The Temple of the Undying Flame

Log 2006-11-02

(8:23:46 AM) You have just entered room "steveaccordlands."

(3:51:32 PM) WotA Axton has entered the room.

WotA Axton (5:22:59 PM): .

(5:57:32 PM) WotA Kano has entered the room.

(5:57:48 PM) WotA Daere has entered the room.

(5:57:58 PM) WotA Dethel has entered the room.

WotA Kano (6:04:09 PM): View and drool: view1
WotA Kano
(6:05:03 PM): And more: view2

WotA Dethel (6:05:40 PM): Cool!

WotA Daere (6:05:51 PM): sweeeeeeeet

WotA Kano (6:06:13 PM): Those capital ships are on 4" bases

WotA Kano (6:06:34 PM): The fighters are on 1" bases

WotA Jarek (6:06:37 PM): question is - how well do they hold up to an attack from the Milleniun-HanSolo transformer?

WotA Kano (6:06:58 PM): ROFL

WotA Kano (6:07:08 PM): *stomp!* Not so well

AussieScum (6:37:36 PM): OK, recap

WotA Dethel (6:37:59 PM): Howdy Steve :-)

AussieScum (6:38:21 PM): The walls of this room have recently been painted blood red. Five sconces hold lit torches, but their flames fail to hold the dreary shadows at bay.

AussieScum (6:38:28 PM): A yellow sand pentagram occupies the middle of the floor, and upon the elaborate design are several splatters of blood from the Dwarf who hangs upside down above it.

AussieScum (6:38:32 PM): Upon the wall opposite from the door is a long, narrow stone table serving as an altar.

AussieScum (6:38:39 PM): Upon it are two burning candles of black wax, a dead rat, a thick leather-bound tome and several jars made from green and orange clay.

AussieScum (6:38:44 PM): Two other figures stand in the dark chamber:

AussieScum (6:38:49 PM): One, a gray skinned Nothrog in dark robes with a long, crooked nose

AussieScum (6:38:54 PM): The other, a tall, beautiful red-headed woman in shiny chain shirt with a longsword at her hip.

AussieScum (6:38:58 PM): The Dwarf is bound and gagged, and suspended by a rope that binds his feet.

AussieScum (6:39:04 PM): The rope passes through a metal ring set in the shadowy ceiling and is tied to a peg in the altar.

AussieScum (6:39:12 PM): He looks weak and blood drips from his dangling fingers....

AussieScum (6:39:13 PM): .

AussieScum (6:39:14 PM): .

AussieScum (6:39:15 PM): .

AussieScum (6:39:18 PM): Inits!
OnlineHost (6:39:29 PM): WotA Daere rolled 1 20-sided die: 5
(6:39:34 PM): WotA Axton rolled 1 20-sided die: 13
(6:39:35 PM): WotA Kano rolled 1 20-sided die: 3

WotA Daere (6:39:35 PM): Init 8

WotA Axton (6:39:37 PM): init 14
OnlineHost (6:39:42 PM): WotA Jarek rolled 1 20-sided die: 15

WotA Kano (6:39:45 PM): ((Init 7. I SUCK!))

WotA Jarek (6:39:47 PM): 17 init
OnlineHost (6:39:52 PM): AussieScum rolled 1 20-sided die: 16
(6:39:56 PM): WotA Eirlys rolled 1 20-sided die: 2

WotA Eirlys (6:40:09 PM): 5 init :-(
OnlineHost (6:40:39 PM): WotA Dethel rolled 1 20-sided die: 2

AussieScum (6:41:04 PM): Wow. I get to go first!

WotA Dethel (6:41:13 PM): init 26

WotA Dethel (6:41:20 PM): I go first :-D

WotA Dethel (6:41:50 PM): Actually its Init 6 for me :-(
AussieScum (6:42:06 PM): Map TempleofUndyingFlame.jpg

AussieScum (6:42:49 PM): A-L across the top

AussieScum (6:42:52 PM): 1-5 down the side

AussieScum (6:42:56 PM): Phone, damn

WotA Jarek (6:43:49 PM): Steve - we're in 3.6. we either only need a-f or we need 1 - 9

AussieScum (6:44:02 PM): Ah yes

AussieScum (6:44:12 PM): A-G and 1-4

WotA Jarek (6:44:23 PM): cool

AussieScum (6:45:04 PM): OK

AussieScum (6:45:35 PM): In an odd little twist, one fellow points his finger at the wall in the NE corner of the room.

AussieScum (6:46:35 PM): The wall vanishes and he runs out through it.

AussieScum (6:46:41 PM): Back into the main temple

WotA Kano (6:47:00 PM): (Who did that? Albino nothrog?)

WotA Jarek (6:47:04 PM): (( guess we Do need A-L :) ))

AussieScum (6:47:10 PM): Yes, the Nothrog

WotA Jarek (6:47:12 PM): where does he end up?

AussieScum (6:48:14 PM): K4

AussieScum (6:48:24 PM): In the main room, near those faces on the east wall

AussieScum (6:48:39 PM): The red head charges Jarek
OnlineHost (6:48:47 PM): AussieScum rolled 1 20-sided die: 13

WotA Axton (6:48:52 PM): where is k i only go thru g

AussieScum (6:49:05 PM): Go back to the big room above it

WotA Jarek (6:49:10 PM): (( the main room 3.5 ))

AussieScum (6:49:12 PM): Remember my initial A-L ? :-)

AussieScum (6:49:16 PM): K-4 in that room

WotA Axton (6:49:24 PM): i scratch that all out

AussieScum (6:49:28 PM): AC 24 hit you Vic?

WotA Jarek (6:49:39 PM): I guess
OnlineHost (6:49:47 PM): AussieScum rolled 1 8-sided die: 5

AussieScum (6:49:59 PM): Take 10

WotA Jarek (6:50:31 PM): oof

AussieScum (6:50:47 PM): OK Jarek you can go

WotA Jarek (6:51:06 PM): can I 5' into the room or is she blocking the door?

AussieScum (6:51:38 PM): She's gonna try to block the door

AussieScum (6:51:44 PM): She's a smart cookie and doesn't want you all around her

AussieScum (6:51:56 PM): How well do you tumble in that tin can of yours? ;-)

WotA Jarek (6:52:06 PM): 'k

WotA Axton (6:52:07 PM): the door between 3.5 and 3.6

AussieScum (6:52:11 PM): (( Yes ))

WotA Jarek (6:52:41 PM): "Axton, with me, everyone else - stop that pig." :: trip attack ::
OnlineHost (6:52:43 PM): WotA Jarek rolled 1 20-sided die: 18

WotA Jarek (6:52:49 PM): 25 touch ac?
OnlineHost (6:52:53 PM): WotA Jarek rolled 1 20-sided die: 17

WotA Jarek (6:53:00 PM): 25 on the opposed strengths

AussieScum (6:53:01 PM): ya
OnlineHost (6:53:11 PM): AussieScum rolled 1 20-sided die: 2

AussieScum (6:53:12 PM): no

WotA Jarek (6:53:18 PM): as she falls...
OnlineHost (6:53:19 PM): WotA Jarek rolled 1 20-sided die: 19

WotA Kano (6:53:20 PM): *thoomp*
OnlineHost (6:53:21 PM): WotA Jarek rolled 1 20-sided die: 1

WotA Jarek (6:53:28 PM): damn. no crit

WotA Kano (6:53:38 PM): (nicely done, all the same)
OnlineHost (6:53:44 PM): WotA Jarek rolled 1 8-sided die: 6

WotA Kano (6:53:47 PM): "Go Jarek!!!"

AussieScum (6:54:00 PM): axton

WotA Jarek (6:54:02 PM): 11 dmg. gonna action point to swing again while she's down.

WotA Axton (6:54:04 PM): move up and wack her
OnlineHost (6:54:06 PM): WotA Jarek rolled 1 20-sided die: 18
(6:54:07 PM): WotA Axton rolled 1 20-sided die: 1

WotA Axton (6:54:10 PM): miss

AussieScum (6:54:20 PM): ok

WotA Axton (6:54:34 PM): ((jarek stoll my 18))

WotA Jarek (6:54:36 PM): 29 ac

WotA Jarek (6:54:38 PM): sorry

AussieScum (6:54:42 PM): Yes

AussieScum (6:54:43 PM): Hit
OnlineHost (6:54:48 PM): WotA Jarek rolled 1 8-sided die: 6

WotA Jarek (6:54:52 PM): 11 more

AussieScum (6:55:03 PM): ok

AussieScum (6:55:07 PM): Axton misses

AussieScum (6:55:13 PM): Poor Green Machine

AussieScum (6:55:15 PM): Daere

WotA Daere (6:55:19 PM): ((Action points let you do that Heroic Surge crap?))

WotA Jarek (6:55:36 PM): (( let's you add one swing to your full attack ))

WotA Daere (6:55:45 PM): Can I get a shot off at the albino, or do I need to follow him through that secret door?

AussieScum (6:55:58 PM): You're in the same room as him

AussieScum (6:56:14 PM): You hadn't made it into 3.6 yet, so he appears through the wall and is in 3.5 with you

AussieScum (6:56:17 PM): Silly throggie

WotA Kano (6:56:29 PM): ((I think the word is EEDEEOT.))

WotA Daere (6:56:38 PM): Ah, OK. I shoot him. :)
OnlineHost (6:56:48 PM): WotA Daere rolled 1 20-sided die: 8

AussieScum (6:56:57 PM): (( But he has a plan so cunning you could put a tail on it and call it a weasel ))

WotA Daere (6:57:00 PM): Hm. 13 probably not gonna do it...

AussieScum (6:57:09 PM): Hits

WotA Kano (6:57:09 PM): ((LOL Thank you, Edmund Blackadder.))
OnlineHost (6:57:23 PM): WotA Daere rolled 1 8-sided die: 4

WotA Daere (6:57:40 PM): 5pts

AussieScum (6:57:46 PM): Kano

AussieScum (6:57:52 PM): Then Dethel then Eirlys

WotA Kano (6:57:58 PM): ::Kano begins to gesture and chant, calling to his celestial badger friend from across the cosmos:: ((Starting Summon I, spending an action point to emulate the Augment Summoning feat))

AussieScum (6:58:17 PM): which does

AussieScum (6:58:20 PM): ?

WotA Kano (6:58:26 PM): ((Adds +4 to Str and Con to the beastie))

AussieScum (6:58:43 PM): Dethel

AussieScum (6:58:48 PM): Then Eirlys, then me

WotA Dethel (6:58:58 PM): poke with arrow

WotA Kano (6:59:02 PM): ((Get used to it; I'll have the feat for real next level. :-) ))
OnlineHost (6:59:20 PM): WotA Dethel rolled 1 20-sided die: 4

WotA Dethel (6:59:25 PM): 11 hit???

AussieScum (6:59:29 PM): (( Keep track of those AP's too ))

AussieScum (6:59:29 PM): No

WotA Kano (6:59:35 PM): ((Am doing so. :-) ))

AussieScum (6:59:36 PM): Eirlys then Me

WotA Eirlys (6:59:58 PM): "Dethel, go heal the dwarf!" ::Move to L4 and attack (tumble through if I can't go around)::

AussieScum (7:00:08 PM): I'll give you a move, no problem
OnlineHost (7:00:12 PM): WotA Eirlys rolled 1 20-sided die: 16

WotA Eirlys (7:00:17 PM): AC 19

AussieScum (7:00:20 PM): hit
OnlineHost (7:00:28 PM): WotA Eirlys rolled 1 6-sided die: 2

WotA Kano (7:00:29 PM): ((Getting to the dwarf is the issue at the moment, given the door clog...))

WotA Eirlys (7:00:32 PM): 4 pts

AussieScum (7:00:37 PM): OK me

AussieScum (7:00:50 PM): First, Kano feels air whoosh around him
OnlineHost (7:00:55 PM): AussieScum rolled 1 20-sided die: 17

WotA Kano (7:00:57 PM): ((schwell))

AussieScum (7:01:08 PM): A nimbic appears behind you and smacks you a good one

WotA Kano (7:01:13 PM): "OW!"
OnlineHost (7:01:20 PM): AussieScum rolled 1 4-sided die: 2

WotA Kano (7:01:22 PM): "Hey, you traitor!"
OnlineHost (7:01:22 PM): AussieScum rolled 1 6-sided die: 2

WotA Daere (7:01:27 PM): "Oh, gods, they're multiplying..."

AussieScum (7:01:41 PM): 2 + 2 sneak is 4 - better gimme a concentration check or lose that spell
OnlineHost (7:01:44 PM): WotA Kano rolled 1 20-sided die: 13

WotA Kano (7:02:04 PM): (20, no prob)

AussieScum (7:02:06 PM): ok

AussieScum (7:02:48 PM): The throg places his hand in a mouth on the wall, mutters something (listen check MR). The wall opens, he slips in and the wall closes behind him. Hey, it's a lot for one round, but work with me for dramatic effect.
OnlineHost (7:03:15 PM): WotA Eirlys rolled 1 20-sided die: 8

WotA Eirlys (7:03:33 PM): listen 16

WotA Eirlys (7:03:36 PM): Don't I get an AoO?

WotA Eirlys (7:03:54 PM): At least I can smack him while he's doing a lot :-)

AussieScum (7:03:57 PM): Sure
OnlineHost (7:04:01 PM): WotA Eirlys rolled 1 20-sided die: 3

WotA Eirlys (7:04:09 PM): heh. maybe not

WotA Eirlys (7:04:25 PM): (too busy listening)

AussieScum (7:04:26 PM): You only hear him say "Kavara mumble mumble mutter"

WotA Eirlys (7:04:50 PM): AD to reroll?

AussieScum (7:05:10 PM): Sure
OnlineHost (7:05:14 PM): WotA Eirlys rolled 1 20-sided die: 14

WotA Jarek (7:05:14 PM): (( you can add d6, but not reroll )0

WotA Eirlys (7:05:25 PM): (ah, thanks)

AussieScum (7:05:26 PM): Ah yes, like a spycraft AD
OnlineHost (7:05:26 PM): WotA Eirlys rolled 1 6-sided die: 1

WotA Daere (7:05:31 PM): ((and technically you have to call that before you know the result))

WotA Kano (7:05:32 PM): ((Reroll is a Mike house rule. And, it costs 2.))

WotA Eirlys (7:05:33 PM): :-(

WotA Eirlys (7:05:36 PM): 17!

AussieScum (7:05:40 PM): Um, no ;-)

AussieScum (7:05:45 PM): Finally...

AussieScum (7:05:54 PM): The redhead drops her sword and raises her hands.

AussieScum (7:06:01 PM): "Don't kill me, I'll tell you what I know"

AussieScum (7:06:05 PM): Jarek

AussieScum (7:06:58 PM): (( I gotta remember that this was designed for a party of 4 and beef these encounters up a little :-) ))

WotA Jarek (7:07:18 PM): "Stay down...." :: kick her sword away, bodily move her out of the doorway and back into the 'ritual' room ::

AussieScum (7:07:41 PM): She obediently stays down

WotA Jarek (7:07:42 PM): :: over shoulder :: "Sit Rep?"

WotA Dethel (7:07:54 PM): :move to dwarf, and heal:

AussieScum (7:08:00 PM): (( We'll call this combat done, you can easily dispose of the nimbic ))

WotA Kano (7:08:06 PM): ((Let me do it!))

WotA Axton (7:08:08 PM): then talk!!! where did the other one go?

AussieScum (7:08:11 PM): He has 3 HP!

WotA Jarek (7:08:23 PM): so does Kano (at this point)

WotA Dethel (7:08:32 PM): He, who?

WotA Kano (7:08:33 PM): ((I finish the summon, spend an action point to retrieve the spell, then Scratch Fury and I whack him))

WotA Daere (7:08:34 PM): ::thwick:: Not anymore...
OnlineHost (7:08:38 PM): WotA Kano rolled 3 20-sided dice: 20 14 17
(7:08:45 PM): WotA Kano rolled 1 20-sided die: 7

AussieScum (7:08:45 PM): (( Let me take care of the dwarf tending, Curtis, then we'll get to your interrogation :-) ))

WotA Axton (7:08:55 PM): ok
OnlineHost (7:08:57 PM): WotA Kano rolled 2 2-sided dice: 1 1

AussieScum (7:09:04 PM): AC 15 on the rogue there Kano
OnlineHost (7:09:05 PM): WotA Kano rolled 1 3-sided die: 1
(7:09:11 PM): WotA Kano rolled 1 20-sided die: 15

AussieScum (7:09:12 PM): But y ou don't seem to have a problem with that!
OnlineHost (7:09:16 PM): WotA Kano rolled 1 6-sided die: 2

WotA Kano (7:09:33 PM): Scratch Fury did him for 6, and I hit him for 3

AussieScum (7:09:42 PM): Scratch Fury and Kano rip into the Nimbic Servant and he falls down, bleeding out

WotA Eirlys (7:09:42 PM): ((will keep watch for the Nothrog and other trouble, while I go do my work. Poke me in IM (or Curtis yell :-) ) )) when you need me))

AussieScum (7:09:51 PM): OK

WotA Jarek (7:09:52 PM): :: slash, claw, grar ::

AussieScum (7:10:03 PM): OK, you heal the dwarf (and cut his ass down I assume?)

WotA Dethel (7:10:20 PM): And the rest of him, yes and yes :-)

WotA Axton (7:10:20 PM): and the rest of his body also

WotA Kano (7:10:49 PM): ::keep whaling on the other nimbic:: "What the heck was that for?"

AussieScum (7:11:07 PM): (( What the heck was what for? ))

WotA Jarek (7:11:39 PM): "Kano! Enough, little man. Why don't you go treasure-hunting in here for a minute?"

WotA Kano (7:11:40 PM): ((Stabbing me in the back!))

WotA Kano (7:11:50 PM): ::perks up:: "Huh? Oh! Good idea!"

WotA Daere (7:12:02 PM): ::will also stand watch::

AussieScum (7:12:16 PM): The dwarf introduces himself as Barrin

AussieScum (7:12:37 PM): "Thank you for saving me, I think I was about to end up bleeding out all over the floor after that thing sliced my neck open"

WotA Dethel (7:12:50 PM): "Thing?"

AussieScum (7:13:06 PM): "That albino"

WotA Dethel (7:13:15 PM): "Oh, and your welcom"

WotA Jarek (7:13:17 PM): "Never seen a Nothrog before, eh? Heh"

AussieScum (7:13:34 PM): "Many things I've never seen before"

AussieScum (7:13:44 PM): "But enough small talk! There are things you must know!"

WotA Kano (7:13:47 PM): ::look around in 3.6 while they talk::

WotA Jarek (7:13:52 PM): "Any idea why you were chosen to die?" :: look to the girl too ::

AussieScum (7:14:07 PM): "Garkar'l is intent on getting the Crystal of Corruption. You must stop him!"

WotA Dethel (7:14:08 PM): "Go ahead."

AussieScum (7:14:25 PM): (( oops Crystal of Corrosion ))

AussieScum (7:14:48 PM): "Down the passage behind the wall in the temple is the place where it is found"

WotA Dethel (7:14:49 PM): "Who is Garkar'l, adn what is the Crystal? And where are they both?"

AussieScum (7:15:04 PM): "The end of the passage is guarded by two gargoyles"

AussieScum (7:15:11 PM): "I can give you a passphrase to get past them"

AussieScum (7:15:36 PM): "You must say, in dwarven, "The Stone holds the Strength of Sjonegaard'"

AussieScum (7:15:49 PM): "Garkar'l is the name that the albino used for himself"

WotA Dethel (7:16:05 PM): "Must we each say the words?"

WotA Jarek (7:16:21 PM): "Right. And how bad is this Crystal? Why didn't he have it before?"

AussieScum (7:16:30 PM): "The Crystal is an artifact that the Sjonegaard, the Elemental King, helped the priests of Kavara obtain ages ago"

AussieScum (7:16:53 PM): (( Coming back to your questions after I spill more info ))

WotA Dethel (7:17:01 PM): NP

AussieScum (7:17:21 PM): "The Crystal corrodes anything metal by merely a touch. It instantly falls to dust" (( Portable Rust Monster. Kewl ))

WotA Jarek (7:17:23 PM): (( lots of talk for a guy in a rush. :) ))

AussieScum (7:17:39 PM): "If Garkar'l had it, he could possibly defear the mightiest of warriors"

AussieScum (7:17:54 PM): "If one of you says the phrase, all may pass."

AussieScum (7:18:30 PM): "The Crystal is down the end of the hall behind the secret door." :: he blushes in shame :: "He had not had it before because he had been unable to get the password out of me."

AussieScum (7:18:47 PM): "But after the last torture session, I would have said anything to make the pain stop"

AussieScum (7:19:16 PM): "Quickly, go and stop him, I beg you"

AussieScum (7:19:43 PM): Moving over to Axton and the redhead....

AussieScum (7:19:56 PM): While the dwarf is spilling the above, the redhead tells a version of the same story.

AussieScum (7:20:11 PM): The Nothrog is after the Crystal of Corrosion. She, however, has the passphrase to the secret door

WotA Axton (7:20:34 PM): the 2nd one or the 1st one

AussieScum (7:20:45 PM): If you place your hand in the mouth (the same one that Garkar'l did) and say "Kavara fears no flame", the two traps on the door will be bypassed.

AussieScum (7:21:02 PM): Looking close at the hole in the wall that the baddie came out of, you realize that it's not a secret door

AussieScum (7:21:08 PM): There's a section of wall missing.

AussieScum (7:21:15 PM): A very neat 10x10 square

AussieScum (7:22:10 PM): Kano, over to you

AussieScum (7:22:15 PM): You're doing the treasure hunt thing....

WotA Axton (7:22:18 PM): tie her up and yell at the others

AussieScum (7:22:24 PM): Going into the room marked as 3.7 on the map?

WotA Axton (7:22:32 PM): let go i have the passcode to bypass the traps

WotA Axton (7:23:05 PM): but i want to take her with us just incase she is lieing to me

WotA Axton (7:23:46 PM): take her over to the wall

WotA Kano (7:23:47 PM): (Yes, I'll end up poking around in 3.7)

AussieScum (7:23:57 PM): The baddies treasure chest is in here

WotA Kano (7:24:03 PM): ((Woo!))

WotA Axton (7:24:15 PM): put her hand in the mouth.... now say the phase

AussieScum (7:24:16 PM): And a book on the table in the room is a prayer book to Kavara with the inscription on the first page "Kavara fears no flame"

WotA Kano (7:24:21 PM): "Ummm...Erilys? You want to take a look at these?"

AussieScum (7:24:24 PM): Hold on a sec Curtis :-)

WotA Axton (7:24:29 PM): ok

AussieScum (7:24:38 PM): We're split up here, we'll get you all synched here in a moment :-)

WotA Eirlys (7:24:52 PM): "Sure."

AussieScum (7:24:53 PM): (( You tied her up, gives Mike a sec to play treasure hunter ;-) ))

WotA Kano (7:24:53 PM): ::bouncing from one foot to the other as he stands by the treasure chest::

WotA Kano (7:25:12 PM): "I probably shouldn't try to open it..."

WotA Eirlys (7:25:12 PM): ::takes a careful trap look :-) ::

AussieScum (7:25:17 PM): Roll it

WotA Kano (7:25:23 PM): ::looks over her shoulder, standing on tiptoes to do so::

WotA Eirlys (7:25:24 PM): "Not yet you shouldn't."
OnlineHost (7:25:43 PM): WotA Eirlys rolled 1 20-sided die: 16

WotA Eirlys (7:25:51 PM): 25 search

WotA Eirlys (7:26:13 PM): ::resists the urge to elbow the little guy ;-) ::

AussieScum (7:26:34 PM): Yes, there's a trap here

AussieScum (7:26:40 PM): Looks like a poison needle trap

WotA Eirlys (7:26:54 PM): "Stand back - I don't want to blow you up, too."

WotA Eirlys (7:27:07 PM): ::flexes fingers and goes to work::
OnlineHost (7:27:10 PM): WotA Eirlys rolled 1 20-sided die: 19

WotA Eirlys (7:27:16 PM): 30 DD :-D

AussieScum (7:27:27 PM): You disable the trap

AussieScum (7:27:30 PM): Now, it's still locked

WotA Eirlys (7:27:39 PM): ::holds up the needle carefully, then tucks it safely away::

WotA Eirlys (7:27:46 PM): ::work on the lock::
OnlineHost (7:27:48 PM): WotA Eirlys rolled 1 20-sided die: 5

WotA Eirlys (7:27:52 PM): 15 OL

AussieScum (7:28:00 PM): How do you feel about that number at your Tier?

WotA Eirlys (7:28:09 PM): LOL!

WotA Eirlys (7:28:18 PM): Oh, let's add the d6
OnlineHost (7:28:21 PM): WotA Eirlys rolled 1 6-sided die: 2

WotA Eirlys (7:28:28 PM): heh 17.

AussieScum (7:28:31 PM): So close, but no cigar

WotA Eirlys (7:28:36 PM): I think I'll be working on it a while ...

AussieScum (7:28:48 PM): You can take it with you and work on it later if necessary

AussieScum (7:28:54 PM): Meanwhile, back at the ranch....

WotA Eirlys (7:29:17 PM): ::That works:: "Kano - PLEASE don't hover so close!"

AussieScum (7:29:23 PM): As you all finish your healing / talking & interrogating and binding redheads / looting, it's a miracle that you're all done about the same time.

AussieScum (7:29:44 PM): Axton, impatient as most green giants are, places his hand in the mouth on the wall and says the phrase

AussieScum (7:29:46 PM): The wall opens.

AussieScum (7:29:54 PM): And a long tunnel looms before you.

WotA Axton (7:29:57 PM): no her hand

WotA Axton (7:30:37 PM): and she says the phase.

WotA Jarek (7:30:46 PM): :: take point :: "Keep an eye out for any other surprises, Kano."

WotA Axton (7:30:51 PM): might have been traped and

WotA Axton (7:30:57 PM): might have lost my hand

WotA Daere (7:30:58 PM): ::takes rear guard::

WotA Kano (7:31:03 PM): ::nods:: "You got it." ::will keep watching behind::

AussieScum (7:31:05 PM): (( ha ha ))

WotA Kano (7:31:11 PM): "All I see is Daere's hips."

WotA Eirlys (7:31:11 PM): ((good point, Axton - but I could've checked that :-) ))

AussieScum (7:31:23 PM): The tunnel is long.

WotA Kano (7:31:24 PM): ::look up at Daere, waggle my eyebrows and grins::

AussieScum (7:31:25 PM): Very long

AussieScum (7:31:27 PM): And dark

AussieScum (7:31:39 PM): The walls are pitch black

WotA Daere (7:31:40 PM): ::rolls eyes::

WotA Axton (7:31:49 PM): i have dark vision 120'

WotA Eirlys (7:31:50 PM): ::right behind Jarek, looking for traps as we go (the casual look, not searching every 5 feet::

AussieScum (7:32:00 PM): As you walk along, you realize that the passage is sloping slightly downwards

WotA Eirlys (7:32:03 PM): ::will get out a light if necessary::

WotA Jarek (7:32:08 PM): "Someone grab a torch or two from the main room."

AussieScum (7:32:11 PM): (( Yes, necessary ))

WotA Axton (7:32:34 PM): ((well there goes my darkvision))

WotA Daere (7:32:45 PM): "Would you mind grabbing one of those, Short Stuff? I kinda need both hands for the bow."

WotA Eirlys (7:32:46 PM): ((sorry, green guy))

WotA Jarek (7:32:47 PM): (( or I have this lovely lantern in my equipment. pays to notice. ))

WotA Kano (7:32:48 PM): ((Light doesn't spoil darkvision anymore, Axton.))

WotA Axton (7:33:05 PM): ah

WotA Kano (7:33:07 PM): "Sure, Daere." ::holds a torch::

WotA Kano (7:33:15 PM): ((For whom, I'll never say. ;-) ))

WotA Daere (7:33:15 PM): ::dryly:: "And I wouldn't want to spoil your view."

WotA Kano (7:33:22 PM): ::giggles::

WotA Axton (7:33:39 PM): ((hope it is not me..... :-P))

AussieScum (7:33:47 PM): After what must be a couple thousand feet, the passage opens up into room 3.9

WotA Kano (7:33:56 PM): "Wow, this is a long tunnel..."

WotA Jarek (7:34:13 PM): (( did we hear running footsteps echoing or anything? ))

AussieScum (7:34:16 PM): The markings on the map, which should have been the gargoyles you were told about, are not there

AussieScum (7:34:37 PM): (( I"ll say not, because you healed a dwarf, tied up a redhead and looted some. He had plenty of time ))

WotA Kano (7:34:38 PM): ((Which means that Dorkwad Nothrog already dealt with them...))

WotA Axton (7:34:57 PM): or they him

AussieScum (7:35:05 PM): The black dots in this room are tall white pillars

WotA Dethel (7:35:24 PM): "I hope they're not under his control"

WotA Jarek (7:35:40 PM): :: stop near the opening/narrowing, listen ::

AussieScum (7:35:42 PM): The passage east is still there
OnlineHost (7:36:00 PM): WotA Jarek rolled 1 20-sided die: 18

AussieScum (7:36:03 PM): You really don't hear anything. But there is a faint luminescence coming from the end of the passage

WotA Jarek (7:36:05 PM): 19 listen

WotA Jarek (7:36:09 PM): 'k

WotA Jarek (7:36:44 PM): (( did Axton bring the redhead this whole way? ))

WotA Axton (7:36:51 PM): yes

WotA Dethel (7:36:52 PM): "Wait here a moment"

AussieScum (7:37:13 PM): The dwarf is tagging along too.

WotA Jarek (7:37:14 PM): :: motion to her, whisper :: "Call for your friend."

WotA Dethel (7:37:33 PM): "Would you accept the power of the Four Elements?"

AussieScum (7:37:34 PM): He says "It's possible that the albino has control of the gargoyles now, this could be bad"

AussieScum (7:37:49 PM): Borka, to Jarek: "And then what?"

WotA Jarek (7:38:07 PM): :: look at Dethel - who is he talking to? ::

AussieScum (7:38:33 PM): (( Joe, who are you talking to? ))

AussieScum (7:38:44 PM): (( Oh, and some of you are beat up, you taking care of that? :-P ))

WotA Dethel (7:38:45 PM): ((The party))

WotA Kano (7:38:59 PM): ((I do have a little owwie, yeah. :-) ))

WotA Jarek (7:39:03 PM): "Ask him to come out here, to help you against us - " ::wink:: "- we're right behind you."

WotA Dethel (7:39:18 PM): "If you are all willing, I will call upon the Four Elements to favor us"

WotA Dethel (7:39:31 PM): ((How little, Mike?))

WotA Kano (7:39:33 PM): "Is it...binding?"

WotA Eirlys (7:39:41 PM): "Which means?"

WotA Kano (7:39:43 PM): ((Down to 8 hp, out of 12))

WotA Dethel (7:39:49 PM): "No, a blessing only"

WotA Jarek (7:39:52 PM): (( I have a sizable owie, now that I think about it. down 10 of 26 ))

WotA Axton (7:39:56 PM): ((little people have little ones))

WotA Axton (7:39:59 PM): :-P
(7:40:07 PM): WotA Dethel rolled 1 8-sided die: 7

WotA Dethel (7:40:17 PM): 9 for Jarek

WotA Kano (7:40:20 PM): ::shrugs:: "if you think it'd be a help, then sure."
OnlineHost (7:40:21 PM): WotA Dethel rolled 1 8-sided die: 3

WotA Dethel (7:40:26 PM): 5 for Kano

WotA Kano (7:40:32 PM): "Thanks, Dethel."

WotA Jarek (7:40:46 PM): :: nod in apprecation, say nothing about the blessing ::

AussieScum (7:40:57 PM): (( Let me know when you're ready to proceed ))

WotA Dethel (7:40:59 PM): :nods, beggining to focus:

WotA Dethel (7:41:04 PM): "Be bolstered by the powers of the four Elments" :: casts Bless"

WotA Axton (7:41:10 PM): ready here

WotA Jarek (7:41:37 PM): (( assuming Borka is unconvinced, ready. :) ))

WotA Dethel (7:41:42 PM): I'm ready

WotA Daere (7:41:53 PM): ready

AussieScum (7:41:58 PM): Borka calls out "Garkar'l, come help me! They are right on my tail!"

WotA Eirlys (7:42:25 PM): ::nods, and slips into the shadows to get behind him when he comes::

WotA Jarek (7:42:52 PM): :: motion everyone back out of a direct line to the opening - stick Borka in the corner ::

AussieScum (7:42:55 PM): The nothrog calls back "Come down here to me, you'll be safe here with me and my new friends!"

WotA Jarek (7:43:08 PM): (( or not. hmm. ))

AussieScum (7:43:35 PM): Actions?

WotA Kano (7:44:04 PM): ::preparing to Summon::

WotA Axton (7:44:05 PM): shall we

WotA Jarek (7:44:32 PM): :: shake head, jerk thumb toward opening :: "Looks like we must. Borka first?"

AussieScum (7:44:50 PM): (( Marching Order please, single file ))

WotA Axton (7:45:17 PM): borka still tied up then me holding the rope

WotA Eirlys (7:45:32 PM): 3rd, after Jarek and Axton

WotA Axton (7:45:33 PM): ((cant let my bed warmer get away now can i))

WotA Daere (7:45:38 PM): last

WotA Jarek (7:45:50 PM): Borka, Axton, Jarek, Eirlys, Dethel, Kano, Daere

WotA Dethel (7:46:07 PM): works for me

WotA Kano (7:46:25 PM): ((works for me, too))

WotA Jarek (7:46:34 PM): (( but leave an extra fiver-space here and there, just in case ))

AussieScum (7:46:55 PM): OK, you head down.

WotA Axton (7:47:06 PM): have my great club out\

AussieScum (7:47:08 PM): The further you head down, the rougher the "terrain" gets

AussieScum (7:47:33 PM): It's almost as if acid has eaten away the stone rather than it being cut

AussieScum (7:47:42 PM): The grays and blacks are splattered with red

AussieScum (7:47:53 PM): The room at the end seems even more damaged

AussieScum (7:48:03 PM): It sort of looks like a natural cavern

AussieScum (7:48:24 PM): The rock on the floor and ceiling is covered in dark borwns and deep reds

AussieScum (7:48:39 PM): You see the albino here with a rust colored object in his hand.

AussieScum (7:48:49 PM): On either side of him, you see one of these:
AussieScum (7:48:56 PM):

AussieScum (7:49:22 PM): (( Come on Vic, what are they? ))

WotA Daere (7:49:35 PM): ((eeep!))

WotA Jarek (7:49:54 PM): (( Sandstone. one of the first characters in the game! ;) ))

AussieScum (7:50:00 PM): ( Whee! )

AussieScum (7:50:17 PM): (( I remember my first dwarf deck had Sandstones in it. But I digress ))

AussieScum (7:50:31 PM): The albino says simply "Destroy them"

AussieScum (7:50:38 PM): And the rock creatures lumber toward you

AussieScum (7:50:43 PM): Inits!
OnlineHost (7:50:45 PM): WotA Jarek rolled 1 20-sided die: 20
(7:50:47 PM): WotA Daere rolled 1 20-sided die: 4
(7:50:48 PM): WotA Kano rolled 1 20-sided die: 7

WotA Jarek (7:50:48 PM): 22!

WotA Daere (7:50:51 PM): 7
OnlineHost (7:50:53 PM): WotA Axton rolled 1 20-sided die: 5

WotA Kano (7:50:53 PM): ((Init 11))

WotA Dethel (7:50:55 PM): That's Fugly!!

WotA Axton (7:51:02 PM): init 6
OnlineHost (7:51:09 PM): AussieScum rolled 1 20-sided die: 7
(7:51:12 PM): WotA Dethel rolled 1 20-sided die: 14

WotA Dethel (7:51:17 PM): Init 18
OnlineHost (7:51:20 PM): WotA Eirlys rolled 1 20-sided die: 6

WotA Eirlys (7:51:28 PM): init 9

WotA Jarek (7:51:37 PM): (( range to targets? ))

AussieScum (7:52:00 PM): A-C across the top

AussieScum (7:52:03 PM): 1-7 down the side

WotA Jarek (7:52:05 PM): (( the map is surprisingly small here. ))

WotA Eirlys (7:52:15 PM): ((sorry, guys, I'm really multitasking tonight - and now my big boss wants something ...))

AussieScum (7:52:18 PM): They are at B3, B4 & B5

AussieScum (7:52:31 PM): (( I under stand MR, given my past online gaming experiences :-) ))

WotA Jarek (7:53:04 PM): (( I've got ya covered, if need be, MR. besides - my dice are hot! ))

WotA Eirlys (7:53:06 PM): ((I thought you might :-) - now I can empathize with you ))

AussieScum (7:53:11 PM): OK, Jarek, you got Sandstones 1 & 2 and the albino

WotA Eirlys (7:53:25 PM): ((:-) Hot dice? Go for it! ))

AussieScum (7:53:48 PM): (( Unofficial map, remember :-) ))

WotA Jarek (7:54:11 PM): is borka in A4? or Tunnel 1? ((so I'm in either Tunnel 2 or tunnel 2, follow? ))

AussieScum (7:54:19 PM): Call her in A4

AussieScum (7:54:29 PM): She's a friendly at the moment, so easily moved through

WotA Jarek (7:54:32 PM): (( wanna make it a-e? we can cope... ;) ))

AussieScum (7:54:46 PM): Sure

AussieScum (7:54:54 PM): Move them back to D3/4/5

WotA Jarek (7:55:03 PM): kewl

WotA Axton (7:55:27 PM): and that puts me in a4

WotA Axton (7:55:37 PM): i mean b4

AussieScum (7:55:46 PM): Well, Borka is in A4

AussieScum (7:55:49 PM): You're in Tunnel 1

AussieScum (7:55:56 PM): Jarek in Tunnel 2, etc

AussieScum (7:56:12 PM): But you can move through friendly squares easily so it's no biggie

WotA Axton (7:56:13 PM): i only c 1 tunnel

AussieScum (7:56:32 PM): Tunnel 1 = first square in tunnel. Tunnel 2 = 2nd square in tunnel etc.

AussieScum (7:56:44 PM): Work out what you're doing, I need a quick bio then we can wrap this puppy up :-)

WotA Axton (7:57:31 PM): thought boka was in c4 and i was in b4

WotA Dethel (7:58:28 PM): So, what are we doing??

WotA Eirlys (7:58:39 PM): Looks like Borka in A4, Axton just behind her, Jarek behind you, me behind Jarek.

WotA Eirlys (7:58:45 PM): the rest behind me.

WotA Axton (7:58:47 PM): making sandstone in to a pile of sand

WotA Daere (7:58:51 PM): My big plan is to stay back here in the tunnel and stand by to disrupt casting.

WotA Jarek (7:59:09 PM): I just wonder if taking down the throg will free the gargoyle's minds.

WotA Jarek (7:59:17 PM): Barrin didn't say so...

WotA Eirlys (7:59:18 PM): planning to get to the other side of Noggie and hope for the chance to sneak attack :-)

WotA Kano (7:59:28 PM): ((Just don't disrupt mine, Hips. ;-) ))

WotA Daere (7:59:47 PM): ((Then don't blunder into my line of fire. :-P))

WotA Jarek (7:59:54 PM): I'll take the gargoyles, axton. you and that nice wooden weapon of yours can take the mage.

WotA Dethel (8:00:13 PM): I'll move in, find a corner, and focus on the big G

WotA Kano (8:00:23 PM): ((I'll stay back here and guard Daere. And summon.))

WotA Axton (8:00:38 PM): ok jarek

WotA Jarek (8:00:41 PM): don't forget our bless, all

WotA Axton (8:00:45 PM): sounds like a plan to me

WotA Axton (8:01:08 PM): ((+1 to hit got it))

AussieScum (8:01:21 PM): OK back, Jarek is up, then Dethel

WotA Jarek (8:01:35 PM): :: rumble past the two in front of me, drawing the sword as I go. flank in and to the left (C2) and swing on the gargoyle ::
OnlineHost (8:01:41 PM): WotA Jarek rolled 1 20-sided die: 17
(8:01:45 PM): WotA Jarek rolled 1 8-sided die: 3

WotA Jarek (8:01:48 PM): 8 dmg

AussieScum (8:02:05 PM): Dethel, then Kano

WotA Dethel (8:02:20 PM): move to a7, shoot at G
OnlineHost (8:02:29 PM): WotA Dethel rolled 1 20-sided die: 12

WotA Dethel (8:02:43 PM): AC 20

AussieScum (8:02:49 PM): hit
OnlineHost (8:02:53 PM): WotA Dethel rolled 1 8-sided die: 4

AussieScum (8:02:54 PM): The one Jarek is hitting?

AussieScum (8:03:04 PM): Or the Throg you mean?

WotA Jarek (8:03:08 PM): (( G being Garkarl, not a Gargoyle. :) ))

WotA Dethel (8:03:09 PM): the throg

AussieScum (8:03:14 PM): ok :-)

WotA Dethel (8:03:20 PM): 5 damage

AussieScum (8:03:29 PM): Kano, then me

WotA Kano (8:03:34 PM): ::move up 5', start casting Summon Monster I, spend the Action Point for Augment::

AussieScum (8:03:48 PM): Me

AussieScum (8:04:02 PM): Borka moves to the side and gets out of the way

AussieScum (8:04:25 PM): G1 does a full attack on Jarek
OnlineHost (8:04:30 PM): AussieScum rolled 2 20-sided dice: 9 7

AussieScum (8:04:31 PM): AC?

WotA Jarek (8:04:35 PM): 20

AussieScum (8:04:57 PM): 2nd one moves into a flank with you, since you're the only one up here
OnlineHost (8:05:00 PM): AussieScum rolled 1 20-sided die: 7

AussieScum (8:05:03 PM): Bah, we suck

WotA Jarek (8:05:09 PM): no, sorry. 17. shoot - my dmg was wrong too.

AussieScum (8:05:19 PM): Quick adjust for me please:-) And they still miss
OnlineHost (8:05:25 PM): WotA Jarek rolled 1 10-sided die: 7

WotA Jarek (8:05:28 PM): 14 dmg.

WotA Jarek (8:05:45 PM): (( wielding halberd so that magic sword not ruined by Corrosion. ;) ))

AussieScum (8:06:08 PM): Big G points at Dethel and says "Begone!"

AussieScum (8:06:15 PM): Fort save
OnlineHost (8:06:24 PM): WotA Dethel rolled 1 20-sided die: 11

WotA Dethel (8:06:36 PM): 15 or 16

AussieScum (8:06:40 PM): Enough

AussieScum (8:06:48 PM): Eirlys then Daere

WotA Eirlys (8:07:12 PM): where did G2 go?

WotA Jarek (8:07:30 PM): (( B1 probably - to flank me ))

AussieScum (8:07:43 PM): Flanking Jarek, so B2 or something like that, where ever the flank is

WotA Dethel (8:07:45 PM): "You have no power over us, surrender and call off your dogs. Or Die!"

AussieScum (8:07:51 PM): (( Running this one free qnd easy, only 3 of them ))

WotA Eirlys (8:08:10 PM): oh, I see - was on the DEF columns. Sorry

WotA Jarek (8:08:20 PM): (( my plan worked better than I hoped - the throg is wide open. :) ))

AussieScum (8:08:20 PM): (( Who the hell let Ian-Rafe in here? ))

WotA Eirlys (8:08:29 PM): move to C5, attack Noggie
OnlineHost (8:08:31 PM): WotA Eirlys rolled 1 20-sided die: 10

WotA Eirlys (8:08:36 PM): AC 14

AussieScum (8:08:42 PM): What's your weapon there MR?

WotA Kano (8:08:47 PM): ((LOL))

WotA Eirlys (8:08:55 PM): Short sword

WotA Dethel (8:08:55 PM): LOLer

AussieScum (8:09:02 PM): More to the point, what *WAS* your weapon.

AussieScum (8:09:16 PM): Roll your damage, then it crumbles to dust in your hand.....

WotA Jarek (8:09:17 PM): "Truth be told, I dost prefer the Or Die option. Be so good..."

WotA Eirlys (8:09:19 PM): (Did I miss something? Attacking Throg ... )
OnlineHost (8:09:36 PM): WotA Eirlys rolled 1 6-sided die: 4

WotA Kano (8:09:37 PM): ((Who has the Corrosion Thang))

AussieScum (8:09:38 PM): (( The artifact he's carrying? Portable Rust Monster? ))

WotA Jarek (8:09:39 PM): (( okay, so the corrosion effect is not just offensive... ))

WotA Eirlys (8:09:43 PM): 6 pts

WotA Eirlys (8:10:00 PM): Ohhh! I did miss that .... ummm ... can I shoot instead?

AussieScum (8:10:04 PM): (( It's a non magical sword, no biggie. Would have warned yo uif it was magical :-) ))

AussieScum (8:10:12 PM): (( Sure, since you're distracted and all. I take pity :-) ))

WotA Eirlys (8:10:18 PM): OK, will shoot next round

WotA Dethel (8:10:23 PM): "As you wish, Jarek":grins a bit wildly:

AussieScum (8:10:24 PM): I've been there, done that :-)

WotA Eirlys (8:10:29 PM): Let this round stand :-)

AussieScum (8:10:32 PM): ok

WotA Eirlys (8:10:34 PM): Chuckle. Thanks

AussieScum (8:10:40 PM): Daere, batta up

WotA Daere (8:10:42 PM): I just want to make sure I have a clear line of fire on the Nothrog (the bad one ;-)). Preferably back here in the tunnel where I can't get thwacked by anything Big and Ugly. Ready a shot to disrupt casting next round.

AussieScum (8:10:45 PM): Then the ever patient Axton

AussieScum (8:11:05 PM): OK. Guy green guy. Smash him up good

WotA Axton (8:11:09 PM): move up and attack throggie
OnlineHost (8:11:13 PM): WotA Axton rolled 1 20-sided die: 1

WotA Axton (8:11:16 PM): dkjsdjuofaiou4ae iuow e

WotA Kano (8:11:23 PM): ((My word, the diebot hates Curtis tonight))

AussieScum (8:11:34 PM): Owie

WotA Axton (8:11:35 PM): it always does

WotA Jarek (8:11:40 PM): (( second or third on the night. worse than usual. I seriously stole your bike, dude. ))

AussieScum (8:11:43 PM): Jarek, then Dethel then me.
OnlineHost (8:11:45 PM): WotA Axton rolled 15 20-sided dice: 9 1 8 11 15 6 7 2 5 11 8 9 17 2 14

WotA Jarek (8:12:13 PM): :: trip attack the one I hit, AP to do same to the newcomer ::
OnlineHost (8:12:17 PM): WotA Jarek rolled 1 20-sided die: 13

WotA Jarek (8:12:23 PM): 20 touch ac
OnlineHost (8:12:25 PM): WotA Jarek rolled 1 20-sided die: 6

WotA Kano (8:12:28 PM): ((I think I'm after Dethel and before the baddies...))

WotA Jarek (8:12:30 PM): 14 opposed strength
OnlineHost (8:12:39 PM): AussieScum rolled 1 20-sided die: 14

WotA Jarek (8:12:47 PM): crap. failed.

AussieScum (8:12:50 PM): It beats you! RAWR

WotA Jarek (8:12:59 PM): still try that trick on the new guy
OnlineHost (8:13:00 PM): WotA Jarek rolled 1 20-sided die: 6

WotA Jarek (8:13:04 PM): touch ac 13
OnlineHost (8:13:06 PM): WotA Jarek rolled 1 20-sided die: 2

WotA Jarek (8:13:11 PM): oof. 10 opposed
OnlineHost (8:13:18 PM): AussieScum rolled 1 20-sided die: 1

WotA Jarek (8:13:23 PM): heh

AussieScum (8:13:27 PM): Oooooh. TIM-BERRRRR

WotA Jarek (8:13:30 PM): swing as he falls
OnlineHost (8:13:31 PM): WotA Jarek rolled 1 20-sided die: 17
(8:13:34 PM): WotA Jarek rolled 1 10-sided die: 5

WotA Jarek (8:13:38 PM): 12 dmg to him

AussieScum (8:13:44 PM): okie day, done?

WotA Jarek (8:13:52 PM): done.

AussieScum (8:13:56 PM): Dethel then me

WotA Dethel (8:14:00 PM): RLR for me
OnlineHost (8:14:03 PM): WotA Dethel rolled 1 20-sided die: 10

WotA Dethel (8:14:11 PM): AC 18

AussieScum (8:14:14 PM): hit
OnlineHost (8:14:15 PM): WotA Dethel rolled 1 8-sided die: 2

WotA Dethel (8:14:18 PM): 3 damage

WotA Kano (8:14:40 PM): ((I think I go before you, Steve.))

AussieScum (8:14:44 PM): Axton, feeling somewhat embarrassed by his lack of finesse with the club tonight backs away just in time as Grak takes a shaft in the chest.

AussieScum (8:14:51 PM): (( Oh yeah ))

AussieScum (8:14:57 PM): Grak fall down.

AussieScum (8:14:59 PM): Kano

WotA Daere (8:15:11 PM): ((D'oh!))

WotA Kano (8:15:20 PM): ((What squares are Jarek and the gargoyles in?))

WotA Jarek (8:15:44 PM): (( B1, C2, D3 by my calc ))

AussieScum (8:15:51 PM): (( Good enough ))

WotA Jarek (8:16:01 PM): I'm C2 as the muscle, I mean, meat...

AussieScum (8:16:02 PM): Send Scratch Fury after them!

WotA Kano (8:16:25 PM): ::Scratch Fury pops into being in E4, flanking D3 with Jarek, and goes for it::

WotA Dethel (8:16:28 PM): ((Was that my shaft?))
OnlineHost (8:16:29 PM): WotA Kano rolled 3 20-sided dice: 16 3 14

WotA Kano (8:16:37 PM): ((22, 9, 15))

WotA Kano (8:16:55 PM): ((make that 24, 11, 17))

AussieScum (8:17:02 PM): (( Yes, Dethel ))

WotA Kano (8:17:17 PM): ((forgot the flank bonus))

AussieScum (8:17:19 PM): One hit, the 24
OnlineHost (8:17:25 PM): WotA Kano rolled 1 2-sided die: 1

WotA Kano (8:17:32 PM): ((for 2 points. :-P ))

WotA Kano (8:17:35 PM): "GROWL!"

AussieScum (8:17:52 PM): ok

AussieScum (8:17:55 PM): Borka sits

AussieScum (8:18:02 PM): the gargoyles smack at Jarek
OnlineHost (8:18:08 PM): AussieScum rolled 4 20-sided dice: 15 15 14 15

WotA Jarek (8:18:13 PM): (( sit ubu sit, good dog ))

AussieScum (8:18:15 PM): Still AC 17?

WotA Jarek (8:18:29 PM): yeah, but prone-boy is -4 or some such

WotA Daere (8:18:29 PM): ((Oooh, that looks like it's gonna hurt...))

AussieScum (8:18:40 PM): Ah yes

AussieScum (8:18:41 PM): 2 hit then
OnlineHost (8:18:55 PM): AussieScum rolled 2 4-sided dice: 1 1

WotA Dethel (8:18:58 PM): The gargoyles are all stone, I assume?

AussieScum (8:18:59 PM): Take... wait for it.... 4

WotA Axton (8:18:59 PM): thought 1 gargol was on the ground

WotA Kano (8:19:12 PM): ((Were Chuck here, he'd insert some comment about "lousy non-random diebot", and make a face like this: :> ))

WotA Daere (8:19:14 PM): ((Even with flanking? Not to help out the bad guys or anything...))

AussieScum (8:19:14 PM): Yes, he can still attack at -4

AussieScum (8:19:35 PM): They are only +2 melee. They are pretty weak

WotA Jarek (8:19:42 PM): (( sandstone have pathetic... yeah that ))

AussieScum (8:19:43 PM): Flank at +2 gives +4, -4 for prone....

WotA Daere (8:19:57 PM): ((Nifty. The picture looked much scarier than that. :) ))

AussieScum (8:20:04 PM): (( Need to find some basalts, or cobalts to throw at you :-) ))

AussieScum (8:20:28 PM): Eirlys, then Daere then Axtone

WotA Jarek (8:20:31 PM): (( yeah, we need another 28 AC baddie ))

WotA Eirlys (8:21:06 PM): ::move in on a gargoyle, to flank if possible, and smack with other sword::
OnlineHost (8:21:07 PM): WotA Eirlys rolled 1 20-sided die: 13

WotA Eirlys (8:21:16 PM): AC 16, 18 if flank

WotA Eirlys (8:21:29 PM): er, 17, 19 w/ flank

WotA Eirlys (8:21:37 PM): (can't add, either! )

AussieScum (8:21:37 PM): flank ok, hit

WotA Axton (8:21:39 PM): ((is throggie down???))

WotA Kano (8:21:50 PM): ((Throggie fall down, go *goosh* ))

AussieScum (8:21:53 PM): (( Joe's arrow nailed him ))
OnlineHost (8:21:53 PM): WotA Eirlys rolled 1 6-sided die: 4

WotA Eirlys (8:22:10 PM): (can I sneak these guys?)

AussieScum (8:22:15 PM): Constructs

AussieScum (8:22:18 PM): So no :-)

WotA Eirlys (8:22:25 PM): right - 4 pts, then.

AussieScum (8:22:34 PM): Daere

WotA Daere (8:22:34 PM): I shoot the Sandstone still standing.
OnlineHost (8:22:37 PM): WotA Daere rolled 1 20-sided die: 17

AussieScum (8:22:40 PM): hitt
OnlineHost (8:22:46 PM): WotA Daere rolled 1 8-sided die: 4

WotA Daere (8:22:51 PM): 5 pts, done

AussieScum (8:23:10 PM): Axton

WotA Axton (8:23:13 PM): pick up the item we came for

AussieScum (8:23:13 PM): Come on big fella

AussieScum (8:23:28 PM): OK, you now have Rust Monster in a Can

WotA Kano (8:23:35 PM): ((There's still two gargoyles pounding on us, you know...))

WotA Axton (8:23:46 PM): just did not want it to dissapear

AussieScum (8:23:51 PM): Jarek, go

WotA Axton (8:23:59 PM): move to attack next round

WotA Jarek (8:24:11 PM): :: smash the prone one ::
OnlineHost (8:24:12 PM): WotA Jarek rolled 1 20-sided die: 13
(8:24:20 PM): WotA Jarek rolled 1 10-sided die: 7

WotA Jarek (8:24:23 PM): 14 dmg

AussieScum (8:24:29 PM): Dethel

WotA Dethel (8:24:36 PM): shoot one
OnlineHost (8:24:37 PM): WotA Dethel rolled 1 20-sided die: 13

WotA Dethel (8:24:40 PM): ac 21

AussieScum (8:24:47 PM): hirt
OnlineHost (8:24:49 PM): WotA Dethel rolled 1 8-sided die: 1

WotA Dethel (8:24:53 PM): crap

WotA Dethel (8:24:56 PM): 2 damage

AussieScum (8:25:02 PM): Kano

WotA Kano (8:25:16 PM): ::total defense, clogging hallway to protect my archer::

WotA Kano (8:25:41 PM): As Scratch Fury goes
OnlineHost (8:25:47 PM): WotA Kano rolled 3 20-sided dice: 15 6 2

WotA Kano (8:25:57 PM): ((A 23, and 2 misses))

AussieScum (8:26:01 PM): hit
OnlineHost (8:26:02 PM): WotA Kano rolled 1 2-sided die: 2

AussieScum (8:26:06 PM): Prone or standing?

WotA Kano (8:26:07 PM): ((for 3 points))

WotA Kano (8:26:17 PM): ::The one in d3::

WotA Kano (8:26:26 PM): ((the one he was flanking with Jarek::

AussieScum (8:26:30 PM): That's the standing one

AussieScum (8:26:35 PM): Me

AussieScum (8:26:38 PM): Pound

WotA Kano (8:26:39 PM): ::SF then goes back home with a *pop*::
OnlineHost (8:26:46 PM): AussieScum rolled 4 20-sided dice: 20 18 14 8

WotA Jarek (8:26:49 PM): "<The Stone holds the Strength of Sjonegaard>" (( forgot to do that sooner after Garkarl fell ))
OnlineHost (8:26:55 PM): AussieScum rolled 1 20-sided die: 11

AussieScum (8:26:57 PM): Ooooh

AussieScum (8:27:10 PM): They stop attacking

AussieScum (8:27:31 PM): OK, on Grak is a key, that will open your chest.

WotA Eirlys (8:27:48 PM): Oooh!

WotA Jarek (8:27:50 PM): nice
OnlineHost (8:27:54 PM): WotA Axton rolled 1 20-sided die: 7

AussieScum (8:27:54 PM): Before I go doing loot from the assorted carcasses ....

WotA Kano (8:28:01 PM): "All you guys all right?"

AussieScum (8:28:15 PM): What are you doing with the little stone now. Start yakking about all that, gotta do turn a light off that my son can't reach

WotA Jarek (8:28:16 PM): "These things don't hit very hard."

WotA Axton (8:29:31 PM): make sure the red-head is still here

WotA Daere (8:29:31 PM): ::look at Barrin:: "Right. So. What do we do with the rock thingie now?"

WotA Dethel (8:29:37 PM): "I'm not complaining..."

WotA Jarek (8:29:41 PM): "Barrin, what are the consequences of removing the Stone from this place?"

WotA Dethel (8:29:46 PM): "The Stone?"

WotA Axton (8:30:09 PM): this one probably

WotA Dethel (8:30:12 PM): "Why don't we keep it?"

WotA Eirlys (8:30:26 PM): "Keep it? Why?"

WotA Kano (8:30:32 PM): "Look at what it did to all the rocks around here. I'm not sure that we'd *want* it."

WotA Axton (8:30:33 PM): fine by me, but i dont want it

WotA Eirlys (8:30:34 PM): "Why not leave it with Barrin?"

WotA Jarek (8:30:47 PM): (( Crystal == Stone :) ))

AussieScum (8:30:48 PM): "More than likely we should leave it here until I can send in help to secure the place. The guardians should suffice to keep it safe"

WotA Axton (8:31:09 PM): like they did earlyier

WotA Dethel (8:31:15 PM): "Are you sure?"

WotA Eirlys (8:31:28 PM): "He had the password ... so he could get by."

AussieScum (8:31:30 PM): "Not 100% sure, but I have a feeling that we won't be permitted to remove it"

WotA Kano (8:31:34 PM): "The Nothrog knew the password."

WotA Jarek (8:31:47 PM): "These gargoyles are pushovers. Inadequate defense, Barrin."

WotA Axton (8:31:53 PM): so did we

WotA Axton (8:31:58 PM): but they attacked us

WotA Dethel (8:32:05 PM): "What would stop us?"

AussieScum (8:32:26 PM): "I had forgotten that he who has the password has control. So since Garkar'l used it to pass them, he had control until his death"

WotA Eirlys (8:32:29 PM): "Why do you want it, Dethel?"

WotA Axton (8:32:54 PM): but they still attacked after he died

WotA Daere (8:33:02 PM): "Pffft. Elves use bone, not steel. You do the math."

WotA Kano (8:33:14 PM): "Right until Jarek said the magic word, Green Mountain."

WotA Jarek (8:33:15 PM): "Following last command, Axton. I probably have control right now."

WotA Eirlys (8:33:28 PM): "Good point, Daere."

WotA Axton (8:33:33 PM): ah

WotA Eirlys (8:33:37 PM): "Well, it's not something *I* want to travel with."

WotA Jarek (8:33:45 PM): "I concur."

WotA Axton (8:33:50 PM): me neither

WotA Kano (8:33:51 PM): "It's a dwarf thing, I'd let the dwarf decide."

WotA Axton (8:33:56 PM): lets just leave it here

WotA Jarek (8:34:26 PM): "I don't imagine the ambassador would appreciate us removing it, either."

WotA Dethel (8:34:40 PM): "I just figured we could use it to further our goals"

AussieScum (8:34:41 PM): Kano, you note a light glow coming from your pocket.....

WotA Kano (8:34:47 PM): "Ooooh!"

WotA Kano (8:34:50 PM): ::pull it out::

AussieScum (8:34:58 PM): The stone that you recently were given?

AussieScum (8:35:00 PM): It's glowing

WotA Kano (8:35:02 PM): ((Yup))

WotA Kano (8:35:14 PM): ((Now, if only I could remember what that glow was supposed to signify...))

AussieScum (8:35:19 PM): A white light appears above your hand and peels back to reveal a stone cavern

WotA Dethel (8:35:31 PM): "If it the Dwarves, I'm fine with leaving it here"

WotA Kano (8:35:50 PM): "Hey...guys...look at this..."

AussieScum (8:35:52 PM): Dim light reflects off a thousand stalgmites and stalactites and then so slowly at first that you are not sure you see it at all, the stones move away

WotA Axton (8:35:56 PM): look

AussieScum (8:36:10 PM): The earth itself parts before you to take in the light..... then the vision ends

WotA Jarek (8:36:12 PM): "Fair point, Dethel. But it obviously eats thru anything and everything around it. It could be dangerous even to us."

WotA Axton (8:36:48 PM): what was that??

WotA Kano (8:36:52 PM): "Hmmm...what the heck was that supposed to mean?"

WotA Kano (8:37:01 PM): "The earth eating up the light???"

WotA Jarek (8:37:04 PM): :: whistle :: "Barrin, was that a gargoyle Army?"

WotA Daere (8:37:16 PM): "A what, now?"

AussieScum (8:37:34 PM): "I think that may have been a message from Shonegaard himself"

AussieScum (8:37:49 PM): "Perhaps, one day when you need to find your way to the World Below, he will open the way for you"

WotA Kano (8:37:59 PM): "Oh. Um, OK."

AussieScum (8:38:10 PM): (( Meaning, had you failed here, there's a couple of adventure paths closed to you. :-)))

WotA Axton (8:38:14 PM): that may be nice....... someday

WotA Kano (8:38:20 PM): "I guess I'm not good at interpreting portents yet."

AussieScum (8:38:44 PM): (( OK approaching wrap time.... decision on the stone? ))

WotA Daere (8:38:44 PM): ::grimaces in distaste:: "Ugh, no thanks. This is more than World Below enough for me..."

WotA Axton (8:38:54 PM): leave it here

WotA Kano (8:38:57 PM): ((Sounds like we leave it here? And lock up behind us?))

WotA Daere (8:38:58 PM): ((I say do what the dwarf wants. Leave it.))

WotA Jarek (8:39:18 PM): (( sounds like that's the plan ))

WotA Dethel (8:39:21 PM): "Let it stay here"

AussieScum (8:39:24 PM): OK, assume you're stripping your red headed prisoner of her goodies before handing her and the rest of your prisoners over to the Andoverans?

WotA Kano (8:39:31 PM): ((You betcha.))

WotA Eirlys (8:39:40 PM): ((yup))

AussieScum (8:39:44 PM): OK, time for the phat lewts

WotA Kano (8:39:47 PM): ((And opening up the chest with the key))

AussieScum (8:39:51 PM): XP for this little jaunt:

WotA Axton (8:39:53 PM): ((oh i wanted her as a bed warmer for one night))

AussieScum (8:39:54 PM): 2000 for the adventure

AussieScum (8:40:01 PM): +100 for helping Sirinus

AussieScum (8:40:06 PM): +200 for saving Barrin

WotA Kano (8:40:07 PM): (Woot!)

AussieScum (8:40:28 PM): We're starting to see a little XP buffer, should you guys want to take up crafting goodies one day ;-)

WotA Axton (8:40:32 PM): it means we leveled again>>>

AussieScum (8:40:33 PM): Level up before December :-)

WotA Kano (8:40:34 PM): ((Nice))

WotA Jarek (8:40:35 PM): (( that's wrong in so many ways, curtis. cruel and unusual, certainly. plus, her screams will keep us all up. ))

WotA Daere (8:40:35 PM): ((Ooh, that's a level, right?))

WotA Kano (8:40:45 PM): ((It be a level. We be at 3300))

AussieScum (8:40:56 PM): You'll pretty much level after each adventure.

WotA Axton (8:41:03 PM): i am NE afer all

WotA Eirlys (8:41:09 PM): ((dunno - look who she works with. She might actually *like* Throgs))

AussieScum (8:41:13 PM): About 22 playable adventures. You need to be level 20 by the last one to take on the Medusans after all.

WotA Daere (8:41:15 PM): Sweet. :) Another scout level for me, methinks... when in December are we playing?

AussieScum (8:41:29 PM): In the chest:

AussieScum (8:41:37 PM): Boots of the Winterlands.

AussieScum (8:41:43 PM): 10 gems worth 25gp each

AussieScum (8:41:49 PM): Golden Rod worth 150 gp

WotA Eirlys (8:41:52 PM): Calendar says 12/12-13

AussieScum (8:42:01 PM): From Borka

AussieScum (8:42:07 PM): MW Chain Short.

AussieScum (8:42:11 PM): Longsword +1

WotA Kano (8:42:16 PM): ((I like that. Chain Short. :-D ))

AussieScum (8:42:19 PM): Light Crossbow

AussieScum (8:42:21 PM): Shirt, even

WotA Axton (8:42:21 PM): she had shorts

WotA Kano (8:42:31 PM): ((And Axton wants to get in 'em.))

WotA Axton (8:42:41 PM): :-P

WotA Daere (8:42:50 PM): ((I'd take both the shirt and the sword, if no one objects... Axton can do whatever he likes with the shorts. :) ))

AussieScum (8:42:59 PM): um, Shirt ;-)

AussieScum (8:43:18 PM): She also has 20 bolts and a potion of Cure Moderate WOunds

WotA Eirlys (8:43:26 PM): (go for it, Daere)

WotA Axton (8:43:28 PM): i think my studded leather is better then the chain

AussieScum (8:43:33 PM): Garkar'l had some toys

AussieScum (8:43:38 PM): Dagger

AussieScum (8:43:41 PM): Bracers of Armor +2

WotA Kano (8:43:48 PM): ((OOOOH!))

AussieScum (8:44:02 PM): Ring of Passwall with a couple of charges in it. I'll work out how many later. Or maybe I won't tell you ;-)

AussieScum (8:44:16 PM): Platinum Necklace worth 350 gp and 22 gp in loose change.

WotA Eirlys (8:44:20 PM): (Agreed on the OooH! :-) )

AussieScum (8:44:31 PM): The ring is how the wall appeared when the throggie made a run for it.

WotA Axton (8:44:32 PM): i guess money or gems would be nice

WotA Kano (8:44:51 PM): ((Anything on the Nimbic that Scratch blew up?))

AussieScum (8:45:07 PM): Oh, leather armor and a sling

WotA Kano (8:45:16 PM): (wuss)

AussieScum (8:45:17 PM): The Andoverans are of course thrilled at the haul you bring back

AussieScum (8:45:28 PM): All these prisoners, proof of bandits etc.

AussieScum (8:45:43 PM): K'evan of the Green is excited to see Barrin and pays you the 1000 gp in gems he promised.

WotA Eirlys (8:45:58 PM): (give Kano the Bracers?)

WotA Axton (8:46:08 PM): ok

WotA Kano (8:46:12 PM): ((does the puppy-dog eyes over the bracers))

WotA Dethel (8:46:17 PM): fine by me

WotA Daere (8:46:25 PM): ((yup yup))

AussieScum (8:46:29 PM): I believe that's a wrap. Next time, I believe you had a lead that points you towards Deverenia, following the information extracted from the elf prisoner.....

WotA Daere (8:46:53 PM): Sweet.

WotA Eirlys (8:46:58 PM): (I'll work on selling the items and getting a money summary out later)

WotA Axton (8:47:07 PM): thanks

WotA Eirlys (8:47:08 PM): Anyone want the Boots?

WotA Axton (8:47:18 PM): cant use them

WotA Jarek (8:47:19 PM): I'd suggest them for you - for scouting.

WotA Dethel (8:47:23 PM): not I

WotA Kano (8:47:33 PM): ((I love Boots of the Winterlands, but I'm not going to be greedy))

WotA Daere (8:47:33 PM): ((Danke, MR... I have a MW battleaxe you can sell off, now, if I've got a magic sword instead. :) ))

AussieScum (8:47:39 PM): Oh for the next time.... can we try for the Tu/Th again. While Wendy's working her current 80 hour weeks, I have to play Dad's Taxi ot gymnastics and Church on Wednesdays. I just can't be home before 11 ET.

WotA Eirlys (8:47:52 PM): Winterlands is cold protection, no?

AussieScum (8:47:55 PM): Tuesday and Thursdays are my only night's where I'm home by 9:30 apart from weekends.

WotA Jarek (8:48:05 PM): endure elements, cold. and no slipping on snow and ice

WotA Eirlys (8:48:12 PM): ((Will make the battleaxe as sell))

WotA Daere (8:48:14 PM): T/R is fine with me. Just stay away from Mondays for me, if possible.

WotA Eirlys (8:48:40 PM): T/Th that week should be fine. I"ll move it

WotA Dethel (8:48:44 PM): T/T work for me

WotA Jarek (8:48:59 PM): np here

WotA Kano (8:49:08 PM): fine by me

WotA Daere (8:49:34 PM): Cool. If somebody a little more familiar with the terrain between wherever the hell we are and Deverenia would like to get some IC posting rolling (hint, hint), that'd be great. :)

WotA Eirlys (8:49:51 PM): Good idea

WotA Kano (8:49:59 PM): Sounds cool to me.

WotA Jarek (8:50:05 PM): forests. then foothills.

WotA Kano (8:50:08 PM): Thanks for DMing, Steve

WotA Dethel (8:50:15 PM): me too

AussieScum (8:50:16 PM): Always a pleasure

WotA Axton (8:50:16 PM): thanks steve

WotA Kano (8:50:16 PM): And thanks, everyone, for playing

WotA Daere (8:50:18 PM): Yes, absolutely.

WotA Jarek (8:50:19 PM): some wastelands here and there.

WotA Jarek (8:50:26 PM): Yeah, Thanks. Fun night.

WotA Axton (8:50:26 PM): have a good thanksgiving

WotA Dethel (8:50:27 PM): Thanks gang!

WotA Kano (8:50:29 PM): I'm pooped, so I'm gonna log off. Talk to you all soon

AussieScum (8:50:34 PM): If someone with the source material wants to post that, go ahead.

WotA Daere (8:50:35 PM): As always, it was a good time, and well worth the late night. :) See you guys soon!

WotA Jarek (8:51:13 PM): Steve - Safe to assume we backtracked to the Keep to meet up with Kevan? So we launch out from there?

AussieScum (8:51:25 PM): Yes, sorry, fast forwarded that bit

WotA Dethel (8:51:46 PM): Steve what the rule re: mighty bows?

AussieScum (8:52:06 PM): I see no problem with mighty bows

AussieScum (8:52:23 PM): Pay for them as per PHB, the keep should be able to sell you one

Copyright Maryrita Steinhour, 2006, 2007.
"Warlords of the Accordlands" copyright 2006 Alderac Entertainment Group.