit points per character class and level according to the following chart:
    Level 1: 4
    Level 2-3: 4
    Level 4-5: d2+2
    Level 6+: d3+1
    Level 1: 6
    Level 2-3: d2+4
    Level 4-5: d3+3
    Level 6+: d4+2
    Level 1: 8
    Level 2-3: d3+5
    Level 4-5: d4+4
    Level 6+: d5+3
    Level 1: 10
    Level 2-3: d4+6
    Level 4-5: d5+5
    Level 6+: d6+4
    Level 1: 12
    Level 2-3: d5 + 7
    Level 4-5: d6 + 6
    Level 6+: d7 + 5

  • Feats are aquired at a rate of one every two character levels, starting at 3rd character level.
  • Skill points: Classes which normally received 2 + intelligence modifier skill points per level receive 3 + intelligence modifier skill points per level. All other classes remain the same.
  • Multi-classing: The xp penalty for uneven classes is removed. Also, monks and paladins may multi-class freely, within reason.
  • Equipment:
    • Each character starts with the maximum gp for his class to purchase equipment
    • Purchase of blade shapes and special material for weapons (p.174, Master Codex) is not currently allowed. .


  • The Action Point variant rule is used. For details, see Unearthed Arcana, page 122, or the SRD - Action Points. A brief summary is included below.
    • Acquiring action points
      • Start at 1st level with 5 action points
      • Gain 5 + 1/2 * new level action points at each character level
    • Using action points
      • Only 1 action point can be spent per round
      • Can spend 1 action point to add to a single d20 roll, to take a special action, or to improve the use of a feat.
        • Adding to a d20 roll
          • Roll d6 to add to any d20 roll.
          • Can be declared after you roll the d20, but before the GM declares the result
          • Can roll more dice at higher character levels (1d6 at 1st - 7th, 2d6 at 8th - 14th, 3d6 at 15th-20th). Use the highest roll of the set (don't add them together).
        • Special Actions
          • Activate Class Ability - Get one more use of a class ability that has a limited number of uses per day.
          • Boost Defense - When fighting defensively, get double the normal benefits for fighting defensively for one round.
          • Emulate Feat - Gain the benefit of a feat the character doesn't have (must meet the prerequisites for the feat).
          • Extra Attack - During a round in which a character takes a full attack action, he may take an extra attack at his highest attack bonus.
          • Spell Boost - Increase the effective caster level of a spell by 2, must decide before casting the spell.
          • Spell Recall - Spellcasters who prepare spells in advance may recall any spell just cast, and can only be done in the round the spell to be recalled is cast. Spontaneous spellcasters can cast a spell without using one of their daily spell slots, and must be decided in the round the spell is cast.
          • Stable - Any time a character is dying, can become stable at current hit point total.
        • Improving Feats (examples)
          • Blind-Fight - Negate your miss chance for a single attack.
          • Combat Expertise - Double the bonus to armor class granted by the feat.
          • Dodge - Increase the dodge bonus granted by the feat to +2. This effect lasts for the entire encounter.
          • Improved Critical - Double your critical threat range. This stacks with the benefit from Improved Critical, but not with with effects that increase threat range.
          • Improved Initiative - Double the bonus on initiative checks granted by the feat from +4 to +8.
          • Metamagic Feats - Add the effect of any metamagic feat that you have to a spell you are casting. The spell is cast at the normal level and takes no extra time to cast.
          • Power Attack - Double the bonus on damage rolls granted by the feat.
          • Spell Focus - Double the increase to save DCs granted by the feat from +1 to +2.
          • Spell Penetration - Double the bonus on caster level checks granted by the feat from +2 to +4. This effect lasts for the entire encounter.


Copyright Maryrita Steinhour, 2006.
"Warlords of the Accordlands" copyright 2006 Alderac Entertainment Group.