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Daere Cadogan


Daere (DAYE-reh) Cadogan is a tall, wiry young human woman with auburn hair and piercing grey eyes.  She keeps her straight, fine hair cut relatively short, although it is frequently in need of trimming.  A woodsman’s daughter born and raised, she is far more comfortable in hunting leathers than skirts; she is more striking than pretty, although she cleans up well enough when she can be bothered.  Her father’s longbow is her prized possession; she rarely lets it out of arm’s reach, much less out of her sight. 


Background and Personality

Daere was born and raised in the shadow of Llyr’s northern forests, the eldest of three children.  Her two younger brothers, twins named Maelwys and Meurig, are more than five years her junior.  Daere was always a precocious child, much more likely to wander off into the woods following a butterfly than to pay attention to her chores.  She became adept at vanishing from under her mother’s eyes at an early age, much to her mother’s irritation and her father’s amusement; her father understood her restless nature all too well (since he’s the one she inherited it from) and never had the heart to punish her for it. 

When the elves came, Daere’s talent for disappearing saved her life.  She managed to hide from the first wave of elven scouts, and trailed a few of them back to the outskirts of her village – just in time to watch them murder her parents.  The scouts took the twins alive, for whatever nefarious purposes, but did not succeed in taking them very far before Daere fed them a taste of their own medicine.  Although she managed to free her brothers, and fled with them into the interior of Llyr, she has not forgiven herself for failing to act quickly enough to save her parents.  With her brothers safely out of harm’s way, she has turned to fighting the elves to support both herself and them – and to satisfy her need for vengeance. 



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Character Details


Female Human Ranger/Scout 1/1
5'8", 130#, red hair, grey eyes,17 years old

Alignment: CG
Home: Llyr
Languages: Common, Elven, Deverenian
Deity: Kavara
Strength 13 +1    
Dexterity 16 +3    
Constitution 16 +3    
Intelligence 14 +2    
Wisdom  14 +2    
Charisma 10 +0    

Initiative: +3 (Dex)
Armor Class: 15 (+3 Dex, +2 Leather armor ) / FF 12 / Touch 13
Speed: 30 ft.
hp: 18

BAB +1

Attack Bonus Weapon Damage Critical Range Notes
+2 Throwing Axe 1d6+1 x2    
+4 Throwing Axe 1d6+1 x2 10'  
+4 Longbow 1d8 x3 100'
Special Qualities:

Favored Terrain: Forest (grants +3 Climb, Hide, Listen, Knowledge: Nature, Move Silently, Ride, Search, Spot, Survival, Swim, and Use Rope checks and +2 to all attack rolls in forest)
Sneak attack +1d6

Saves: Fort +5, Ref +3, Will +2
Size: Medium

Armor Proficiency (light), La Hashan Descending [Lunar] (+5 survival for food and water and +2 track vs land-bound creatures), Point Blank Shot, Precise Shot, Track, Weapon Proficiency (simple, martial).


Skill Total Ranks Ability Mod Modifiers 
Climb  +5 +1 - Str   +3 in Forest (Favored Terrain), not included
Craft: Bowmaking +4 2 +2 - Int    
Hide +8 5 +3 - Dex   +3 in Forest (Favored Terrain), not included  
Jump +10 4 +1 - Str    +5 competance (Ring of Jumping)
Knowledge: Nature +4  2 +2 - Int   +3 in Forest (Favored Terrain), not included
Listen +6 4 +2 - Wis   +3 in Forest (Favored Terrain), not included  
Move Silently +8 5 +3 - Dex   +3 in Forest (Favored Terrain), not included  
Ride +3 0 +3 - Dex   +3 in Forest (Favored Terrain), not included  
Search +2 0 +2 - Int   +3 in Forest (Favored Terrain), not included  
Spot  +6  4 +2 - Wis   +3 in Forest (Favored Terrain), not included  
Survival +7 5 +2 - Wis   +5 for food and water (La Hashan Descending), not included
+3 in Forest (Favored Terrain), not included
Swim +3  2 +1 - Str   +3 in Forest (Favored Terrain), not included  
Tumble +5  2 +3 - Dex    
Use Rope +5  2 +3 - Dex   +3 in Forest (Favored Terrain), not included  


  • None
Honors and Organizations Favors, Recognition, and Reputation
  • None
  • None
Magic Items Magic Items Traded, Given Away, or Used
  • Dagger +1, x2
  • Potion of Invisibility x4
  • Ring of Jumping
  • None
Mundane Items Unusual Mundane Items
  • 16gp, 2sp, 2cp
  • Advernturer's harness - rogue
  • Arrows, 20
  • Candle x3
  • Chalk x3
  • Dagger
  • Extra bowstrings, rosin, etc.r
  • Fishhook and line
  • Flint and steel
  • Leather armor
  • Longbow
  • Rations, 1 day
  • Sewing kit
  • Throwing axe
  • Waterskin
  • None


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Copyright Maryrita Steinhour, 2006.
"Warlords of the Accordlands" copyright 2006 Alderac Entertainment Group.