The Temple of the Undying Flame

Log 2006-10-03

(8:00:14 AM) You have just entered room "steveaccordlands."

(5:15:13 PM) WotA Axton has entered the room.

(5:16:07 PM) WotA Daere has entered the room.

WotA Daere (6:15:03 PM): Just waiting on Steve, then... should the rest of us begin discussing general ideas as to how we want to handle these bad guys when we catch up to them?

WotA Daere (6:15:16 PM): Or is "Get 'Em!" good enough? :-P

WotA Kano (6:16:11 PM): Leslie, jog my we know anything about what / who we're going after?

WotA Jarek (6:16:34 PM): shoot them. shoot them lots. isn't that always the plan? ;)

WotA Daere (6:16:43 PM): I think there's half a dozen guys, relatively heavy armor. Bad bad mens who kill peasants for no reason.

WotA Axton (6:16:50 PM): yea!!!!

WotA Jarek (6:16:53 PM): plus the chuck

WotA Jarek (6:16:57 PM): chick, that is

WotA Daere (6:17:12 PM): That plan works for me. :) I'm not the one up front doing all the uncomfortable bleeding.

WotA Dethel (6:17:16 PM): Um - did I miss the treasure summary whilest on vacation?

WotA Jarek (6:17:25 PM): no loot from last time

WotA Daere (6:17:29 PM): Is it a dwarf chick? I thought it was a sculptor.

WotA Dethel (6:17:47 PM): Didn't we get paid?

WotA Daere (6:17:49 PM): Not that chicks can't be sculptors, but I thought it was a guy.

(6:17:51 PM) AussieScum has entered the room.

WotA Kano (6:17:51 PM): ahhh, right

WotA Erilys (6:17:58 PM): ((here))

WotA Jarek (6:18:02 PM): the derf is a guy. the leader of the bandits is a woman. wizard. 'friendly' with one of the other thugs.

WotA Erilys (6:18:05 PM): ((paid by whom?))

WotA Axton (6:18:07 PM): hi mr scum

WotA Daere (6:18:16 PM): Right! I'd forgotten about her.

WotA Kano (6:18:16 PM): Hi, Steve. Hi, MR

AussieScum (6:18:20 PM): Victimages

WotA Daere (6:18:21 PM): Shoot her first. Gotcha.

WotA Erilys (6:18:29 PM): who you calling a scum?

WotA Dethel (6:18:30 PM): Evenin' Master :-D

WotA Kano (6:18:37 PM): Pretend she's an elf, Leslie.

AussieScum (6:18:46 PM): We got a couple of minutes. Scarfing dinner

WotA Kano (6:19:08 PM): Mrs. S-C-U-M was a character on a Monty Python episode. Is that Wendy?

WotA Daere (6:19:10 PM): np... gives me time to run upstairs and rescue a few of these Dulce de Leche Oreos before Rick scarfs them all...

AussieScum (6:22:06 PM): OK, when last we left our heroes...

AussieScum (6:22:27 PM): They had entered a small thorp in the middle of the Sarakian plains, as I recall

AussieScum (6:22:42 PM): The villagers told tales of the thugs you were chasing and how they did some nastiness

WotA Jarek (6:22:46 PM): we had just found out about Borka and her man Avaris and their little band.

AussieScum (6:23:06 PM): The traveller you had rescued, one Sirinus, had gone off looking for work in his new town.

WotA Jarek (6:23:10 PM): (( Borka. great name. halfbreed? nothrog? ))

AussieScum (6:23:27 PM): That would involve me reading the module.

WotA Daere (6:23:30 PM): ((Sounds Swedish. Watch out for the exploding rubber chickens!))

WotA Kano (6:23:37 PM): ((Herr mork nee, herr mork nee, herr bork bork bork!))

WotA Kano (6:23:49 PM): ((GOOMB, Daere.))

WotA Daere (6:23:50 PM): ((What's the acronym? GOOMB? :) ))

WotA Dethel (6:24:07 PM): Get out of my Brain!

WotA Daere (6:24:07 PM): GAHH! Twice in a row!

AussieScum (6:24:15 PM): No Borka is a human woman

WotA Kano (6:24:17 PM): A double!

WotA Axton (6:25:18 PM): did we have a chance to get healed up yet?

WotA Daere (6:25:29 PM): ((lol))

AussieScum (6:25:32 PM): Were you injured?

WotA Axton (6:25:45 PM): not now... others may be\

AussieScum (6:25:50 PM): The barrowgrim was the day before, was it not?

WotA Kano (6:25:56 PM): ((I'm not injured. AFAIK, we're all happy.))

AussieScum (6:26:00 PM): Let's say it was for the sake of convenience

WotA Jarek (6:26:02 PM): a couple days

AussieScum (6:26:23 PM): I believe we're mid afternoon at this point in time.

AussieScum (6:26:24 PM): So, you've just found where the bad guys went, what are you going to do now?

WotA Daere (6:26:31 PM): Go get them.

AussieScum (6:26:33 PM): (( Disneyland? ))

WotA Daere (6:26:53 PM): ((That's it, Ray? That was your big plan? "Get her?"

WotA Erilys (6:26:55 PM): ::waiting for the rest to come to the other side of town so we can go get 'em::

WotA Dethel (6:26:56 PM): Na, I was there over the weekend :-D

WotA Kano (6:27:15 PM): ((That's right, the Stealth Twins circled town.))

WotA Jarek (6:27:24 PM): Dethel went to Disneyland? Is that near the Shattered Plains?

WotA Kano (6:28:31 PM): ((Are we done in the village?))

AussieScum (6:28:38 PM): (( I believe so.... ))

WotA Jarek (6:28:43 PM): so, yeah, Steve. Unless there's anything else the townspeople want to volunteer. (( his daughter, for instance... ;) ))

WotA Daere (6:28:51 PM): ((Yeah, I think we stopped with you guys on the way out of town.))

WotA Jarek (6:28:54 PM): We're back on the road.

AussieScum (6:29:06 PM): You leave town, hot on the heels (sort of) of Borka the red-headed and her band of cutthroats.

WotA Axton (6:29:07 PM): on the road again

AussieScum (6:29:29 PM): You trudge along for about 2 days, listening to the Nothrog hum Willie Nelson tunes

WotA Erilys (6:29:43 PM): ((ewwww!))

WotA Axton (6:30:09 PM): ;-)

AussieScum (6:30:30 PM): Late afternoon, about 2 days later, as you round a corner, you find a large monstery thing.

AussieScum (6:30:34 PM): It wants to eat you.

WotA Jarek (6:30:37 PM): "Daere? Is there no way to outpace these jackasses and gain on them?"

AussieScum (6:30:54 PM): It looks beat up, and a little crispy in places.

WotA Axton (6:31:01 PM): a monstery want to eat us... that is a building

WotA Kano (6:31:05 PM): ((A Gazebo? I waste it with my crossbow!))

WotA Daere (6:31:06 PM): "Do YOU want to do this?"

AussieScum (6:31:24 PM): We'll say you engage it at a distance of 120 feet

WotA Dethel (6:31:29 PM): ((as if, perhaps it had attacked our quarry???))

AussieScum (6:31:31 PM): Inits and crap like that
OnlineHost (6:31:35 PM): WotA Daere rolled 1 20-sided die: 3
(6:31:38 PM): WotA Kano rolled 1 20-sided die: 15
(6:31:39 PM): WotA Axton rolled 1 20-sided die: 3
(6:31:44 PM): WotA Jarek rolled 1 20-sided die: 18

WotA Kano (6:31:45 PM): ((Init 19))

WotA Jarek (6:31:48 PM): init 20

WotA Axton (6:31:49 PM): init 4

WotA Daere (6:31:49 PM): Wooot! Init 6. Busy arguing with Jarek. :-P
(6:31:53 PM): WotA Erilys rolled 1 20-sided die: 1

AussieScum (6:31:55 PM): It's big, giantish, even
OnlineHost (6:31:55 PM): WotA Dethel rolled 1 20-sided die: 10

WotA Erilys (6:32:10 PM): init 4 (fits how I feel tonight, I think :-( )

WotA Dethel (6:32:14 PM): Init 14

AussieScum (6:32:20 PM): Erilys / Axton - Dex?

WotA Erilys (6:32:29 PM): 17
OnlineHost (6:32:32 PM): AussieScum rolled 1 20-sided die: 13

WotA Jarek (6:32:42 PM): 15 dex

WotA Jarek (6:32:59 PM): (( nm ))

WotA Axton (6:33:57 PM): dex 13

AussieScum (6:34:20 PM): Okie day

AussieScum (6:34:25 PM): Jarek up, Kano on deck

WotA Jarek (6:34:37 PM): what do I see?

AussieScum (6:35:12 PM): A wounded giantish thing

AussieScum (6:35:15 PM): 120 feet ahead

AussieScum (6:35:36 PM): It has a club

AussieScum (6:35:39 PM): It looks angry

AussieScum (6:36:32 PM): (( test? ))

WotA Axton (6:36:47 PM): pass

WotA Erilys (6:36:51 PM): ((here))

AussieScum (6:36:57 PM): OK, jarek's still deciding on his action then

WotA Jarek (6:37:26 PM): :: ride forward 20' (to a spot where more than two of us can get abreast), set the halberd, hail the beast :: "Begone, foul-tempered oaf! Or face more of what thou hast suffered."

AussieScum (6:37:44 PM): That all?

WotA Jarek (6:37:57 PM): (( it's a readied action, so yeah. ))

AussieScum (6:38:01 PM): Kano, then me

WotA Erilys (6:38:06 PM): ::mutters:: "Oh, *that's* likely to make it less angry!"

WotA Kano (6:38:13 PM): "Holy cow! Look at the size of that thing!!" ::starts casting Summon spell::

AussieScum (6:38:19 PM): Me

AussieScum (6:38:29 PM): (( Dethel / Daere on deck ))

AussieScum (6:39:00 PM): The thing roars in anger and double moves forward (60' from rest of party, 40 ' from Jarek )

AussieScum (6:39:04 PM): Dethel

WotA Dethel (6:39:09 PM): poke with arrow

WotA Dethel (6:39:36 PM): move to within 30'
OnlineHost (6:39:40 PM): WotA Dethel rolled 1 20-sided die: 18

AussieScum (6:39:47 PM): That's gonna hit

WotA Dethel (6:39:51 PM): ac 25
OnlineHost (6:39:55 PM): WotA Dethel rolled 1 8-sided die: 5

WotA Dethel (6:40:04 PM): 7 damage

AussieScum (6:40:14 PM): Daere, then erilys

WotA Daere (6:40:26 PM): If I'm not already dismounted looking at tracks, dismount. If I can move to within 30', opposite direction from Dethel and still shoot, I'll move and shoot. Otherwise just shoot.
OnlineHost (6:40:30 PM): WotA Daere rolled 1 20-sided die: 11

WotA Dethel (6:40:39 PM): "Someone wanna get between it and me":grins:

WotA Daere (6:40:48 PM): AC 16

AussieScum (6:40:53 PM): You were dismounted already for tracking

WotA Jarek (6:40:55 PM): "You run up to it, it's all yours."

WotA Erilys (6:41:03 PM): "Working on it"

AussieScum (6:41:15 PM): I think you just need to shoot for the moment

AussieScum (6:41:18 PM): And you miss

AussieScum (6:41:23 PM): Erilys, then Axton, then Jarek

WotA Dethel (6:41:25 PM): "Thanks E!"

WotA Axton (6:41:33 PM): how far is it from me?

AussieScum (6:41:41 PM): 60 ft

AussieScum (6:41:47 PM): Chargeable

WotA Erilys (6:41:59 PM): ::tumble dismount to get in front of Daere, draw swords::

AussieScum (6:42:16 PM): OK, let's get a Ride Check / Tumble check for the dismount

WotA Erilys (6:42:18 PM): put me about 20' from it
OnlineHost (6:42:23 PM): WotA Erilys rolled 1 20-sided die: 15

WotA Erilys (6:42:36 PM): 25 tumble

WotA Erilys (6:43:01 PM): "Just let us go by - we're not really interested in you at all."

AussieScum (6:43:10 PM): Checking something....

AussieScum (6:43:21 PM): I think you need a Ride check to dismount, don't htink you can tumble

WotA Erilys (6:43:56 PM): ok - make that an 18, then (and I'll check for later)

AussieScum (6:44:39 PM): OK, DC20 for free action dismount, that fails.

WotA Kano (6:44:44 PM): ((DC 20 to dismount as a free action; move action if you fail))

AussieScum (6:44:45 PM): So it's a move action to dismount

AussieScum (6:45:00 PM): And then you can move 30 feet towards the thing if you wish

WotA Erilys (6:45:18 PM): np - MA to dismount, MA to move to within 20' of it near Daere, draw while moving

AussieScum (6:45:26 PM): OK.

WotA Erilys (6:45:27 PM): Speak (see above) and done

AussieScum (6:45:27 PM): Axton

WotA Axton (6:45:31 PM): single move toward it.. that should put me at 20' from it. and RAGE!!!!!

WotA Axton (6:45:41 PM): and draw my weapon

AussieScum (6:45:44 PM): pl

AussieScum (6:45:48 PM): Jarek, go

WotA Jarek (6:46:02 PM): how tall?

AussieScum (6:46:35 PM): Let's say 10 feet

AussieScum (6:46:40 PM): He definitely has reach

WotA Axton (6:46:46 PM): say while moving "give up now..." in giant

WotA Jarek (6:47:17 PM): :: slide off the horse, move up even with Axton ::
OnlineHost (6:47:19 PM): WotA Jarek rolled 1 20-sided die: 10

WotA Jarek (6:47:31 PM): :: done ::

AussieScum (6:47:36 PM): Kano

WotA Kano (6:47:46 PM): ::Scratch Fury the celestial badger shows up, 30' in front of Kano, and moves, snarling, towards the giant. Will stop 10' away.::

WotA Kano (6:47:51 PM): ::Kano casts Mage Armor on himself, and dismounts. Done.::

WotA Jarek (6:48:10 PM): "Soon as he gets to us, big guy, break left - I'll take the right."

WotA Jarek (6:48:18 PM): (( in nothrog ))

WotA Axton (6:48:23 PM): ok

AussieScum (6:49:00 PM): The thing moves up towards Jarek, stopping 10 feet short , ignoring the badger

AussieScum (6:49:05 PM): and swings, batta
OnlineHost (6:49:27 PM): AussieScum rolled 1 20-sided die: 13

AussieScum (6:49:29 PM): AC?

WotA Jarek (6:50:04 PM): me? 17
OnlineHost (6:50:10 PM): AussieScum rolled 1 6-sided die: 4

AussieScum (6:50:12 PM): take 10

AussieScum (6:50:14 PM): Ow, that hurt

AussieScum (6:50:17 PM): Dethel

WotA Dethel (6:50:44 PM): more poking
OnlineHost (6:50:55 PM): WotA Dethel rolled 1 20-sided die: 4

WotA Dethel (6:51:00 PM): or not...

AussieScum (6:51:19 PM): Daere / Erilys / Axton

WotA Daere (6:51:26 PM): Shooting
OnlineHost (6:51:27 PM): WotA Daere rolled 1 20-sided die: 8

WotA Daere (6:51:29 PM): NOpe.

WotA Dethel (6:51:32 PM): move to 'behind' someone

AussieScum (6:51:37 PM): Erilys

WotA Erilys (6:51:51 PM): ::move to flank if possible, attack::

WotA Erilys (6:51:57 PM): (one attack, I assume?)
OnlineHost (6:51:58 PM): WotA Erilys rolled 1 20-sided die: 14

WotA Erilys (6:52:11 PM): AC 17, 19 if flank

AussieScum (6:52:22 PM): No one to flank with yet, no one has entered a threatened square

AussieScum (6:52:31 PM): Oh, and he takes an AoO

AussieScum (6:52:35 PM): Because he has reach

WotA Erilys (6:52:36 PM): Oh, right - TUMBLE in, then!

AussieScum (6:52:40 PM): Roll it ;-)
(6:52:41 PM): WotA Erilys rolled 1 20-sided die: 2

WotA Erilys (6:52:46 PM): 12 :-(

WotA Jarek (6:52:49 PM): (( well, we're threatened. but we're not threatenING. ;) ))

WotA Kano (6:52:53 PM): ((Ouch time...))

WotA Daere (6:52:55 PM): ((Eeep!))
OnlineHost (6:52:55 PM): AussieScum rolled 1 20-sided die: 8

AussieScum (6:52:56 PM): AC?

WotA Erilys (6:53:01 PM): 16
OnlineHost (6:53:17 PM): AussieScum rolled 1 20-sided die: 4
(6:53:19 PM): AussieScum rolled 1 6-sided die: 1

AussieScum (6:53:23 PM): take 7, Erilys

AussieScum (6:53:26 PM): Dethel, gimme a spot

WotA Erilys (6:53:29 PM): ok

WotA Dethel (6:54:16 PM): (800) 500-3990.
OnlineHost (6:54:26 PM): WotA Dethel rolled 1 20-sided die: 20

AussieScum (6:54:32 PM): Nice spot check ;-)

WotA Kano (6:54:46 PM): ((Joe Urbano, king of the accidental cut and paste. :-D ))

WotA Dethel (6:54:57 PM): spot 26

WotA Erilys (6:55:03 PM): (I assume AC 17 missed him, Steve?)

WotA Kano (6:55:04 PM): ((I think they bill your credit card $3.99 a minute once you call that number. ;-) ))

AussieScum (6:55:14 PM): (( Joe's porn hotline. 1-800-BABES4U

WotA Dethel (6:55:30 PM): ((Disney!)

AussieScum (6:55:33 PM): 17 missed him, yes

AussieScum (6:55:44 PM): Axton, so me your stuff

WotA Axton (6:55:49 PM): moving to left and forward and attack ((remember i am ragging))

WotA Dethel (6:55:52 PM): "He's regenerating!"
OnlineHost (6:55:53 PM): WotA Axton rolled 1 20-sided die: 3

WotA Axton (6:56:03 PM): ac 12

WotA Axton (6:56:06 PM): miss

AussieScum (6:56:32 PM): OK, let's see if he has Combat Reflexes

AussieScum (6:56:54 PM): He doesn't, so no AoO for you Axton, do you feel left out?

WotA Kano (6:57:00 PM): "Regenerating? Aww, man, that's not fair!"

AussieScum (6:57:00 PM): Jarek / Kano

WotA Axton (6:57:05 PM): NO!!!
OnlineHost (6:57:47 PM): WotA Axton rolled 15 20-sided dice: 2 15 4 19 6 4 7 15 13 1 16 6 13 19 14

WotA Jarek (6:57:53 PM): :: five-foot into a flank, preferably for our assassin-in-training, trip his ass ::
OnlineHost (6:58:00 PM): WotA Jarek rolled 1 20-sided die: 7

WotA Jarek (6:58:09 PM): touch ac 14/16

AussieScum (6:58:18 PM): Touch hits

WotA Jarek (6:58:27 PM): opposed strengths
OnlineHost (6:58:28 PM): WotA Jarek rolled 1 20-sided die: 20

WotA Jarek (6:58:31 PM): 28

WotA Jarek (6:58:36 PM): I win. :)

AussieScum (6:58:42 PM): How do you get +8?

WotA Erilys (6:58:50 PM): (you hope!)

WotA Jarek (6:58:52 PM): the feat gives +4 on the check

WotA Dethel (6:58:56 PM): Its a giant dude...

WotA Daere (6:59:01 PM): ((Yeah, it IS a giant...))

AussieScum (6:59:01 PM): Any modifiers for size differences?
OnlineHost (6:59:11 PM): AussieScum rolled 1 20-sided die: 2

WotA Jarek (6:59:14 PM): probably :(

WotA Dethel (6:59:23 PM): not that will help that roll :-D

WotA Daere (6:59:26 PM): ((Not THAT good, though! Booyah!!))

AussieScum (6:59:32 PM): Likely going down, but check that for me? ;-)

WotA Dethel (6:59:33 PM): GOOMB :-D

WotA Jarek (6:59:49 PM): :: free swing (feat again) when he falls :: (( it's +4 for large at most ))

AussieScum (7:00:00 PM): ok
OnlineHost (7:00:06 PM): WotA Jarek rolled 1 20-sided die: 10

WotA Kano (7:00:08 PM): ((He gets +4 for being large))

WotA Jarek (7:00:17 PM): 23 AC
OnlineHost (7:00:26 PM): WotA Jarek rolled 1 10-sided die: 1

WotA Daere (7:00:29 PM): ((Dude, this is just embarrassing. He just TRIPPED a giant... and I can't hit the damned thing. It's 20 feet tall, how in the HELL am I missing?!?!))

WotA Jarek (7:00:31 PM): argh. 8 dmg

AussieScum (7:00:45 PM): ok

AussieScum (7:00:46 PM): Kano

WotA Kano (7:00:49 PM): ::Scratch Fury moves in 5' to attack, will try to set up a flank for Axton if possible, and does the ol' claw-claw-bite::
OnlineHost (7:00:53 PM): WotA Kano rolled 3 20-sided dice: 2 10 2

WotA Kano (7:00:59 PM): whiff x3

WotA Kano (7:01:08 PM): ::Kano fires his li'l crossbow::
OnlineHost (7:01:13 PM): WotA Kano rolled 1 20-sided die: 12

WotA Kano (7:01:27 PM): ((14 for firing into melee))

AussieScum (7:01:35 PM): Nope

WotA Kano (7:01:43 PM): ((But, Axton, you have a flank buddy for 1 more round))

AussieScum (7:01:57 PM): (( What are my options from being tripped again? Get up for AoO's or attack from the ground at minus what? ))

WotA Kano (7:02:06 PM): ((-4 for being prone))

WotA Daere (7:02:08 PM): -4

AussieScum (7:02:12 PM): Can still full attack?

WotA Kano (7:02:17 PM): ((yup))

WotA Jarek (7:02:38 PM): (( yeah - you don't even lose dex to ac while prone ))

AussieScum (7:02:54 PM): OK, he'll full attack on Jarek then, because he tripped me!
OnlineHost (7:03:03 PM): AussieScum rolled 1 20-sided die: 20
(7:03:10 PM): AussieScum rolled 2 20-sided dice: 15 10

AussieScum (7:03:20 PM): so that's threat / 20 / 15

WotA Kano (7:03:23 PM): ((Holy cow.))
OnlineHost (7:03:32 PM): AussieScum rolled 1 20-sided die: 4

WotA Daere (7:03:34 PM): ((Yeah, my LG barbarian mutt is a member of the Company of Giantslayers... she spends a lot of her time full attacking from the prone after narrowly surviving a severe pasting!))

AussieScum (7:03:35 PM): No crit

WotA Jarek (7:03:38 PM): two hits then

WotA Daere (7:03:43 PM): ((Ouchie...))

WotA Erilys (7:03:51 PM): ((ow!))

WotA Kano (7:03:59 PM): ((As does my LG paladin. He just gets tripped a lot.))

WotA Daere (7:04:27 PM): ((Giants suck. Lots. -78 at the last battle interactive, baby... ker-SPLAT!!))
OnlineHost (7:04:31 PM): AussieScum rolled 2 6-sided dice: 5 1

AussieScum (7:04:58 PM): Take 18 from two claws

AussieScum (7:05:02 PM): Still standing?

WotA Daere (7:05:22 PM): ((Oooh, here comes the rend... ::wince:: ))

WotA Jarek (7:05:39 PM): duh. noooo.

AussieScum (7:05:46 PM): (( No rend ))

AussieScum (7:06:00 PM): (( Because I don't want to kill you yet ;-) And he's got 3 massive swings ))

AussieScum (7:06:03 PM): Dethel
OnlineHost (7:06:08 PM): WotA Dethel rolled 1 20-sided die: 18
(7:06:13 PM): WotA Dethel rolled 1 8-sided die: 7

WotA Dethel (7:06:17 PM): 9 damage

AussieScum (7:06:23 PM): Daere

WotA Daere (7:06:45 PM): Jarek is down? How far from me?

AussieScum (7:06:53 PM): Within a move

WotA Kano (7:07:04 PM): "JAREK!!"

WotA Erilys (7:07:42 PM): "Retreat might be an option ...." ::looks at Axton:: "Or maybe not."

AussieScum (7:07:54 PM): The thing looks very wobbly

WotA Daere (7:08:00 PM): "Grab him and get out of there, then, we'll provide cover!"

WotA Daere (7:08:04 PM): Shoot.
OnlineHost (7:08:05 PM): WotA Daere rolled 1 20-sided die: 1

WotA Daere (7:08:11 PM): "%&*#!!!!"

AussieScum (7:08:34 PM): erilys

WotA Daere (7:08:35 PM): ::start replacing bowstring:: :-P

WotA Jarek (7:08:40 PM): (( don't forget [like I did] that an action point can give you an extra swing at full bonus. ))

WotA Erilys (7:08:40 PM): ::attack the giant - 5' to flank with Axton or badger if possible::
OnlineHost (7:08:46 PM): WotA Erilys rolled 2 20-sided dice: 4 18

WotA Erilys (7:09:05 PM): AC miss, 20(22)

AussieScum (7:09:08 PM): hit
OnlineHost (7:09:17 PM): WotA Erilys rolled 1 8-sided die: 6

WotA Jarek (7:09:22 PM): (( plus prone bonus... :) ))

WotA Erilys (7:09:27 PM): 7 pts .... did I get a flank?

AussieScum (7:09:34 PM): Down

AussieScum (7:09:47 PM): I assume you'll apply fire to the thing? Since you know it regenerates?

WotA Axton (7:09:57 PM): yea

WotA Erilys (7:09:58 PM): ((just about to suggest that))

WotA Erilys (7:10:03 PM): ((so, yes))

WotA Axton (7:10:13 PM): damn so much for my rage for today.

WotA Kano (7:10:36 PM): ::runs over to felled gianty thing with quarterstaff:: *WHAM* *WHAM* *WHAM* *WHAM*!!!!

WotA Axton (7:10:52 PM): set fire to it

WotA Dethel (7:10:54 PM): :moves to Jarek:

WotA Jarek (7:11:13 PM): (( thanks for the backup, kano ))

WotA Dethel (7:11:15 PM): "Need some repairing?"
OnlineHost (7:11:25 PM): WotA Jarek rolled 1 20-sided die: 13

WotA Kano (7:11:27 PM): "STOP KILLING MY FRIENDS!!"

WotA Jarek (7:11:33 PM): (( didn't stabilize, so YES ))

WotA Kano (7:11:45 PM): ::Scratch Fury goes *pop*::

WotA Kano (7:12:01 PM): ((BTW, you can also spend an action point to stabilize.))

WotA Jarek (7:12:19 PM): (( saving it for -5 or so... :) ))

AussieScum (7:12:20 PM): (( The young Forest Troll, had been set upon and left for dead by your quarry... it was angry and wanted some revenge.... ))

WotA Dethel (7:12:24 PM): "By the power of Flesh, Bone, Blood and Spirit be made whole" ::casts CLW::
OnlineHost (7:12:42 PM): WotA Dethel rolled 1 8-sided die: 7

AussieScum (7:12:51 PM): (( By the power of Greyskull.... ))

WotA Dethel (7:12:52 PM): 9 pt, big J

WotA Jarek (7:13:27 PM): :: blinks, starts to get up, sinks back to one knee :: "By The Storm that thing hits hard."

WotA Dethel (7:14:15 PM): "Now that's certain"

WotA Erilys (7:14:24 PM): ::rubs a bruise:: "You're telling me!"

WotA Kano (7:14:25 PM): "Not so much anymore." ::looks concerned:: "You gonna be all right, Jarek?"

WotA Dethel (7:14:42 PM): "more, Jarek?"

WotA Daere (7:14:49 PM): ::frowns at burn marks on troll thingie:: "On the upside... I think we're very close to catching our quarry."

WotA Axton (7:14:51 PM): next time i rage i will throw a better init

WotA Erilys (7:14:54 PM): ::Then pulls out a bandage for the rest of her cuts and bruises.::

WotA Dethel (7:14:59 PM): "Anyone else hurt?"

WotA Axton (7:15:12 PM): not me

WotA Jarek (7:15:15 PM): :: nod affirm to Dethel :: "In time. as always."

WotA Erilys (7:15:27 PM): ::gives the elf a *look* as she continues to wind bandages::
OnlineHost (7:15:29 PM): WotA Dethel rolled 1 8-sided die: 1

WotA Dethel (7:15:35 PM): 3 more Jarek

WotA Daere (7:15:36 PM): ((Didn't we have some CLW potions?))

WotA Erilys (7:15:56 PM): (one cure moderate)

WotA Erilys (7:16:04 PM): (We gave it to Axton)

WotA Daere (7:16:07 PM): ((Ah. nm))

WotA Axton (7:16:14 PM): i am not hurt

WotA Erilys (7:16:21 PM): (no, to carry)

WotA Erilys (7:16:31 PM): ((or have as your own :-) ))

AussieScum (7:16:56 PM): (( Give to his slaves? ;-) ))

WotA Jarek (7:17:00 PM): :: pat Dethel on the shoulder :: "That'll do until nightfall. Or our next battle. Why not see to Eirlys?"

WotA Axton (7:17:00 PM): i am just carrying it

WotA Erilys (7:17:22 PM): ::stands, looks again at the elf, and limps to her horse.::

WotA Dethel (7:17:50 PM): :shakes head:

WotA Daere (7:18:02 PM): ::hesitates a moment, then goes to speak quietly with Erilys::

WotA Jarek (7:19:23 PM): :: gather the horses back up, calm them down (HA as needed) ::

AussieScum (7:19:28 PM): No problem.

AussieScum (7:19:39 PM): (( Let me know when you're ready to proceed. I feel roleplay is imminent ))

WotA Axton (7:19:52 PM): ready here

WotA Erilys (7:20:05 PM): (in IM)

WotA Jarek (7:20:10 PM): :: mutter :: "Need a properly trained steed that can be ridden into combat." :: grin to self :: "Or a verdatha..."

WotA Axton (7:20:15 PM): and scadder the ashes

WotA Kano (7:20:29 PM): "What's a verdatha?"

WotA Dethel (7:20:30 PM): "A what?"

WotA Jarek (7:21:30 PM): :: look at them like they're saying they've never heard of Coke :: "A Verdatha is The Storm's gift to the knights and lords of Deverenia. A winged mount of impressive intelligence and power."

WotA Kano (7:21:39 PM): "I've heard the word...and I'm guessing it's something that fights good...but I don't know for sure..."

WotA Kano (7:22:10 PM): "Ooooooh. Maybe I can summon one someday for you."

WotA Dethel (7:22:29 PM): "Sounds impressive"

WotA Jarek (7:22:30 PM): "The Black Sun Knights bond with them in a way that is hard to explain. My own order trains them for combat on the front lines, where they fight more fiercely than most squires."

WotA Kano (7:22:45 PM): ((And then I'll summon a can of Coke. :-D ))

WotA Jarek (7:22:50 PM): (( black sun being the evil paladin order. ))

WotA Jarek (7:23:54 PM): :: tussle Kano's hair :: "Thanks, little one, but I would plan on earning one when I advance to the next rank."

WotA Erilys (7:24:02 PM): ::sighs and walks over to Dethel:: "If you happen to have any more of that fixer-upper? The bandages aren't quite holding."

WotA Jarek (7:24:04 PM): (( drop 'would' ))

WotA Daere (7:24:24 PM): ::clears throat, hoists newly strung bow over shoulder, and busies self looking for tracks again::

AussieScum (7:24:31 PM): Patching your wounds after the battle with the young troll, you take a moment to make sure that the tracks weren't lost in the tussle....

WotA Daere (7:24:32 PM): ((Estimate on how close we are?))

AussieScum (7:24:34 PM): tracking check?
OnlineHost (7:24:38 PM): WotA Daere rolled 1 20-sided die: 14

WotA Daere (7:24:55 PM): 24 Survival

AussieScum (7:24:56 PM): Closing on them, maybe another day you might catch them?

WotA Jarek (7:24:59 PM): :: walk alongside Daere :: "Any sign that they were slowed by this fight? Anyone fall to the beast?"

WotA Kano (7:25:09 PM): ::grins:: "I think you should get one."

WotA Kano (7:25:09 PM): ((having fun with lag tonight))

WotA Dethel (7:25:30 PM): :to Erilys:"Certainly I do"

WotA Daere (7:25:37 PM): "I'm loo- you know, this would be easier if you wouldn't walk all over the tracks..."

WotA Kano (7:25:39 PM): ::follows Daere, trying to figure out how she tracks::

WotA Daere (7:25:48 PM): "Either of you."

WotA Dethel (7:25:56 PM): :quietly:"By the power of Flesh, Bone, Blood and Spirit be made whole" ::casts CLW::

WotA Kano (7:25:57 PM): "Oops. Sorry."

WotA Jarek (7:26:05 PM): :: frown :: "Sorry."

WotA Kano (7:26:05 PM): ::makes sure he stays behind her::
OnlineHost (7:26:12 PM): WotA Dethel rolled 1 8-sided die: 7

WotA Dethel (7:26:26 PM): 9 HP for Erilys

WotA Dethel (7:26:37 PM): "Are you well now?"

WotA Erilys (7:26:39 PM): ::a little awkwardly:: "Thanks. That helps a lot."

WotA Daere (7:26:46 PM): ((Still same number of folks? Any limping, any lamed horses, blood trails, etc.))

WotA Erilys (7:26:53 PM): ::nods, and rerolls the bandages::

WotA Erilys (7:26:55 PM): ((all full now))

AussieScum (7:27:06 PM): (( Looks like the same - same

AussieScum (7:27:17 PM): You continue tracking....

WotA Dethel (7:27:20 PM): :casually:"Your welcome"

AussieScum (7:27:22 PM): The night passes

WotA Daere (7:27:34 PM): "I don't think the troll ate anyone, unfortunately... but we're less than a day behind them, now."

WotA Jarek (7:27:50 PM): (( once we camp )) :: ask Dethel to burn out his healing before we rest :: (( still down 17 ))

AussieScum (7:27:57 PM): Midmorning of the day after your encounter with the Troll, you reach a sheer rock wall some thirty feet high. The ridge forms a high hill, with no easy way up.

WotA Jarek (7:28:16 PM): "Alright. Keep us on them, don't worry about me keeping up."

AussieScum (7:28:17 PM): On the top of this cliff, you see many large bounders, as well as some tall pine trees thriving atop a lonely hill.

WotA Kano (7:28:23 PM): ::looks up at that:: "Did they climb up? Fly?"

WotA Daere (7:28:36 PM): "This will be fun with the horses..."

WotA Jarek (7:28:59 PM): "They went up, didn't they?"

WotA Daere (7:29:00 PM): "Looks like an ambush spot if ever I saw one... gimme a sec."

WotA Erilys (7:29:11 PM): ((you're DOWN almost as many hps as I HAVE, Jarek! :-( ))

WotA Daere (7:29:31 PM): ((Did we ride right up to this, or can I go do the Scout thing? Sneak up and figure out where they went?))

AussieScum (7:29:48 PM): (( don't forget healing from the night, blah blah blah - use up what you have before relearning etc ))

WotA Erilys (7:29:48 PM): ::backs up and watches the top carefully::

WotA Axton (7:29:53 PM): jarek did u want this potion?
OnlineHost (7:29:54 PM): WotA Dethel rolled 1 8-sided die: 1

AussieScum (7:29:54 PM): Scout thing if you wish

WotA Daere (7:30:20 PM): Take 10 on all, then...

WotA Axton (7:30:20 PM): may i climb up the cliff

WotA Jarek (7:30:27 PM): "No, Axton, thanks."

WotA Daere (7:30:40 PM): 18s on Hide, MS, 20 on Survival.

AussieScum (7:31:12 PM): Gimme a spot

AussieScum (7:31:15 PM): Deare only
OnlineHost (7:31:16 PM): WotA Daere rolled 1 20-sided die: 16

WotA Daere (7:31:23 PM): 22

WotA Erilys (7:31:53 PM): ((Sorry, I AM out of it, tonight! SHould be up scouting with Daere :-( ))

AussieScum (7:34:13 PM): (( In IM with the scout... she'll report shortly ))

WotA Daere (7:34:31 PM): ::breaks cover near the base of the slope, waves the others up::

WotA Daere (7:34:52 PM): "They went thatta way." ::points up::

WotA Jarek (7:35:22 PM): :: find a good spot for the horses to be tethered :: "Any chance we can circle around and find an easy slope - in short time?"

WotA Erilys (7:35:22 PM): "Great."

WotA Kano (7:35:43 PM): "They've been on foot all along? Is that how we've been able to catch up?"

WotA Dethel (7:35:47 PM): "Are they on horse?"

WotA Daere (7:36:18 PM): "There's always a chance, I guess, but I really don't know how far we'd have to backtrack."

AussieScum (7:37:00 PM): Now that it's been pointed out to you, you can see the rope tied around a boulder up there

AussieScum (7:37:08 PM): The rope is coiled at the side of the boulder

WotA Daere (7:37:22 PM): "Yeah, they're on foot."

WotA Daere (7:37:36 PM): (Presumably that's how we caught up, sure, that works... :) ))

WotA Axton (7:37:44 PM): shall i climb up and get the rope?

WotA Erilys (7:38:00 PM): "You good at climbing?"

WotA Axton (7:38:07 PM): yes

WotA Jarek (7:38:21 PM): :: nod, then gesture to our archers :: "cover him?"

WotA Erilys (7:38:23 PM): "Go for it, then - a rope would be helpful."

WotA Kano (7:38:24 PM): "Of course he is. He's a mountain. He knows mountains." ::grins::

WotA Daere (7:38:25 PM): "Sure, if you like. I can probably get up there without much trouble..."

WotA Erilys (7:38:33 PM): ::pulls a bow:: "We'll cover you from here."

WotA Daere (7:38:35 PM): "Check."

WotA Axton (7:38:37 PM): start climbing

WotA Daere (7:38:46 PM): ::steps back and stands watch::

AussieScum (7:38:47 PM): Climb check

WotA Erilys (7:38:49 PM): ::Scans for trouble, bow ready::

WotA Dethel (7:38:49 PM): :knocks an arrow:"On it"
OnlineHost (7:38:55 PM): WotA Axton rolled 1 20-sided die: 18

WotA Axton (7:39:04 PM): that would be 33

WotA Dethel (7:39:12 PM): :search/spot the ridge:

AussieScum (7:39:18 PM): Showing surprising dexterity for one so large, Axton easily climbs to the top

WotA Daere (7:39:31 PM): ::mutters:: "Jeez, I didn't know squirrels got that big... or that green..."

WotA Dethel (7:39:33 PM): :moves over towards Erilys:

WotA Kano (7:39:35 PM): "See? Big green mountain...

WotA Axton (7:39:41 PM): thow one end of the rope down

WotA Erilys (7:39:52 PM): ::chuckles::

WotA Dethel (7:40:01 PM): ((not the end tied to the stone!!)):-D

WotA Jarek (7:40:02 PM): :: catch the rope, act as anchor ::

AussieScum (7:40:09 PM): OK, using the rope gets you a massive +2 climb bonus

WotA Erilys (7:40:18 PM): "Daere, let me go up first."

AussieScum (7:40:20 PM): I'll give you another +2 synergy if you have even 1 rank in Use Rope

WotA Jarek (7:40:21 PM): (( lowers the dc, too ))

WotA Daere (7:40:22 PM): Take 10, gets me a 17.

WotA Erilys (7:40:34 PM): "I'll try not to step on tracks." ::grins::

WotA Daere (7:40:36 PM): 19, then.

WotA Dethel (7:40:41 PM): I thought the dc to climb a rope was 10?

WotA Axton (7:40:44 PM): keep guard at the top

WotA Kano (7:40:47 PM): ((I've got a rockin' +3, then. :-D ))

WotA Daere (7:40:48 PM): "I'll go first, so you know where NOT to step." ::grins back::

WotA Erilys (7:41:00 PM): take 10 - 14

AussieScum (7:41:09 PM): Dc 10

WotA Kano (7:41:13 PM): ::watches Daere, then Eirlys climb, then grins at Jarek::

WotA Erilys (7:41:19 PM): ::rolls eyes, and gives her an exaggerated bow::

AussieScum (7:41:23 PM): (( Kano you could always tie a rope around you and have the mountain pull you up ;-) ))

WotA Kano (7:41:24 PM): ::and whispers something in Deverenian::

WotA Dethel (7:41:24 PM): take 10 for 12 CR

WotA Jarek (7:42:03 PM): :: muffles at big laugh ::

WotA Daere (7:42:05 PM): Will do my tracking thing again once I get up there, and keep watch with bow out. DC 20.

AussieScum (7:42:28 PM): (( everyone up ? ))

WotA Kano (7:42:34 PM): ::take 10 for a 13::

WotA Erilys (7:42:36 PM): ::pull swords once I'm up, and keep watch as well::

WotA Erilys (7:42:43 PM): "Nice job, Axton."

WotA Jarek (7:42:50 PM): :: Climb up last, haul in the rope ::

WotA Dethel (7:43:01 PM): "that was impressve, Ax"

WotA Kano (7:43:14 PM): "I hope we can get the horses back..."

WotA Dethel (7:43:15 PM): "never seen anyone climb like that"

WotA Axton (7:43:17 PM): thanks

AussieScum (7:45:05 PM): (( Ready to move on? ))

WotA Axton (7:45:28 PM): yes

WotA Jarek (7:45:34 PM): sure

WotA Dethel (7:45:39 PM): Da

WotA Erilys (7:45:40 PM): ::following Daere, scouting::

AussieScum (7:45:45 PM): The soil at the top of the cliff is even rockier than in the rest of the Broken Plains, with a multitude of boulders and broken rocks...

WotA Kano (7:45:50 PM): yah

AussieScum (7:46:13 PM): Yet, there are also many trees here: tall pines and wide spruces, short stubby evergreens of all kinds.

WotA Jarek (7:46:16 PM): :: sword and shield out now - expecting tight spaces ::

AussieScum (7:46:30 PM): The top of the hill forms a wide plateau were vegetation thrives.

WotA Jarek (7:46:56 PM): (( quite lovely up here. I'm not saying I want to build a summer home... :) ))

WotA Dethel (7:47:02 PM): "Perhaps we should spread out a bit..."

AussieScum (7:47:02 PM): Here a clear trail has been marked. It must have been a wide road of some impoerance, for here and there you see the cracked remains of the dark blue marble slabes that once paved this path.

AussieScum (7:47:15 PM): The forest is thick here and the path leads on before you.

WotA Dethel (7:47:32 PM): ((in the direction we've been going?))

WotA Jarek (7:47:50 PM): "True enough, Dethel." :: fly casual ::

AussieScum (7:48:00 PM): (( Yes, tracks lead this way too ))

WotA Daere (7:48:10 PM): ((Hooray for trees!))

WotA Erilys (7:48:26 PM): ((thick as in impassable, or makes you go really slow, or just less visibility?))

WotA Dethel (7:48:31 PM): ((Does the 'road' just start out of the blue?))

AussieScum (7:48:48 PM): The latter

AussieScum (7:49:01 PM): (( The road was at the top of the ledge you just climbed up ))

WotA Jarek (7:49:28 PM): (( used to run along it, or runs to the drop-off and we can see why it's not used anymore? :) ))

WotA Erilys (7:49:37 PM): ::then, Eirlys will pace Daere about 15' to her side::

WotA Dethel (7:49:38 PM): ((does it 'start' where we came up...what he said))

AussieScum (7:50:07 PM): What Jarek said

WotA Jarek (7:50:31 PM): (( I said 'OR' :) ))

AussieScum (7:50:41 PM): (( The road has come from where ever it is going back to the top of the cliff.

WotA Dethel (7:50:42 PM): Um... what he said again :-D

AussieScum (7:50:51 PM): (( Why it stops there, who knows? Earthquake? Mass disintegrations? ))

WotA Dethel (7:51:02 PM): Thanks :-D

WotA Daere (7:51:03 PM): ((Off we go then... keeping the bow out.))

WotA Axton (7:51:26 PM): have my weapon out also

WotA Jarek (7:51:29 PM): (( but the tracks go nowhere near where it disappears? just checking. ))

WotA Kano (7:51:33 PM): ::Follows along, crossbow loaded::

WotA Erilys (7:51:47 PM): ::swords still out::

WotA Dethel (7:51:58 PM): ;bow also out:

AussieScum (7:52:53 PM): OK

AussieScum (7:53:16 PM): About twenty minutes from the cliff's edge, the path through the green wood leads across a wide, rocky plain to a structure of unbelieveable beauty

AussieScum (7:53:40 PM): Made from pearly white stone, a large and ancient building stands 150 feet away from the forest's edge.

AussieScum (7:53:53 PM): It is about 50 feet high, its perfect domed roof glinting in the sunlight.

WotA Kano (7:54:18 PM): "Oooooh!"

WotA Daere (7:54:25 PM): "... uhhh... suddenly makes more sense to have a sculptor, I guess..."

WotA Jarek (7:54:27 PM): :: whistle softly ::

WotA Axton (7:54:30 PM): does anyone see any tracks going that way

AussieScum (7:54:42 PM): It looks to have been a monastery, and the ancient blue marble slabs lead directly to its entrance.

AussieScum (7:54:55 PM): The hige heavy doors seem to be the same stones as the temple, carved to resmble the flames of a restless fire.

WotA Dethel (7:54:55 PM): "Anyone have any idea what that is?"

WotA Jarek (7:54:58 PM): (( as opposed to monstery? :) ))

WotA Dethel (7:55:00 PM): ((Including me?))

WotA Daere (7:55:16 PM): "... a building?..."

AussieScum (7:55:17 PM): Since you've been using a scout....

AussieScum (7:55:21 PM): Spot check, Daere

WotA Kano (7:55:24 PM): "Well, this is the road to wherever this is."
OnlineHost (7:55:25 PM): WotA Daere rolled 1 20-sided die: 1

WotA Erilys (7:55:25 PM): ((two!))

WotA Erilys (7:55:35 PM): ((Do I get one, too? ))

WotA Daere (7:55:35 PM): ((Feet! Look, I have two!))

WotA Kano (7:55:41 PM): ((Nice Bon roll there, Leslie))

WotA Daere (7:55:53 PM): ((I got a SEVEN!! :) ))

WotA Jarek (7:55:54 PM): "Looks like a temple. To what, I am not certain." (( K: Religion? ))

AussieScum (7:56:00 PM): Roll it
OnlineHost (7:56:06 PM): WotA Erilys rolled 1 20-sided die: 12
(7:56:08 PM): WotA Jarek rolled 1 20-sided die: 20

WotA Erilys (7:56:22 PM): 20 spot

WotA Jarek (7:56:26 PM): 25 K: Religion (if you meant me *grin* )

WotA Erilys (7:57:30 PM): ::quietly:: "Arrowslits."

WotA Erilys (7:57:37 PM): "Let's watch it ..."

WotA Jarek (7:57:58 PM): :: raise shield an inch instinctively, crouch a little :: "Any sign of a watch?"

WotA Erilys (7:58:37 PM): ::peer that way, trying to look casual::

WotA Daere (7:58:54 PM): "We've got all these potions... think now would be a good time to chug a few?"

WotA Kano (7:58:56 PM): ::looks around, curiously, not looking particularly nervous::

WotA Erilys (7:58:58 PM): "I don't see any - yet. Doesn't mean there aren't any."

WotA Axton (7:59:02 PM): brb need to let dogs in

WotA Daere (7:59:17 PM): "That's a LOT of open ground to cover..."

WotA Jarek (7:59:23 PM): :: grin at Daere :: "Indeed."

AussieScum (7:59:24 PM): Gimme another track, Daere?
OnlineHost (7:59:30 PM): WotA Daere rolled 1 20-sided die: 12

WotA Dethel (7:59:33 PM): "Perhaps one or two of us could do so & check ahead?"

WotA Daere (7:59:36 PM): 22

AussieScum (7:59:54 PM): The trail definitely leads to the temple. Is that dried blood on the marble over there? Could be

WotA Dethel (7:59:55 PM): "I'll volunteer"

WotA Jarek (8:00:32 PM): "The closer we get, the less I like all this solo-ing."

WotA Daere (8:00:43 PM): ::kneels next to blood spot...:: "We're definitely close... I tend to agree."

WotA Erilys (8:01:04 PM): ::nods:: "And what else do we have invisibility potions for?" ::grins::

WotA Jarek (8:01:30 PM): (( women's locker rooms? :-P))

WotA Kano (8:01:35 PM): "I don't think I've ever been invisible before."

WotA Erilys (8:02:00 PM): ((uh-huh ... :-D ))

AussieScum (8:02:05 PM): So.... actions?

WotA Erilys (8:02:12 PM): "You don't *think* you have?"

WotA Daere (8:02:13 PM): "And my daddy always said it was bad luck to drink alone."

WotA Kano (8:02:20 PM): "Well, not that I remember..."

WotA Kano (8:02:35 PM): ::pulls out one of his potions, and grins:: "So, we doing this?"

WotA Erilys (8:02:40 PM): ::raises an eyebrow and grins wickedly::

WotA Daere (8:02:42 PM): "Bottoms up?" :: pulls out potion bottle::

WotA Dethel (8:02:48 PM): "why not"

WotA Axton (8:02:48 PM): what type of ground is there between here and there

WotA Daere (8:02:59 PM): ((150 feet of open ground))

WotA Axton (8:03:09 PM): hard or soft

WotA Kano (8:03:13 PM): "Maybe we need to hold hands or something if we all get invisible...otherwise, how will we know where each other are?"

WotA Erilys (8:03:17 PM): ::pulls out a bottle, then smiles at Axton:: "C'mon - give it a try. It won't kill you."

WotA Jarek (8:03:17 PM): "Here's to it." :: drink up, head over single-file (so we have a clue where each other is) ::

WotA Daere (8:03:25 PM): ((Road and rocky soil, as I understand it...))

AussieScum (8:03:26 PM): (( I believe the military term is something like "Slaughter Field", or some crap like that ))

WotA Jarek (8:04:02 PM): "You think we're going to be that quiet, Eirlys?"

WotA Daere (8:04:03 PM): ((Yes, and with arrowslits, I imagine we'd be running into other favorites, like "Overlapping Fields of Fire." ))

WotA Jarek (8:04:17 PM): (( Fields! Hah! :) ))

WotA Erilys (8:04:33 PM): ::shrugs:: "We've got to be harder to hit when they can't see us."

WotA Axton (8:04:43 PM): takes bottle from erilys and drinks when others do

AussieScum (8:04:44 PM): (( All drinking? ))

WotA Daere (8:04:48 PM): (("... I said, I got a FOUR!!" :-D))

WotA Erilys (8:04:50 PM): ((yup))

WotA Axton (8:05:01 PM): yes

WotA Jarek (8:05:13 PM): (( "Invisibility Purge" ))

WotA Kano (8:05:18 PM): ::reach out to grab somebody so I don't get left behind all invisible like::

WotA Axton (8:05:29 PM): ditto

WotA Daere (8:05:41 PM): "WATCH the hands!"
OnlineHost (8:05:45 PM): WotA Kano rolled 1 5-sided die: 1

WotA Axton (8:05:45 PM): or at least put my hand on somes head

WotA Jarek (8:05:52 PM): "sorry"

WotA Kano (8:06:05 PM): ::Eirlys gets goosed at mid-thigh::

WotA Erilys (8:06:14 PM): ::in front of Daere::

WotA Erilys (8:06:24 PM): "Watch it, little guy."

WotA Jarek (8:06:28 PM): "Come here, Kano."

AussieScum (8:06:31 PM): You make your way across the Killing Field invisibly and somewhat silently we assume.

AussieScum (8:06:36 PM): Roll me some MS for each of you anyway

WotA Kano (8:06:39 PM): " was a *nice* thigh..."
OnlineHost (8:06:42 PM): WotA Daere rolled 1 20-sided die: 11
(8:06:44 PM): WotA Erilys rolled 1 20-sided die: 15

WotA Dethel (8:06:45 PM): "Why don't you ride, Kano?"
OnlineHost (8:06:48 PM): WotA Jarek rolled 1 20-sided die: 10

WotA Jarek (8:06:51 PM): 9

WotA Daere (8:06:52 PM): 19 MS
OnlineHost (8:06:54 PM): WotA Axton rolled 1 20-sided die: 2
(8:06:57 PM): WotA Kano rolled 1 20-sided die: 14
(8:06:57 PM): WotA Dethel rolled 1 20-sided die: 17

WotA Axton (8:07:07 PM): ms 3

WotA Dethel (8:07:08 PM): MS 21

WotA Kano (8:07:09 PM): ((MS 18. HA!))

WotA Erilys (8:07:10 PM): 23 MS

WotA Kano (8:07:13 PM): ((Because I *am* sneaky. :-D ))

WotA Daere (8:07:20 PM): ((The Deveranian breaths so loudly I could have shot him in the dark...))

AussieScum (8:07:33 PM): (( Gotta love Axton ))

WotA Daere (8:07:35 PM): *breathes, even.

WotA Axton (8:07:36 PM): because the die-bot hates all my characters

WotA Kano (8:07:51 PM): ((It's not the Nothrog's armor so much as the smell. :-D ))

WotA Daere (8:07:57 PM): ((lol!))

WotA Erilys (8:08:07 PM): ((Hey, at least HE thought to ask about the ground and whether we'd leave footprints!))

AussieScum (8:08:20 PM): You get to the temple door.

AussieScum (8:08:23 PM): Trying to open it?

WotA Erilys (8:08:33 PM): ::examine for traps!::

AussieScum (8:08:44 PM): (( And I missed the question! Sorry Curtis ))

AussieScum (8:08:57 PM): Roll search
OnlineHost (8:09:04 PM): WotA Erilys rolled 1 20-sided die: 9

WotA Erilys (8:09:08 PM): 18 Search

AussieScum (8:09:33 PM): You don't find anything

WotA Erilys (8:10:00 PM): ::quietly:: "Everyone take a few steps back, and let me open this"

WotA Axton (8:10:03 PM): whisper.. remember when we open the door they \

WotA Erilys (8:10:05 PM): "I'm going to peek in first"

WotA Axton (8:10:13 PM): will know someone just came in

WotA Daere (8:10:21 PM): ::moves back:

WotA Erilys (8:10:27 PM): ::nods to Axton, forgetting she's invisible for a moment:: "Right."

WotA Axton (8:10:33 PM): moves back also

WotA Dethel (8:10:36 PM): :stay behind, but within arms reach:

AussieScum (8:11:05 PM): (( Opening? ))

WotA Erilys (8:11:05 PM): ::eases the door open just enough to peek in, cautiously::

WotA Jarek (8:11:06 PM): :: move back, but directly in front of the door, ready to charge in ::

AussieScum (8:11:20 PM): :: locked :: ;-)

WotA Erilys (8:11:22 PM): (opens in or out?)

WotA Erilys (8:11:32 PM): ::unlock:: :-D
OnlineHost (8:11:36 PM): WotA Erilys rolled 1 20-sided die: 15

WotA Erilys (8:11:44 PM): 25 to OL

AussieScum (8:11:49 PM): Impressive.

AussieScum (8:11:54 PM): *click*

WotA Erilys (8:12:04 PM): ::NOW ease and peer::

AussieScum (8:12:07 PM): Openout

WotA Erilys (8:12:30 PM): ::stay behind the door as much as possible whilst peering ;-) ::

WotA Axton (8:12:30 PM): ((so we c the hinges

WotA Axton (8:12:32 PM): ))

WotA Erilys (8:13:56 PM): ::eases it closed, takes a couple of steps back::

WotA Erilys (8:14:06 PM): ::whispers::
OnlineHost (8:14:08 PM): AussieScum rolled 6 20-sided dice: 3 8 16 14 7 6

WotA Erilys (8:14:17 PM): "2 nothrog, 4 humans"

AussieScum (8:14:21 PM): (( No one seems to have noticed the door creak open ))

WotA Dethel (8:14:21 PM): :listens closely:

WotA Erilys (8:14:23 PM): "Off guard for now"

WotA Erilys (8:14:38 PM): ""Let's go in now and hit 'em hard."

WotA Dethel (8:14:57 PM): "Where's the dwarf?"

WotA Erilys (8:15:06 PM): "You want to ease in or charge in?"

WotA Axton (8:15:11 PM): whispers wish i hadnt raged with the giant

WotA Erilys (8:15:13 PM): "I didn't see the dwarf."

WotA Jarek (8:15:22 PM): (( new day, curtis :) ))

AussieScum (8:15:24 PM): (( Giant was a day ago, Axton. Your rage is back ))

WotA Axton (8:15:32 PM): ah

WotA Axton (8:15:34 PM): good

WotA Jarek (8:16:06 PM): "Charge. Throw the door open and leave a path for myself and Axton, everyone come in hot on our heals."

WotA Erilys (8:16:07 PM): "So?"

WotA Erilys (8:16:24 PM): ::nods invisibly:: "Got it. Ready?"

WotA Daere (8:16:26 PM): "Go on with your bad self."

WotA Axton (8:16:26 PM): how far are they away from the door

WotA Dethel (8:16:33 PM): "Works for me - give me 6 seconds"

AussieScum (8:16:41 PM): 10 feet?

AussieScum (8:16:43 PM): It's a small room

WotA Daere (8:16:49 PM): ::nocks arrow and waits::

AussieScum (8:16:57 PM): Oh, no it's not

WotA Erilys (8:16:57 PM): "10 feet or so."

WotA Axton (8:17:04 PM): ok i move at 40 so that is good

AussieScum (8:17:07 PM): Let's say between 10 and 40 feet

AussieScum (8:17:11 PM): two groups of three

WotA Erilys (8:17:18 PM): ::will describe::

AussieScum (8:17:28 PM): You're highly likely to be in position for a surprise attack in any way you want.

WotA Jarek (8:17:32 PM): (( no mappage? :( ))

WotA Erilys (8:17:51 PM): "Moving now"

AussieScum (8:17:53 PM): Hmmm, might be able to arrange something if you give me 2 seconds

WotA Axton (8:17:56 PM): when we go in RAGE!!!!!

WotA Daere (8:18:04 PM): "Is one of them Borka?"

WotA Dethel (8:18:22 PM): How long's the Invis last?

WotA Erilys (8:18:49 PM): ((until we attack ;-) ))

WotA Kano (8:18:58 PM): ((couple of minutes, unless you attack first))

WotA Jarek (8:19:06 PM): (( how wide was the corridor she described? ))

WotA Kano (8:19:31 PM): ((I long for the 1E days, when you could be invisible indefinitely. I had a magic-user be on a single Invisibility spell for over a month in-game.))

AussieScum (8:19:59 PM): Sorry, teechnical difficulties.

AussieScum (8:20:00 PM): No map :-(

AussieScum (8:20:21 PM): Screw it
AussieScum (8:20:22 PM): .jpg

AussieScum (8:20:27 PM): Just look at 3.1

AussieScum (8:20:30 PM): No peeking elsewhere!

WotA Daere (8:21:03 PM): Big rectangularish room, check.

WotA Dethel (8:21:49 PM): NP - c&p it into MS Paint, enlarge it & shrink the window :-)

WotA Dethel (8:22:12 PM): :cast Magic Weapon just before we go in:

AussieScum (8:22:28 PM): Putting ABCDEF etc across the top

AussieScum (8:22:35 PM): And 12345 down the side

WotA Jarek (8:22:54 PM): (( does A apply to the first yellow box, or the first in the room? ))

AussieScum (8:23:07 PM): Let's put baddies in D1/E1. G3/H3. I4/J4

AussieScum (8:23:15 PM): First yellow box. First square inside door would be C1

AussieScum (8:24:17 PM): Ready?

WotA Daere (8:24:25 PM): yep

WotA Axton (8:24:28 PM): yea

WotA Dethel (8:24:30 PM): Da

AussieScum (8:24:39 PM): Throggies are in G/H3

AussieScum (8:24:42 PM): Other 4 are human

WotA Dethel (8:24:49 PM): "Where was teh spell caster?"

AussieScum (8:25:05 PM): Who said anything about a spellcaster?

WotA Kano (8:25:13 PM): (I guess...having pokey internet issues tonight)

AussieScum (8:25:26 PM): Gimme some inits. Then I'll tell you how I'm playing it out

WotA Dethel (8:25:31 PM): ((Something lit that giant on fire))

WotA Jarek (8:25:32 PM): "The Throgs are new. No spellcaster yet."
OnlineHost (8:25:34 PM): WotA Daere rolled 1 20-sided die: 9
(8:25:34 PM): WotA Jarek rolled 1 20-sided die: 12
(8:25:35 PM): WotA Axton rolled 1 20-sided die: 14

WotA Daere (8:25:38 PM): 12 init

WotA Jarek (8:25:40 PM): 14 init

WotA Axton (8:25:45 PM): init 15
OnlineHost (8:25:58 PM): WotA Dethel rolled 1 20-sided die: 2

WotA Dethel (8:26:01 PM): init 6
OnlineHost (8:26:22 PM): WotA Erilys rolled 1 20-sided die: 9

WotA Erilys (8:26:26 PM): init 12
OnlineHost (8:26:38 PM): WotA Kano rolled 1 20-sided die: 3

WotA Kano (8:26:42 PM): ((Init 7.))

WotA Jarek (8:26:59 PM): (( positioning check -- the stairs are b2 and b4, yes? ))

AussieScum (8:27:16 PM): Yes

WotA Axton (8:27:37 PM): and we are comming a3

AussieScum (8:28:05 PM): yes, not C1 as I stated earlier

AussieScum (8:28:07 PM): I'm a tard

AussieScum (8:28:20 PM): Dex between the ladies?

WotA Kano (8:28:26 PM): ((Not just a tard...a sped tardo. :-D ))

WotA Erilys (8:28:27 PM): 17

WotA Daere (8:28:46 PM): 16

AussieScum (8:28:57 PM): OK, here's how this works.

AussieScum (8:29:08 PM): For every base move you take, I'm giving all of them a listen check

AussieScum (8:29:27 PM): If they hear you, you may be in toruble. You may be invis, but you're not silent

WotA Erilys (8:29:41 PM): ((we get MS?))

WotA Kano (8:29:46 PM): ((Guess they hear us on 15, then. If not, then certainly on 14. :-D ))

AussieScum (8:29:47 PM): You get MS opposed to their listen

AussieScum (8:30:38 PM): So after the first moves, if you somehow manage to get into position, you get surprise. If they hear you, I'm giving them spots.

AussieScum (8:30:42 PM): Axton, you're up lad

WotA Axton (8:31:06 PM): move 30' to f3 and attack if i can

WotA Jarek (8:31:07 PM): (( not to bollux up Steve's plan, but just charge. :) ))

WotA Axton (8:31:35 PM): my base speed is 40

AussieScum (8:32:14 PM): (( You can charge if you want ;-)
(8:32:17 PM): AussieScum rolled 6 20-sided dice: 15 14 7 18 2 4

WotA Axton (8:32:25 PM): not when i rage i cant

WotA Jarek (8:32:50 PM): (( you can charge on a rage, I thought. ))

WotA Erilys (8:32:54 PM): (You can't? Not that I know much about raging ...)

WotA Daere (8:33:08 PM): ((You can totally do that. Ultimate Barbarian move. Rage and Charge, baby.))

WotA Axton (8:33:13 PM): ((u have the books))

AussieScum (8:33:15 PM): (( I always thought you could :-) )0

AussieScum (8:33:23 PM): Unless WotA rules are different

WotA Axton (8:33:24 PM): ok then i do so

WotA Daere (8:33:25 PM): ((It's a free action, it just has to be your turn.))

WotA Axton (8:33:45 PM): charge and swat

WotA Erilys (8:34:04 PM): ((no prohibition in the WotA barby description))

AussieScum (8:34:05 PM): OK, You charge. You become visible.

AussieScum (8:34:10 PM): Swing away baby
OnlineHost (8:34:15 PM): WotA Axton rolled 1 20-sided die: 4

WotA Axton (8:34:23 PM): ac 13

WotA Axton (8:34:30 PM): damn diebot

WotA Kano (8:34:36 PM): ((The dieboth doth hate Curtis, verily.))

WotA Jarek (8:34:36 PM): (( charge +2? ))

AussieScum (8:34:37 PM): Might hit him FF

WotA Erilys (8:34:37 PM): (did that include the +for the charge?)

WotA Kano (8:34:46 PM): ((Action die, if it's close.))

AussieScum (8:34:54 PM): And rage for that matter.

AussieScum (8:34:56 PM): 13 hits

WotA Axton (8:34:59 PM): no + for charge

AussieScum (8:35:19 PM): Roll me some damage
OnlineHost (8:35:23 PM): WotA Axton rolled 2 6-sided dice: 4 2

WotA Axton (8:35:31 PM): 15 pts

WotA Jarek (8:35:32 PM): (( +2 to hit, -2 ac, actually. ))

WotA Axton (8:35:42 PM): i know that

AussieScum (8:35:44 PM): See Axton. See Axton Charge. See Nothrog Die. *crumple*

WotA Jarek (8:35:50 PM): nice!

WotA Axton (8:35:52 PM): all ready included

WotA Erilys (8:35:53 PM): ((nice!))

AussieScum (8:35:57 PM): Jarek

WotA Kano (8:36:01 PM): ((Boy, they don't make Nothrog the way they used to.))

WotA Dethel (8:36:22 PM): ((Aint it grand! :-D))

WotA Jarek (8:36:32 PM): :: jog to f2, then spin and cut e1 apart ::
OnlineHost (8:36:36 PM): WotA Jarek rolled 1 20-sided die: 7

WotA Jarek (8:36:41 PM): 14 ac

AussieScum (8:36:47 PM): hit
OnlineHost (8:36:51 PM): WotA Jarek rolled 1 8-sided die: 6

WotA Jarek (8:36:53 PM): 11 pts

AussieScum (8:37:03 PM): See Jarek Jog. See Jarek Hit. See Human Fall.

AussieScum (8:37:13 PM): Erilys

AussieScum (8:37:33 PM): Daere on deck

WotA Erilys (8:37:43 PM): move to d2, attack D1
OnlineHost (8:37:46 PM): WotA Erilys rolled 1 20-sided die: 4

WotA Erilys (8:37:55 PM): And miss :-(

WotA Erilys (8:38:09 PM): ((I doubt they're AC 7 :-P ))

WotA Daere (8:38:12 PM): Get within 30

AussieScum (8:38:30 PM): He says "What the!" as your sword lashes past

WotA Kano (8:38:32 PM): ((I think they stole all the higher numbers off our d20))

WotA Daere (8:38:48 PM): Shoot I-J whoever.

WotA Jarek (8:38:55 PM): :: grin :: "Did not see that coming, didst thou?"

AussieScum (8:38:57 PM): People. When you get your shiny new 1E d20. you need to apply crayon to half the numbers.....

WotA Axton (8:38:58 PM): ((i know they did mine))
OnlineHost (8:39:00 PM): WotA Daere rolled 1 20-sided die: 6

WotA Daere (8:39:06 PM): ::sigh::

WotA Erilys (8:39:12 PM): ((lol!))

WotA Daere (8:39:15 PM): 11 flatfooted?

WotA Kano (8:39:19 PM): ((You need 2 different colors of crayon. :-D ))

WotA Daere (8:39:32 PM): ACtion point1
OnlineHost (8:39:39 PM): WotA Daere rolled 1 6-sided die: 6

WotA Daere (8:39:41 PM): HA!

WotA Daere (8:39:46 PM): Almost forgot about that!

AussieScum (8:39:55 PM): Nope

AussieScum (8:39:58 PM): AP makes it

WotA Daere (8:40:00 PM): 17 won't get them?

WotA Daere (8:40:06 PM): Woot!

AussieScum (8:40:08 PM): (( Oh, we'll use the UA AP rules, not Eberron ))

AussieScum (8:40:17 PM): Damage?
OnlineHost (8:40:18 PM): WotA Daere rolled 1 8-sided die: 3

WotA Daere (8:40:23 PM): roll-dice1-sides6

WotA Erilys (8:40:27 PM): ((thanks - those are the ones on the website ;-) ))
OnlineHost (8:40:32 PM): WotA Daere rolled 1 6-sided die: 6

WotA Daere (8:40:36 PM): 9 points

AussieScum (8:40:48 PM): *squish*

AussieScum (8:40:58 PM): 3 for 4 at the moment. Feeling bad about your miss yet, Erilys? ;-)

AussieScum (8:41:03 PM): Kano, go

WotA Kano (8:41:07 PM): ::Arcane syllables echo from the area around D4, as Kano armors himself with mystic energies (which he shoulda done earlier)::

AussieScum (8:41:25 PM): And Dethel bringing up the rear

WotA Jarek (8:41:39 PM): (( oooo, still invisible our little nimbic is ))

WotA Kano (8:41:49 PM): (( :-D ))

WotA Dethel (8:42:03 PM): move in to with 30' of an unengaged BG, and make hole :-D
OnlineHost (8:42:18 PM): WotA Dethel rolled 1 20-sided die: 13

WotA Dethel (8:42:25 PM): AC 21

WotA Jarek (8:42:27 PM): (( H3 or J4, methinks ))

AussieScum (8:42:32 PM): Throg, Human or Human?

AussieScum (8:42:34 PM): Take your pick

WotA Dethel (8:42:48 PM): Human - unarmored if there is one
OnlineHost (8:42:55 PM): WotA Dethel rolled 1 8-sided die: 2

WotA Dethel (8:43:00 PM): 5 damage

WotA Daere (8:43:13 PM): ((How'd I know the creepy elf was gonna say that? :-P))

AussieScum (8:43:34 PM): I4 takes 5

AussieScum (8:43:45 PM): Top of the order

WotA Kano (8:43:48 PM): ((I view it as practical...Axton's over playing with his fellow greenies))

WotA Jarek (8:43:54 PM): (( creepy? this guy is the cheeriest elf I've ever seen! ))

AussieScum (8:43:58 PM): Axton, go. 5'step gets you the other nothrog

WotA Axton (8:44:01 PM): take 5' step to G3 and wack H3
OnlineHost (8:44:06 PM): WotA Axton rolled 1 20-sided die: 7

WotA Axton (8:44:13 PM): ac 16

WotA Dethel (8:44:14 PM): ((That's what makes me creepy :-D))

WotA Axton (8:44:23 PM): if not good use action pt

AussieScum (8:44:28 PM): Hits, he's still FF
OnlineHost (8:44:39 PM): WotA Axton rolled 2 6-sided dice: 3 3

WotA Axton (8:44:45 PM): 15 pts

AussieScum (8:44:59 PM): *squish*

AussieScum (8:45:06 PM): Jarek

WotA Jarek (8:45:29 PM): 5' to e1, swing on the guy Eirlys and I have pinned.

WotA Kano (8:45:30 PM): ((he's creepy in the same way that that Florida congressman was creepy))
OnlineHost (8:45:31 PM): WotA Jarek rolled 1 20-sided die: 6

WotA Jarek (8:45:38 PM): 13 ac

WotA Erilys (8:45:47 PM): ((heh - stupid congressman!))

WotA Jarek (8:45:53 PM): (( still FF, no? ))

AussieScum (8:45:53 PM): Hits again
OnlineHost (8:45:57 PM): WotA Jarek rolled 1 8-sided die: 3

WotA Jarek (8:46:02 PM): 8 pts this time

AussieScum (8:46:17 PM): Bullet in the brainpan. Squish

AussieScum (8:46:27 PM): Erilys

WotA Erilys (8:46:32 PM): Who's left?

AussieScum (8:46:32 PM): Only one left now

WotA Axton (8:46:35 PM): ((people should sue... like they are the priests))

AussieScum (8:46:36 PM): J4

WotA Jarek (8:46:37 PM): (( one left? i4? ))

WotA Jarek (8:46:42 PM): 'k

WotA Erilys (8:47:00 PM): ::Let Daere have him - going over to G5 to Listen::
OnlineHost (8:47:05 PM): WotA Erilys rolled 1 20-sided die: 5
(8:47:08 PM): WotA Daere rolled 1 20-sided die: 16

WotA Daere (8:47:13 PM): ::thwick::

WotA Erilys (8:47:18 PM): 13 Listen

WotA Daere (8:47:23 PM): Is he still FF? :D
OnlineHost (8:47:37 PM): WotA Daere rolled 1 8-sided die: 2

AussieScum (8:47:42 PM): Oh yes
OnlineHost (8:47:49 PM): WotA Daere rolled 1 6-sided die: 3

AussieScum (8:47:50 PM): No sounds of alarm or anything, erilys

WotA Daere (8:47:55 PM): 5 points, then.

AussieScum (8:48:13 PM): And he goes down.

WotA Kano (8:48:26 PM): ((All too easy... :-D ))

AussieScum (8:48:27 PM): Quickly, brutally, efficiently, you have entered the Temple.

WotA Jarek (8:48:28 PM): what are the extra-dark lines on the map? raised sections or balconies?

WotA Erilys (8:49:13 PM): "Makes me wonder if we killed the right guys ..." ::frowns::

WotA Jarek (8:49:18 PM): (( I'd suggest checking out the doors at the end first... but perhaps that's for Thursday. ))

AussieScum (8:49:20 PM): Let me type in the half page of boxed text

WotA Erilys (8:49:23 PM): ::then goes to L5, then L1, to listen::

AussieScum (8:49:24 PM): Some of it may be explained

WotA Axton (8:49:42 PM): watch the stairs

WotA Jarek (8:49:51 PM): "Are there ever 'wrong' guys?"

WotA Erilys (8:50:08 PM): ::nods:: "Allies."

WotA Axton (8:50:15 PM): ((they may attack O:-):-D))

WotA Erilys (8:50:19 PM): "Or potential allies."

WotA Kano (8:50:38 PM): ((Awaiting the triumphant arrival of Boxed Text Man!))

AussieScum (8:50:41 PM): (( Long BT coming, then probably calling it for tonight ))

WotA Axton (8:50:54 PM): ok

WotA Jarek (8:51:19 PM): :: shrug :: "The blood trail tells me they were neither."

AussieScum (8:51:28 PM): Torches in dark iron sconces illuminate the elaborate architecture.

AussieScum (8:51:55 PM): Like the outside of the temple, the inner walls are white stone, but here and there ou see the colorless visages of many strange animals, beasts and creatures of various types ans sizes.

AussieScum (8:52:19 PM): So wonderfully well made are these sculptures, that the weird faces seem to have been cast into the wall, rather than carved into it.

AussieScum (8:52:47 PM): Upon the high domed ceiling, golden flames seem to dance, bathing the room in an eerie orange light. On the other side of the hall, a 20 foot high wall has been erected, with two stone

AussieScum (8:53:03 PM): doors carved like dancing flames upon it.

AussieScum (8:53:12 PM): Above this wall, you notice a parapet of some kind.

AussieScum (8:53:29 PM): Two smaller stone parapets have been built upon the entrance and sidewalls, standing some 20 feet above ground.

AussieScum (8:53:38 PM): Sunlight streams through the slits aive the parapoets.

AussieScum (8:54:03 PM): The strange lighting comes from the sunlight filtering through the narrow slits, as well as the fires from the rirches set upon the walls.

AussieScum (8:54:25 PM): which reflects upon the gold and bronze architecture of the domed ceiling.

AussieScum (8:54:41 PM): The ceiling gves the impression of gazxing at a glowing ball fo fire like the sun.

AussieScum (8:55:08 PM): There are makeshift beds in this room....

AussieScum (8:55:17 PM): The wooden ladders that once led to the parapets, have long since crumbled,

AussieScum (8:55:32 PM): The 4 humans still wear the raiment of Andover, by the way

WotA Kano (8:55:49 PM): ((And phony or purloined, at that, I bet))

WotA Erilys (8:56:04 PM): ((NOW he tells us! :-P ))
OnlineHost (8:56:07 PM): AussieScum rolled 2 20-sided dice: 14 5

AussieScum (8:56:25 PM): (( they aren't dead at the moment - well, not all of them ;-) ))

AussieScum (8:56:31 PM): 3 are dead.

WotA Axton (8:56:33 PM): ((gray hawk the bodies when we get a chance))

AussieScum (8:56:37 PM): One Human, 2 Throgs are bleeding

WotA Jarek (8:57:06 PM): your point? :-D

AussieScum (8:57:41 PM): If you want to interrogate? ;-)

WotA Daere (8:57:45 PM): ((What's the line from Long Kiss Goodnight? Ah, yes... "Continue dying, over." :) ))

WotA Erilys (8:57:54 PM): ::go stabilize a human - I want to talk to him::

WotA Erilys (8:58:35 PM): "Sorry, Axton, but I can't talk to them." ::nods at the Nothrogs::

WotA Axton (8:58:46 PM): i could

AussieScum (8:58:56 PM): (( We can wrap and interrogate Thursday if you like... or do it now. ))

WotA Jarek (8:59:07 PM): (( wrappage good... ))

WotA Axton (8:59:17 PM): thru is good enough

WotA Dethel (8:59:19 PM): Wrapping's cool

WotA Daere (8:59:24 PM): ((Is getting late for me. Daere will stand watch while you guys Greyhawk and interrogate, if you like... just email the results.))

AussieScum (8:59:32 PM): Thursday: I will be unavoidably late. 9:30 start.

WotA Axton (8:59:39 PM): ok

WotA Erilys (8:59:50 PM): np here. I might get to breathe when I get home :-)

WotA Kano (8:59:52 PM): ::a high-pitched invisible voice:: "I can speak Nothrog, too!"

WotA Axton (9:00:06 PM): we know kano

AussieScum (9:00:08 PM): lootage:

WotA Erilys (9:00:13 PM): "Fine. *You* talk to them."

AussieScum (9:00:18 PM): 6 studded leather armors

AussieScum (9:00:26 PM): 2 battle axe

WotA Kano (9:00:27 PM): ((Ohh, the trouble I could get into, invisible... O:-) ))

AussieScum (9:00:36 PM): 2 short bows

WotA Jarek (9:00:38 PM): (( so much for 'men in shiny armor' ;) ))

AussieScum (9:00:49 PM): 4 more shortbows

WotA Axton (9:00:51 PM): u touch me and u will wish u hadne

AussieScum (9:00:51 PM): 4 short swords

WotA Kano (9:00:54 PM): ((Highly polished studded leather. :-D ))

AussieScum (9:00:54 PM): 120 arrows

WotA Axton (9:00:56 PM): hadnt that is

WotA Daere (9:01:01 PM): ((Hey, there's a lot more temple to explore...))

WotA Kano (9:01:09 PM): ::giggle:: "Ick."

AussieScum (9:01:22 PM): OK, Thursday we get into interrogations and temple explorations.

WotA Jarek (9:01:25 PM): (( I suppose there could be more fake guards elsewhere... ))

WotA Axton (9:01:33 PM): sounds good to me

AussieScum (9:01:40 PM): Start thinking about level 3 options. You may not get there next session, but if not, probably the session after.

AussieScum (9:02:19 PM): There's like 20 modules.

AussieScum (9:02:24 PM): Each one is a level, prettu much

AussieScum (9:02:32 PM): I'll get you some extras here and there in case anyone wants to craft.

AussieScum (9:10:30 PM): Good session. I liked your entry solution. That could have been bad for you

WotA Erilys (9:10:59 PM): You mean across the killing fields? Yeah. :-)

WotA Jarek (9:11:01 PM): was there anyone covering the arrowslits?

AussieScum (9:11:09 PM): The two throgs were loosely watching it.

AussieScum (9:11:19 PM): So had you been spotted, the place went on alert.

AussieScum (9:11:23 PM): Making it all that much harder.

AussieScum (9:11:33 PM): But you killed all 6 before they could utter a peep.

WotA Jarek (9:11:33 PM): more important was the bumrush while they were flatfooted.

WotA Jarek (9:11:40 PM): exactly

AussieScum (9:11:48 PM): Advantage: You.

WotA Jarek (9:12:16 PM): this group definitely has good damage output, when the dice agree with us.

WotA Jarek (9:12:21 PM): even a little.

AussieScum (9:12:34 PM): Axton will do a metric shit ton.

AussieScum (9:12:41 PM): But, he'll pay for that in lower AC.

AussieScum (9:13:17 PM): 87 cards into the EE update now, BTW

AussieScum (9:13:38 PM): Which is, effectively, all the actions.

WotA Jarek (9:13:47 PM): thing is - it's not just one guy. he's backed up by me (and I can do just about as much, though I use weapons with smaller dice). And Eirlys with two weapons hitting for sneak dmg. And two good archers.

WotA Jarek (9:14:07 PM): one of whom gets sneak dmg too

WotA Jarek (9:14:45 PM): And eventually, we're all going to be delaying for Kano's init so he can light 'em up.

WotA Jarek (9:14:47 PM): :)

WotA Erilys (9:15:07 PM): Yup.

WotA Erilys (9:15:23 PM): A few more hp would be nice here, though :-)

AussieScum (9:15:50 PM): It'll be a grand old time as we level up some.

AussieScum (9:15:59 PM): Wait till the end when you get to fight the Medusans. That will be fun

WotA Jarek (9:16:52 PM): dunno whether I should Woot or Heh.

WotA Jarek (9:17:04 PM): It's hard to picture 20th level from 2nd

WotA Erilys (9:17:57 PM): Yes, it is. Especially as PCs evolve.

WotA Jarek (9:19:19 PM): totally.

WotA Jarek (9:19:33 PM): dude. 8-)

WotA Jarek (9:19:45 PM): anyway, the bed is calling. collect, even.

WotA Erilys (9:20:16 PM): Yeah, I want to go get warm ...

WotA Erilys (9:20:18 PM): 'night!



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"Warlords of the Accordlands" copyright 2006 Alderac Entertainment Group.