The Temple of the Undying Flame

Log 2006-09-21

(8:12:53 AM) You have just entered room "steveaccordlands."

 (6:18:20 PM) AussieScum has entered the room.

AussieScum (6:18:20 PM): Victims!

AussieScum (6:18:59 PM): And holy cow, even the elf is here!

AussieScum (6:18:59 PM): *listens to the crickets chirp*

WotA Daere (6:18:59 PM): hiya

AussieScum (6:19:00 PM): Hello? Is this thing on?

AussieScum (6:21:16 PM): OK, everyone red-eye?

WotA Daere (6:21:22 PM): yup

WotA Dethel (6:21:28 PM): Oh for certain

WotA Erilys (6:21:38 PM): no, mine are clear, thanks.

WotA Axton (6:21:42 PM): and i am not missing 5 skill points int only +1

WotA Kano (6:21:59 PM): Ready here.

WotA Jarek (6:22:05 PM): (( 4 pts by class, 5 w/ int... 25 points total? ))

WotA Axton (6:22:13 PM): red-eyed here

AussieScum (6:23:09 PM): OK, when last we left our heroes, there'd been a season ending level cliff hanger about someone who had been kidnapped.

AussieScum (6:23:11 PM): Oh noes!

WotA Dethel (6:23:31 PM): Oh no! :-D

WotA Erilys (6:23:50 PM): ((2+1(house)+1int, 20 total))

WotA Dethel (6:24:09 PM): ???

WotA Kano (6:24:22 PM): ((discussion over whether Axton had enough skill points))

WotA Axton (6:24:46 PM): what do u mean HAD mike

WotA Jarek (6:24:51 PM): (( well, crap! why did they drop the number of points to 2?!?!? dumbasses *sigh* nm ))

WotA Erilys (6:25:04 PM): ((lol!))

WotA Jarek (6:25:11 PM): question, Steve...

AussieScum (6:25:19 PM): yes'm?

WotA Axton (6:25:22 PM): i am still alive and green

WotA Jarek (6:25:49 PM): The dwarf started off talking about how he was sent to meet the other races... then launched into a speil about someone gone missing.

WotA Jarek (6:26:01 PM): Is that what he was coming to talk to the others about?

WotA Jarek (6:26:27 PM): Or was that just his "why I'm on the surface these days" line?

AussieScum (6:27:21 PM): The latter. He was sent to the surface to find out about stuff and all and things happened.

AussieScum (6:27:34 PM): He was supposed to talk to you in the Keep, but I screwed up and had him meet yo on the road

AussieScum (6:27:36 PM): Ah well

WotA Jarek (6:28:20 PM): (( if we need to be in the keep, sobeit. gathering supplies and horses for the road - took an extra day to depart... yeah... ;) ))

WotA Daere (6:28:23 PM): Eh, this works just as well.

AussieScum (6:29:04 PM): He was sent to the surface to seek help in finding this kidnapped dwarf

WotA Axton (6:29:37 PM): did he say what the pay would be for our help

WotA Jarek (6:29:40 PM): ah, okay. so that was his purpose - and someone pointed him our way. reputation rules!

AussieScum (6:29:48 PM): Edwin Moss did

AussieScum (6:29:58 PM): oh, and you've all been given a free light horse

WotA Daere (6:30:05 PM): Woohoo!

AussieScum (6:30:10 PM): "Go and save the world. But walk"

AussieScum (6:30:11 PM): I don't think so :-D

WotA Jarek (6:30:14 PM): light riding or light war?

WotA Erilys (6:30:25 PM): (nice)

AussieScum (6:30:31 PM): Riding. War with the elves is likely to resume. They need their warhorses

WotA Axton (6:30:33 PM): ouch now i have to carry a horse also

AussieScum (6:30:36 PM): Them you can buy later ;-)

WotA Daere (6:30:38 PM): lol

WotA Kano (6:30:50 PM): ((Yeah, Axton's feet would still hit the ground riding one of those.))

WotA Erilys (6:31:03 PM): ((hmmm .... maybe they should've given Axton a heavy one ...))

WotA Kano (6:31:10 PM): (("What, you only have size Medium?"))

WotA Jarek (6:31:12 PM): (( swayback. in five minutes. ))

WotA Axton (6:31:13 PM): and poor thing could not move

WotA Erilys (6:31:37 PM): ((hey, I'll chip in to upgrade for him ;-) ))

AussieScum (6:31:39 PM): (( If Axton needs a slightly bigger one, that could be arranged :-) ))

WotA Axton (6:31:48 PM): i am 370# and 7'3"

AussieScum (6:32:01 PM): Anyway..... so K'evan of the Green announced to you that an important dwarf had been kidnapped.

WotA Jarek (6:32:03 PM): (( we all got riding horses, he got the local farmer's draft horse ))

AussieScum (6:32:11 PM): He goes on to tell you many things

WotA Daere (6:32:19 PM): ((Bring on the BT! :) ))

WotA Jarek (6:32:36 PM): "<You can trust us, K'evan. Tell your story.>"

WotA Axton (6:32:38 PM): and what he is going to pay us

AussieScum (6:32:39 PM): The dwar's name is Barrin. A legendary dwarven craftsman

WotA Erilys (6:32:54 PM): "What does he craft?"

AussieScum (6:33:03 PM): He offers you a reward of 1000 gold value in gems for the safe return of the artisan.

WotA Dethel (6:33:13 PM): back

AussieScum (6:33:31 PM): "He's a sculptor. But his works are held most dear among our kind"

AussieScum (6:33:57 PM): "You would almost have to be a dwarf to understand"

WotA Jarek (6:33:58 PM): "<It is understandable.>"

AussieScum (6:34:04 PM): "He was taken from his villag ein the western reaches of the World Below"

WotA Kano (6:34:06 PM): "I understand kidnapped just fine."

AussieScum (6:34:39 PM): "Eyewitnesses say that he was taken by a band of humans dressed in colors that I now know match the Andoveran livery"

AussieScum (6:35:00 PM): "That in itself is disturbing. I don't believe that the humans would have done this, but I am new to this land above"

WotA Erilys (6:35:01 PM): ::eyes widen::

WotA Kano (6:35:17 PM): "Could be...though we know that the guys who attacked the conference were disguised, too."

WotA Erilys (6:35:18 PM): ::head shakes slowly in denial::

AussieScum (6:35:25 PM): "However, I did not know this until I arrived at Ghostwood Keep and saw the colors of the man stationed there"

WotA Kano (6:35:38 PM): "They're trying to make everyone not trust each other. And doing a damn fine job of it, so far."

WotA Axton (6:35:58 PM): sounds that way kano

WotA Jarek (6:36:01 PM): "You may have heard of attacks by men dressed just so. Assassins in disguise."

AussieScum (6:36:04 PM): "When I spoke to Edwin Moss, he told me that the Kingdom of Andover would have nothing to do with such a deed. I do tend to believe him...."

AussieScum (6:36:57 PM): "The Way to the World Below used by both myself and the kidnappers is about a day's travel from here, deep into Myreth. I sealed the tunnels behind we on word from my supervisors. I'm to take Barrin to New Goldenaxe

AussieScum (6:37:00 PM): when he's found."

WotA Jarek (6:37:03 PM): "Kidnapping an artisan would do little for the humans' war. It is far more likely connected with other recent events."

AussieScum (6:37:31 PM): He then gives you a map describing how to reach the sabotaged tunnel, an innocuous cave in an uninhabited area of the forest of Myreth .

AussieScum (6:37:39 PM): "Perhaps, from there, you can follow the trail.

AussieScum (6:37:41 PM): "

WotA Daere (6:37:47 PM): "Well, if you can get us near where he disappeared, I can probably track them..."

WotA Erilys (6:37:55 PM): ::looks at Daere, and nods::

WotA Jarek (6:38:20 PM): :: gesture to the two tanks :: "And where will you and your men go while we hunt?"

AussieScum (6:38:26 PM): "Follow the map here, my girl, and if your skills are as you say, I would wager you'll find the trail"

AussieScum (6:39:02 PM): "I will see what help I can wrestle up in the keep here. At the very least, try to form some kind of alliance"

WotA Axton (6:39:04 PM): what do you mean my girl

AussieScum (6:39:34 PM): "I was replying to the lady here" *points at Daere*

WotA Jarek (6:39:36 PM): :: aside, to Axton :: "She asked the question."

WotA Daere (6:39:38 PM): ::takes map::

WotA Axton (6:40:04 PM): but she is NOT his girl

WotA Jarek (6:40:06 PM): "And you'll be here when we return? And are certain that Barrin was brought Out, not taken further in?"

WotA Daere (6:40:16 PM): ::mutters:: "What's this 'we' stuff anyhow?... clankin' all the way to Deverenia..."

WotA Erilys (6:40:20 PM): "Just an expression, Axton."

AussieScum (6:40:32 PM): "It

AussieScum (6:40:46 PM): "It's a dwarf thing, my good man, I didn't mean to offend"

AussieScum (6:41:29 PM): "It's a best guess thing. There were markings of a group leading out, and humans in the World Below would be noticed. They are so out of place down there..."

WotA Erilys (6:41:33 PM): "Well, if he was taken farther in, the trail will show us."

AussieScum (6:41:46 PM): "Don't even remember the last time I saw one, apart from this band of kidnappers"

WotA Erilys (6:42:01 PM): "You saw them personally?"

AussieScum (6:42:25 PM): "Well, no. I was just commenting that humans haven't been seen down below in a loing time. This is the first sighting"

WotA Axton (6:42:28 PM): maybe they changed their discuises'

WotA Erilys (6:42:34 PM): ::nods::

WotA Daere (6:42:50 PM): "Maybe. We'll find out once we catch up to them, and their trail's not getting any warmer..."

WotA Axton (6:42:54 PM): and now they look like dwarves
(6:43:11 PM): AussieScum rolled 1 10-sided die: 5

WotA Jarek (6:43:25 PM): :: check the height difference between Kevan and Daere. Shake head ::

WotA Erilys (6:43:38 PM): "Lead on, Daere."

WotA Axton (6:43:53 PM): follow daere

AussieScum (6:43:54 PM): "I hope not. That would be powerful magic"

AussieScum (6:44:41 PM): "Kor guide your steps. I'll wait for you here, I think."

WotA Daere (6:44:55 PM): "We'll be back as quickly as we can."

AussieScum (6:45:14 PM): And with that, he waves farewell and you head off towards the elven forest of Myreth

AussieScum (6:45:38 PM): (( I think we can dispense with random elf war band encounters... ))

WotA Jarek (6:45:39 PM): "<Word to the wise. Be sure you can make the promised payment when we return. Altruism runs thin these days.>"

WotA Jarek (6:45:48 PM): (( smashy and slashy ))

AussieScum (6:45:57 PM): (( How very mercenary of you.... )0

WotA Axton (6:46:13 PM): i agree with jarek

AussieScum (6:46:22 PM): "<You do not know me friend, so I won't take offense at that today>"

WotA Erilys (6:46:23 PM): ((thunk! slash smash))

WotA Jarek (6:46:25 PM): (( only if you speak Dwarven ))

WotA Axton (6:47:31 PM): did not know u spoke in dwarven

WotA Jarek (6:47:38 PM): "<No offense intended. But we've already risked much these past days. I look forward to our return.>"

WotA Jarek (6:47:56 PM): (( sorry - I noted it the first time, then just kept using the '<' to denote ))

AussieScum (6:48:09 PM): It takes you two days of carefully walking through the forest, avoiding elf patrols, to arrive at the cave mentioned on the map...

AussieScum (6:48:20 PM): Make me search checks

WotA Erilys (6:48:30 PM): ((I think that's why he's using < > around his words))

WotA Axton (6:48:30 PM): ah

WotA Dethel (6:48:41 PM): ((Do I think I would have any influence on said patrols?))

WotA Axton (6:48:41 PM): more lag
(6:48:41 PM): WotA Kano rolled 1 20-sided die: 1

WotA Kano (6:48:54 PM): ((I can't find my own little butt!))
OnlineHost (6:48:54 PM): WotA Jarek rolled 1 20-sided die: 14
OnlineHost (6:49:06 PM): WotA Axton rolled 1 20-sided die: 2
OnlineHost (6:49:06 PM): WotA Daere rolled 1 20-sided die: 4

WotA Jarek (6:49:06 PM): 17.

WotA Daere (6:49:06 PM): Yeah, uh, trees.

AussieScum (6:49:06 PM): (( You're likely to be seen as a collaborator, Joe. Elf, walking with humans and Devs? Traitor! ))
(6:49:24 PM): WotA Erilys rolled 1 20-sided die: 2

WotA Erilys (6:49:28 PM): (lag here, too)

WotA Axton (6:49:28 PM): search 3

WotA Dethel (6:49:31 PM): ((Thanks :-P))

WotA Axton (6:49:52 PM): ....

WotA Daere (6:49:52 PM): ((Why in the hell am I even rolling when I can take 10?...))

WotA Erilys (6:50:04 PM): 11 search :-(

WotA Erilys (6:50:33 PM): ((can we take 10 (or 20?)))

AussieScum (6:50:52 PM): 17's good enough.

AussieScum (6:50:55 PM): You find the cave

WotA Daere (6:51:06 PM): ::turns map right-side up::

WotA Daere (6:51:09 PM): :-P

WotA Daere (6:52:15 PM): ((NOW I would like to take the time to look around for the trail... Survival is +12 if we're in the forest.))

WotA Axton (6:52:45 PM): i will assist if i may

WotA Jarek (6:52:49 PM): (( assist, keep an eye out as she stares at the dirt ))

AussieScum (6:52:51 PM): (( phone ))

WotA Erilys (6:53:34 PM): ((it's dirt. Keep an eye out for trouble while others try to interpret the dirt.))

WotA Jarek (6:53:54 PM): (( beee the dirt. nananananana ))

AussieScum (6:53:59 PM): The opening no longer leads to the World Below.

WotA Erilys (6:54:11 PM): ((What do you mean, I'm standing on the tracks you want to find?? :-P ))

WotA Axton (6:54:43 PM): then where does it lead

WotA Jarek (6:55:06 PM): five feet to some rubble?

AussieScum (6:55:09 PM): But you do seem something that could be tracks...

AussieScum (6:55:27 PM): Let's see a Survival Check for those who have the Tracking Feat

WotA Axton (6:55:57 PM): not me just survival no tracking

WotA Kano (6:56:25 PM): ((not I))

WotA Daere (6:56:39 PM): ((Take 10, or do you want me to roll?))

AussieScum (6:56:44 PM): (( Oh, the cave goes 10 or 20 feet back before the rubble... the tracks are outside ))

AussieScum (6:56:52 PM): Can you make DC 12 ? ;-)

WotA Daere (6:57:10 PM): I can't MISS DC 12. :-P

WotA Dethel (6:57:23 PM): most impressive

WotA Daere (6:57:26 PM): ((Taking 10 I get a 22.))

WotA Jarek (6:57:40 PM): (( the hobbit crawled this way... ))

WotA Daere (6:57:41 PM): ((This is what I do... find stuff and shoot it.))

AussieScum (6:57:57 PM): You find... tracks!

WotA Daere (6:58:13 PM): "Cripes, they practically left highway markers... this way."

AussieScum (6:58:16 PM): Several humans in heavy armor were dragging an unwilling burden.... that way?

WotA Axton (6:58:31 PM): follow daere

WotA Daere (6:58:34 PM): "Several guys, heavy armor..."

WotA Erilys (6:58:38 PM): ::move up be Daere, alert as she follows the tracks::

AussieScum (6:58:39 PM): The tracks lead east, south of Tyraniel Forest and into Sarakia, a journey of one week

WotA Jarek (6:58:55 PM): those are some tracks!

WotA Erilys (6:59:00 PM): ((wow! That's impressive, Daere!))

AussieScum (6:59:16 PM): Since you're such a great tracker you don't lose the trail during the week

AussieScum (6:59:22 PM): However, on day 3....

WotA Jarek (7:00:00 PM): (( are we gaining at all? ))

AussieScum (7:00:29 PM): You spot a weary traveller in tattered clothing ahead of you

AussieScum (7:00:39 PM): He has a rugged appearnace but trvels with a walking stick

WotA Daere (7:00:40 PM): ((I shoot it.))

WotA Axton (7:00:43 PM): ah a slave

WotA Daere (7:00:46 PM): (( :-P ))

AussieScum (7:01:00 PM): (( Hard to tell Jarek, maybe? ))

WotA Erilys (7:01:02 PM): "Doesn't look like it would work very well, Axton."

WotA Kano (7:01:07 PM): ((No, no, this isn't LA. If it were LA, I'd automatically kill him.))

WotA Erilys (7:01:18 PM): ((LOL!))

WotA Jarek (7:01:27 PM): "kill or enslave... is that our default choices?"

WotA Kano (7:01:41 PM): "Neither are my first choice."
OnlineHost (7:01:43 PM): AussieScum rolled 1 20-sided die: 10

WotA Axton (7:01:43 PM): yea

WotA Daere (7:01:53 PM): "Good (morning, afternoon, whatever)!"

WotA Kano (7:01:55 PM): ::grins:: "Want me to talk to him?"

WotA Jarek (7:01:59 PM): (( tell me what? ))

WotA Kano (7:02:09 PM): ((If we're gaining))

AussieScum (7:02:15 PM): (( Aye. Gaining ))

WotA Dethel (7:02:16 PM): "No, Jarek..."

WotA Jarek (7:02:16 PM): ah

AussieScum (7:02:45 PM): Hearing your conversation as you approach, or possibly the clip-clop of your horses hooves upon the road, he turns and looks at you.

WotA Jarek (7:02:49 PM): "Sure, Kano. Go peep under that cloak."

WotA Jarek (7:02:56 PM): (( or not. :) ))

AussieScum (7:03:17 PM): The face looking back at you is that of a human male, probably in his early twenties

AussieScum (7:03:30 PM): He's obviously in pain as he hobbles along the road

WotA Kano (7:03:34 PM): ::urges My Little Pony a few more steps forward::

WotA Kano (7:03:42 PM): "Hi there...what's the matter?"

WotA Axton (7:03:49 PM): ((how fast are the horses moving))\

WotA Erilys (7:03:52 PM): ::warily watches for ambush::

WotA Erilys (7:04:11 PM): ((At a walk, probably, so Daere can track))

WotA Axton (7:04:17 PM): draws weapon

AussieScum (7:04:27 PM): (( I'd assume you're riding along at a steady pace.... slow....))

AussieScum (7:04:27 PM): "Ankle...."

AussieScum (7:04:42 PM): "Wasn't watching where I was walking", he says between gritted teeth

WotA Kano (7:04:49 PM): ::dismounts::

AussieScum (7:04:54 PM): "Went into a hole. Think it's broke"

WotA Kano (7:05:00 PM): "I'm Kano ."

AussieScum (7:05:07 PM): *See's the nothrog with his two hander out and blanches a little"

WotA Jarek (7:05:09 PM): :: spur my horse to ride past him about 20 feet, bracketing him in ::

WotA Kano (7:05:26 PM): "Who are you?"

AussieScum (7:05:35 PM): "By the looks of it, my name's irrelevant. Planning on killing me? At least make it quick"

WotA Axton (7:05:37 PM): dismount also or puts horse down :-D

WotA Kano (7:05:58 PM): " friends. We're just a little jumpy. The war and everything."

WotA Kano (7:06:13 PM): ((Steve, is he coming from the direction we're heading?))

WotA Jarek (7:06:14 PM): "Thou art safe for now. Just being cautious."

AussieScum (7:06:16 PM): "Ah. My name's Sirinus"

WotA Kano (7:06:21 PM): ((ROFL))

AussieScum (7:06:30 PM): (( He's heading the same direction as you ))

WotA Erilys (7:06:39 PM): ((snicker))

AussieScum (7:06:56 PM): (( Unnamed PC's will have their names stolen from your other PCs :-P ))

WotA Kano (7:07:06 PM): ((Swell. :-D ))

AussieScum (7:07:08 PM): (( er, NPCs ))

WotA Daere (7:07:13 PM): ((Ah, I was wondering what joke I missed... :) ))

WotA Jarek (7:07:17 PM): (( can't use mine. Tansiq. Hah. ))

AussieScum (7:07:20 PM): (( Mike's LA PC ))

WotA Kano (7:07:42 PM): "So, Sirinus..where are you heading?"

AussieScum (7:07:54 PM): "Don't suppose you got a medic with you? Could really use a brace on the ankle"

WotA Axton (7:08:07 PM): ((i think they told me my horses name was tansiq)):-P

WotA Kano (7:08:09 PM): ::looks over at Dethel:: "Bones? Can we help this guy?"

WotA Daere (7:08:16 PM): ::points at elf::

WotA Dethel (7:08:24 PM): "Certainly"

AussieScum (7:08:29 PM): "I'd been trying to get to Pine Ridge Thorp. Little village up the road a ways"

AussieScum (7:08:34 PM): "Heard they might have some work"

WotA Dethel (7:08:35 PM): "As long as he is willing..."

AussieScum (7:08:50 PM): *Notices the elf, gets a little more alarmed*

WotA Dethel (7:08:54 PM): :dismounts, and comes towards the man:

WotA Jarek (7:09:00 PM): (( we blend well, don't we? ;) ))

WotA Kano (7:09:03 PM): "Where are you coming from?"

WotA Dethel (7:09:06 PM): "Have no fear sir"

WotA Daere (7:09:10 PM): "We seem to be headed that general direction anyway, if you'd like to ride... no, don't mind him, he's OK."

AussieScum (7:09:11 PM): "You sure he's likely to help me and not want to eat my bones? I've heard about the Elves and what they do to humans"

WotA Kano (7:09:27 PM): "He hasn't killed any of us yet."

WotA Dethel (7:09:28 PM): "So have I"

WotA Dethel (7:09:44 PM): "Though I've had the urge once or twice..."

WotA Dethel (7:09:50 PM): :smiles:

WotA Jarek (7:09:55 PM): :: nod to Dethel :: "We seem to have him under control, Sirinus. For now."

AussieScum (7:09:58 PM): "I had been at Ghostwood Keep when all these troops arrived for some meeting. Didn't feel comfortable there, so thought I'd move on"

AussieScum (7:10:08 PM): "If you say so...."

AussieScum (7:10:15 PM): He extends his leg.

WotA Dethel (7:10:24 PM): :examine leg:

WotA Jarek (7:10:38 PM): :: sm at this point ::

AussieScum (7:10:46 PM): The ankle is all swollen and a quick examination tells you that it is, in fact, broken. He grimaces a little as you perform your examination.

AussieScum (7:10:51 PM): (( Roll it ))
(7:10:53 PM): WotA Jarek rolled 1 20-sided die: 5

WotA Dethel (7:10:56 PM): Heal?
(7:11:07 PM): WotA Dethel rolled 1 20-sided die: 18

AussieScum (7:11:08 PM): It's obvious what's wrong here, Doctor ;-)

WotA Jarek (7:11:08 PM): heh. 8 baby

AussieScum (7:11:17 PM): He's a paragon of honesty

WotA Dethel (7:11:17 PM): heal 26

AussieScum (7:11:39 PM): Yeah, it's a break. Clean on though. With a good splint and some minor healing magic, he'll be in much better shap

WotA Erilys (7:11:43 PM): ::still mounted, still warily watching for an ambush::

WotA Axton (7:11:46 PM): you want me to hold him while u cut it off

AussieScum (7:11:56 PM): (( My typing is for crap tonight ))

WotA Dethel (7:12:11 PM): "Your ankle is badly broken. Impressive that you could walk on it at all"

WotA Kano (7:12:12 PM): "Axton, you are *so* not ever going to treat my injuries."

AussieScum (7:12:17 PM): Sirinus blanches again. "Forget the elf, do you have *that* under control?"

WotA Jarek (7:12:32 PM): "Not really, no."

WotA Axton (7:12:43 PM): :-D

WotA Kano (7:12:50 PM): "He hasn't killed any of us yet, either."

AussieScum (7:12:52 PM): "Oh, great", he says, rolling his eyes.

WotA Dethel (7:13:05 PM): "I can splint it, if you'd like"

AussieScum (7:13:16 PM): "If he's going to kill me, save your medication, doc. I'd hate for you to make it better only for your green friend to cut it off...."

WotA Dethel (7:13:19 PM): ((Does he need a CLW or CMW?))

AussieScum (7:13:41 PM): (( Since you only got CLW, a couple of them will do ;-) SRD rules don't exactly cover how healing magic handles breaks :-D ))

WotA Dethel (7:13:47 PM): "We are an odd lot, but your as safe here as any place"

AussieScum (7:14:04 PM): "Don't know that any place is safe in these lands"

WotA Axton (7:14:17 PM): and i only want healthy slaves

WotA Dethel (7:14:25 PM): Spends 2 CLWs...

AussieScum (7:14:29 PM): "If I reach Pine Ridge in one piece, it'll be a Miracle"

WotA Axton (7:14:31 PM): not broken ones

WotA Jarek (7:14:40 PM): "He seems to simpy be travelling in the same direction as us, consistently. Offers to take watch, fights when there's need. Always with an eye our for more 'help', though."

AussieScum (7:14:44 PM): *Looks at Axton* "That's good to know....."

AussieScum (7:15:32 PM): As the power of the Elven elements flows out of your and into the human, color returns to his face.

WotA Kano (7:15:46 PM): ::backs off a few steps, and talks quietly to Jarek::

AussieScum (7:16:00 PM): The bruising around his ankle fades from an angry purple to a gentle orange/yello

AussieScum (7:16:23 PM): Sirinus flexes his foot gently, testing the motion he has, wincing only once.

WotA Dethel (7:17:10 PM): "See how that is"

AussieScum (7:17:13 PM): "Nice job, friend Elf. Still a little tender, but it will make the next few days travel a little easier. Should be able to cover a little more ground too. I really have nothing to offer you in return except for

AussieScum (7:17:27 PM): my thanks, though"

WotA Kano (7:17:27 PM): "Want to ride with us?"

AussieScum (7:17:36 PM): "I don't have a horse....."

WotA Kano (7:17:45 PM): "There's probably room on mine...I don't take up much space.":

WotA Daere (7:17:59 PM): "You can ride mine, I'm sort of busy right now anyway."

AussieScum (7:18:08 PM): He smiles warmly at the offer.

WotA Axton (7:18:12 PM): you can use mine

WotA Axton (7:18:12 PM): ..

WotA Daere (7:18:12 PM): ((Does it look like the trail's headed into town?))

AussieScum (7:18:12 PM): "I really can't thank you enough"

WotA Jarek (7:18:27 PM): "Pine Ridge sounds like it's on our way. If you know the townsfolk and put in a good word for us when we arrive..."

AussieScum (7:18:30 PM): (( Apparently so. It's a few days away yet, from his explanation ))

WotA Erilys (7:18:38 PM): ((sm on him?))

WotA Kano (7:18:42 PM): "Ummm...I just thought of something. Did you see anyone else pass you on this road?"
OnlineHost (7:18:47 PM): WotA Erilys rolled 1 20-sided die: 10

AussieScum (7:18:47 PM): "Can't say I know anyone there, I'm just looking for work"

WotA Erilys (7:18:57 PM): ((18 SM))

AussieScum (7:19:01 PM): "Can't say I did. Just been me for the last few days"

AussieScum (7:19:12 PM): (( he's apparently telling the truth as far as you can tell ))

WotA Kano (7:19:22 PM): ::frowns:: "Oh, well."

WotA Axton (7:19:22 PM): well i am looking for workers

WotA Axton (7:19:36 PM): i mean slaves

WotA Jarek (7:19:36 PM): "Yeah, but you don't pay very well."

WotA Erilys (7:19:43 PM): ((thanks))

WotA Dethel (7:20:14 PM): "Good thought, Kano "

AussieScum (7:20:17 PM): However, the trail still leads this way. Perhaps he's lying. Perhaps he left the road. Perhap he was even in a ditch dealing with his ankle when your quarry went past....

WotA Axton (7:20:17 PM): damn lag

WotA Erilys (7:20:22 PM): ::judiciously:: "Some might think room and board is enough."

AussieScum (7:20:38 PM): (( What an odd way to describe slavery. "Room and board" :-D ))

WotA Axton (7:20:41 PM): i am having lots of trouble keepping up

WotA Axton (7:20:50 PM): with what is happening

WotA Axton (7:21:08 PM): and a little bit of spending money

WotA Kano (7:21:20 PM): ((It's that stinkin' Vister. :-D ))

AussieScum (7:21:31 PM): (( You seem to be keeping up OK, Curtis. The joy of me hand typing it all is that it gives folks a chance to catch up. No copy and paste for this campaign ))

WotA Kano (7:21:50 PM): ((and carpal tunnel for Steve by the time we're 10th level.))

WotA Jarek (7:21:52 PM): "Alright, Sirinus. Why don't you ride the big man's horse? He's more than capable of keeping up on foot."

AussieScum (7:22:11 PM): With your new friend in tow, you trek on.

WotA Daere (7:22:11 PM): ::shrugs and keeps following trail::

WotA Jarek (7:22:18 PM): "Daere? You still got the trail?"

WotA Axton (7:22:18 PM): but i offered my horse first

WotA Kano (7:22:26 PM): ::will be chatty with Sirinus as we go::

WotA Daere (7:22:30 PM): "You still got your halberd?"

AussieScum (7:22:33 PM): He's amiable enough company, and is very grateful for the rest his ankle is getting. Should help the healing process a lot.

WotA Kano (7:22:39 PM): "I think it was your horse he was offering, Ax."

WotA Jarek (7:22:43 PM): (( lots of people typing at once, too, curtis. it's cool. ))

WotA Axton (7:22:53 PM): and it takes about 30 seconds from enter to post

AussieScum (7:22:53 PM): (( It's kinda like talking to yourself.... ;-) ))

WotA Jarek (7:23:02 PM): :: nod to Red at the joke, move out ::

AussieScum (7:23:05 PM): Another day passes......

WotA Kano (7:23:06 PM): ((Which I do anyway))

WotA Axton (7:23:29 PM): ..

AussieScum (7:23:33 PM): (( It passes a little slower, because I need to tuck in a kiddie, back in 5, grab a drink or go do bios or whatever ))

WotA Kano (7:23:44 PM): ((cool))

WotA Kano (7:23:46 PM): ((brb))

WotA Dethel (7:23:52 PM): ((At EOD will cure him again if needed))

WotA Jarek (7:24:53 PM): brb

WotA Erilys (7:27:33 PM): (brb)

WotA Kano (7:28:28 PM): (b)

WotA Jarek (7:28:31 PM): b

AussieScum (7:30:36 PM): b

AussieScum (7:30:41 PM): Anyone not here?

WotA Axton (7:30:58 PM): i not

WotA Kano (7:30:59 PM): (I'm not here. :-) )

AussieScum (7:31:00 PM): If you are not here, gimme a :-!

WotA Axton (7:31:01 PM): now i am

WotA Jarek (7:31:05 PM): MR never b'ed

WotA Kano (7:31:14 PM): :-X

WotA Axton (7:31:42 PM): :-!

WotA Axton (7:32:31 PM): i am now wired... so it should be faster

AussieScum (7:32:37 PM): When MR appears we'll continue. Got a 2-for-1 deal on tuck ins too :-)

WotA Dethel (7:33:12 PM): :-)

WotA Daere (7:33:14 PM): :-!

WotA Dethel (7:33:25 PM): Mine barely made it into bed tonight

WotA Axton (7:33:38 PM): she is tring to get me wired

WotA Erilys (7:34:02 PM): ((b, sorry - was stringing wire for Curtis and had to make sure no one was going to take a header down the stairs))

WotA Dethel (7:34:33 PM): Stringing wire??

WotA Erilys (7:34:59 PM): ((He's normally wireless - strung some CAT-5 cable to connect him wired))

AussieScum (7:35:47 PM): (( At XP award time for this adventure remind me... 100 bonus xp for helping this guy ))

WotA Erilys (7:36:08 PM): ((Oooh!))

WotA Kano (7:36:09 PM): ((See, you would have only gotten 50 for killing him. :-D ))

WotA Jarek (7:36:23 PM): (( woot. how much if we had attacked him? ))

WotA Erilys (7:36:44 PM): ((2000. He's a 16th level wizard ;-) ))

AussieScum (7:36:47 PM): Zippo

WotA Dethel (7:37:02 PM): Cool!

WotA Dethel (7:37:15 PM): I'll only eat a little of him :-D

WotA Kano (7:37:23 PM): ((Just the legs. He can still ride.))

WotA Erilys (7:37:29 PM): ((ewwwwww))

WotA Axton (7:37:31 PM): can i have the rest

WotA Jarek (7:38:01 PM): so... town?

AussieScum (7:38:06 PM): OK, next day

WotA Axton (7:38:10 PM): to town

WotA Dethel (7:38:12 PM): ((Where did this 'eating' thing come from? I thought we elves used other races as fodder to be raised as undead, not dinner?))

WotA Dethel (7:38:20 PM): :yondering:

WotA Kano (7:38:26 PM): ((Sirinus don't know that.))

WotA Jarek (7:38:33 PM): (( rumors be rumors. ))

AussieScum (7:38:37 PM): As you make your way through the rising terrain of the desolate Broken Plains, you come across a grizzly sight.

AussieScum (7:39:03 PM): Just off the trail you are following are the bodies of three humans dressed in simple garb

WotA Axton (7:39:07 PM): by the name of adams

WotA Jarek (7:39:13 PM): (( Broken Plains -- are we in sarakia, then? ))

AussieScum (7:39:24 PM): (( Yep, mentioned that earlier tonight ;-) ))

WotA Daere (7:39:25 PM): ((Poo, there went the Favored Terrain bonus...))

WotA Kano (7:39:44 PM): ((Look, Bones, you can make us some extra fighters! ;-) ))

WotA Jarek (7:39:44 PM): (( sorry - confirming that we Had crossed the border. :) ))

WotA Jarek (7:40:03 PM): Signs of combat?

AussieScum (7:40:05 PM): Scattered near the corpses are a multitude of crushed raspberries that you at first possibly confused with bits of bloody flesh, spilled from a wicker basket

AussieScum (7:40:06 PM): /bt

WotA Dethel (7:40:13 PM): ((Slaves of another sort...))

AussieScum (7:40:15 PM): Combat? No.

AussieScum (7:40:19 PM): This was slaughter

WotA Axton (7:40:25 PM): watch out for an ambush

WotA Erilys (7:40:26 PM): ((small humans?))

WotA Kano (7:40:36 PM): ::looks unhappy as he stays on the edge of the scene::

WotA Erilys (7:40:40 PM): ::watch out for bears ...::

AussieScum (7:40:42 PM): Regular sized humans.

WotA Dethel (7:40:58 PM): ((Any saveable?))

WotA Axton (7:41:00 PM): draw weapon

AussieScum (7:41:02 PM): Heal check from Dethel. Tracking from the tracker

WotA Erilys (7:41:10 PM): "I don't think I want any of those berries .."
(7:41:12 PM): WotA Dethel rolled 1 20-sided die: 15

WotA Jarek (7:41:13 PM): :: dismount. check it out. weapons used? ::

WotA Dethel (7:41:18 PM): Heal 25

WotA Erilys (7:41:50 PM): ::stay mounted, watching for trouble::

WotA Kano (7:42:19 PM): ::glance at Sirinus' reaction to the scene::

AussieScum (7:42:31 PM): These people were killed with mutiple slashes of bladed weapons.

AussieScum (7:42:50 PM): The fruit is fresh, you notice. Meaning you can't be too far behind the attackers
(7:42:55 PM): WotA Daere rolled 1 20-sided die: 13

WotA Erilys (7:43:00 PM): "Think they were killed so they couldn't tell what they saw?"

WotA Daere (7:43:01 PM): 21

WotA Jarek (7:43:09 PM): "Well, they were set upon by armed men. Not too long ago."

WotA Jarek (7:43:16 PM): "Possibly, Eirlys."

WotA Axton (7:43:26 PM): well lets get moving mayb we can catch them

AussieScum (7:43:35 PM): You notice that the tracks divert from the trail over to the site of the kill and then back out. Your quarry went out of their way to stop and kill people who were sitting down for lunch.

WotA Kano (7:43:45 PM): "These are nasty guys."

WotA Jarek (7:43:54 PM): "Still headed down the road, Red?"

WotA Erilys (7:43:59 PM): "What a surprise."

WotA Axton (7:44:02 PM): well i can be nasty also

AussieScum (7:44:05 PM): The tracks continue to head towards the village.

WotA Daere (7:44:09 PM): "Yeah... after their little 'detour'..."

AussieScum (7:44:16 PM): Sirinus pales a moment.....

WotA Erilys (7:44:20 PM): "Let's find them before they find the village ..."

WotA Jarek (7:44:28 PM): "Agreed."

WotA Axton (7:44:44 PM): start moveing down the trail double speed

WotA Axton (7:44:53 PM): that would be 80

AussieScum (7:44:55 PM): "I don't know how I managed to miss this band, but I imagine I'd look like *that* if.... if .... if......". He leans sideways over his horse and throws up on to the ground.

WotA Jarek (7:44:57 PM): (( can we risk a faster pace and only check every so often for the tracks? ))

WotA Daere (7:45:28 PM): ((I would think so... the trail has been pretty obvious so far, yes?))

WotA Erilys (7:45:31 PM): ::nods grimly, and continues down the road::

AussieScum (7:45:35 PM): (( You can try it if you want.... Daere thinks that you are gaining on them though ))

WotA Daere (7:45:47 PM): ((Even outside the forest, I only need to hit a 3 to keep up with a DC 12...))

WotA Jarek (7:46:06 PM): (( gaining is nice. overtaking is better. let's risk it. ))

WotA Daere (7:46:12 PM): ((Agreed))

WotA Erilys (7:46:14 PM): ((agreed))

AussieScum (7:46:19 PM): (( May not be a 12 any more ;-) You went from abandoned cave to a trail between locations... DC's a little higher ))

WotA Daere (7:46:47 PM): ((Fair enough. I still think we'd better hurry...))

WotA Dethel (7:46:56 PM): :still worth the risk...:

WotA Kano (7:46:57 PM): ((no argument here))

WotA Dethel (7:47:20 PM): ((unless you can determine if we'll catch them before the village even at our current pace))

WotA Axton (7:47:50 PM): i am moving on foot at 80 so i will catch them

AussieScum (7:48:16 PM): (( the rest of the group aren't though ;-) ))

WotA Kano (7:48:19 PM): "Axton...don't get too far ahead of us!"

AussieScum (7:48:27 PM): (( although on horses they could probaly keep up ))

AussieScum (7:48:29 PM): Anyway....

AussieScum (7:48:36 PM): You continue down the trail, picking up the pace a little.

AussieScum (7:48:56 PM): The terrain is turning a little hilly at this point.

WotA Jarek (7:48:57 PM): (( heh. yeah. I wasn't suggesting a gallop. O:-)))

WotA Axton (7:49:02 PM): i have my weapon out

AussieScum (7:49:46 PM): Travelling through a shallow valley, you reach the end of it when a growl comes to your ears

WotA Daere (7:50:28 PM): ::nock arrow::

AussieScum (7:50:33 PM): A large scaly creature, bipedal, with sharp teeth jumps in front of you with a hungry roar

AussieScum (7:50:39 PM): Let's do some init and kill this critter

WotA Dethel (7:50:43 PM): ;nock arrow sounds good:
(7:50:44 PM): WotA Daere rolled 1 20-sided die: 8

WotA Jarek (7:50:46 PM): :: dismount, lead horse ::
(7:50:47 PM): WotA Erilys rolled 1 20-sided die: 15
OnlineHost (7:50:48 PM): WotA Axton rolled 1 20-sided die: 12
OnlineHost (7:50:49 PM): WotA Dethel rolled 1 20-sided die: 7
OnlineHost (7:50:50 PM): AussieScum rolled 1 20-sided die: 16

WotA Jarek (7:50:50 PM): (( ack, too slow ))
(7:50:51 PM): WotA Kano rolled 1 20-sided die: 3
OnlineHost (7:50:52 PM): WotA Jarek rolled 1 20-sided die: 1

WotA Dethel (7:50:53 PM): init 11

WotA Erilys (7:50:55 PM): init 18

WotA Daere (7:50:56 PM): Init 11

WotA Axton (7:50:59 PM): init 13

WotA Daere (7:51:01 PM): (+3 mod)

WotA Jarek (7:51:01 PM): very slow - 3 init

WotA Kano (7:51:05 PM): ((init 7.))

AussieScum (7:52:24 PM): Wow, I go first

AussieScum (7:52:36 PM): Erilys on deck

WotA Dethel (7:52:40 PM): swell...

WotA Axton (7:52:55 PM): good because that is the only attack u get

AussieScum (7:52:59 PM): The creature, seeing what looks like a large green snack at the front of the group, moves a step up and swings at the brute

WotA Daere (7:53:03 PM): ((Oh, goody, me in front and all flat-footed...))

AussieScum (7:53:17 PM): (( didn't Axton say he was moving up front-ish? ))

WotA Daere (7:53:18 PM): ((Or, he can eat the Axton snacks, works for me!))

AussieScum (7:53:30 PM): (( I heard a call of "Axton, wait up!" ;-) ))
(7:53:39 PM): AussieScum rolled 1 20-sided die: 1

WotA Daere (7:53:43 PM): ((If he wants to go in front of the tracker and get eaten, be my guest! :-D ))

WotA Kano (7:53:44 PM): ((LOL!))

AussieScum (7:53:45 PM): Hmmm, impressive he's not.

WotA Jarek (7:53:46 PM): (( he certainly was eager... ))

WotA Axton (7:53:47 PM): :-D

AussieScum (7:53:58 PM): Erilys up, Axton on deck

WotA Erilys (7:54:10 PM): ::tumble off, drawing swords, to get behind the critter, and take a single attack::
(7:54:12 PM): WotA Erilys rolled 1 20-sided die: 16

WotA Jarek (7:55:00 PM): (( is this a bottleneck or how wide is it? )0

AussieScum (7:55:10 PM): (( You got maneuverability space ))

WotA Erilys (7:55:25 PM): that'll make it ...
(7:55:25 PM): WotA Erilys rolled 1 20-sided die: 7

WotA Erilys (7:55:25 PM): ((lag ....))

WotA Erilys (7:55:38 PM): hit AC 10 :-P

AussieScum (7:55:43 PM): Um, no?

AussieScum (7:55:51 PM): Axton, then Dethel
(7:56:04 PM): WotA Axton rolled 1 20-sided die: 3

WotA Erilys (7:56:09 PM): Flanking - so 12, but that probably won't either :-)

WotA Axton (7:56:14 PM): ac 10

AussieScum (7:56:14 PM): (( WE ALL SUCK! ))

WotA Axton (7:56:15 PM): no

WotA Kano (7:56:17 PM): ((WE SUCK!))

AussieScum (7:56:21 PM): Dethel, then Daere

WotA Dethel (7:56:37 PM): fire arrow
(7:56:40 PM): WotA Dethel rolled 1 20-sided die: 14

WotA Dethel (7:56:50 PM): AC 21

AussieScum (7:57:03 PM): Firing into melee, take that -4 on that roll? Or you got precise?

WotA Dethel (7:57:05 PM): (or maybe 20)

WotA Dethel (7:57:30 PM): no precise

AussieScum (7:57:40 PM): Whiffage.

AussieScum (7:57:44 PM): Daere then Kano

WotA Daere (7:57:46 PM): I shoot it.
OnlineHost (7:57:48 PM): WotA Daere rolled 1 20-sided die: 17

AussieScum (7:57:59 PM): Then Jarek the Slow Footed after Kano

WotA Daere (7:58:00 PM): 21 misses, you say? 22 with Point Blank?

AussieScum (7:58:21 PM): (( brb, that's gonna miss ))

WotA Jarek (7:58:26 PM): (( 16 missed, Dethel has -4 for melee - you don't ))

WotA Kano (7:58:37 PM): :: Kano gestures, utters a few nonsensical words, and a missile of pure energy lances out towards the scaly beast::

WotA Erilys (7:58:38 PM): ((yikes!))
(7:58:43 PM): WotA Kano rolled 1 4-sided die: 4

WotA Daere (7:58:45 PM): ((22 missed?!?!))

WotA Kano (7:58:58 PM): ((for 5 points. And please, no SR. :-D ))

WotA Erilys (7:59:32 PM): ((I should hope not, because you might be the only one with a good chance of damaging it! :-P ))

AussieScum (7:59:39 PM): (( the AC on this thing (a recommended encounter by the way ) is high. I'll lower it in a round or two if you have trouble with it ;-) Do'nt want you all dead yet ))

WotA Erilys (7:59:51 PM): ((well, maybe Axton, too - don't know about Jarek))

AussieScum (8:00:08 PM): It roars in pain as the shinie hits it.

AussieScum (8:00:10 PM): Jarek

WotA Jarek (8:00:17 PM): :: charge ::
(8:00:19 PM): WotA Jarek rolled 1 20-sided die: 1

AussieScum (8:00:23 PM): *giggle*

WotA Daere (8:00:29 PM): ((Nope, he sucks too! :) ))

WotA Jarek (8:00:32 PM): whatever

AussieScum (8:00:43 PM): The rancor swings at Axton

WotA Daere (8:00:54 PM): ((Daddy Shiny Meat!!))

AussieScum (8:01:04 PM): (( rancor isn't a bad comparison for appearance, really ))
(8:01:13 PM): AussieScum rolled 2 20-sided dice: 9 3

WotA Jarek (8:01:16 PM): (( oh, was going to toss the reins to Sirinus too - "Keep them from bolting!" ))

AussieScum (8:01:19 PM): AC Axton?

WotA Erilys (8:01:28 PM): ((sounds like the daddy rancor, not Nirama's pet!))

WotA Daere (8:01:29 PM): ((Dinky love Squishy Green Daddy!))

WotA Axton (8:01:31 PM): 14
(8:01:38 PM): AussieScum rolled 1 6-sided die: 6

AussieScum (8:01:45 PM): take 10 as you get clawed

AussieScum (8:01:54 PM): Erilys, then Axton

WotA Axton (8:02:05 PM): ouch

WotA Erilys (8:02:18 PM): ::Attack::
(8:02:21 PM): WotA Erilys rolled 2 20-sided dice: 16 11

AussieScum (8:02:24 PM): (( OK, retconning this, I'm gonna let the 22 hit, Leslie, roll me some damage ))

WotA Daere (8:02:31 PM): ((Oh, lord, you guys should have heard August at WF... Chaika majorly got upstaged by the damned rancor, but it WAS pretty funny!))
OnlineHost (8:02:40 PM): WotA Daere rolled 1 8-sided die: 4

WotA Erilys (8:02:41 PM): AC 20, AC 15

WotA Daere (8:02:46 PM): Take your 4 points and like it!

AussieScum (8:02:47 PM): Two misses

WotA Kano (8:03:01 PM): ((Flank with each other, if you aren't already, kids. :-) ))

AussieScum (8:03:02 PM): Axton, then Dethel
(8:03:05 PM): WotA Axton rolled 1 20-sided die: 4

WotA Erilys (8:03:08 PM): (we are!)

WotA Axton (8:03:09 PM): miss

WotA Erilys (8:03:14 PM): ((Axton and me, that is))

AussieScum (8:03:17 PM): The level of suckage with the diebot in this room is astounding
(8:03:19 PM): WotA Axton rolled 15 20-sided dice: 20 10 1 2 11 1 17 17 4 10 8 5 20 2 20

WotA Kano (8:03:30 PM): ((And, of course, now, Curtis squeezes 3 20s out of it.))

WotA Erilys (8:03:34 PM): ((hey, I like that first one!))

WotA Daere (8:03:43 PM): ((probably the last 20s we'll see this evening...))

AussieScum (8:03:52 PM): OK, folks, I'm implementing a new house rule, here and now

WotA Axton (8:03:57 PM): sorry :-(

AussieScum (8:03:58 PM): Stealing something from Eberron

WotA Kano (8:04:05 PM): ((Action points?))

AussieScum (8:04:06 PM): We're going to use Action Points

WotA Daere (8:04:10 PM): ((woohoo!!))

AussieScum (8:04:13 PM): They are like Force Points

WotA Kano (8:04:14 PM): ((use them in my home game))

WotA Axton (8:04:17 PM): what are they

WotA Dethel (8:04:21 PM): know them well

WotA Kano (8:04:25 PM): ((Sort of like mini Force Points))

AussieScum (8:04:34 PM): Mike, I gotta look up the details, if you know em, wanna explain?

WotA Kano (8:04:58 PM): ((You can spend them on a bunch of different things. Most basic use is spend a point, roll 1d6, add it to any d20 roll))

WotA Kano (8:05:24 PM): ((You can also spend them to act like you have a feat you don't have, for 1 round, or to activate a class ability that has a limited number of uses per day))

AussieScum (8:05:27 PM): Spend 3 you get a reroll, yes?

WotA Axton (8:05:31 PM): so how do we get them

WotA Kano (8:05:32 PM): ((Spend 2 for a re-roll))

WotA Kano (8:05:44 PM): ((You get a number of them every time you level; looking that up))

AussieScum (8:05:45 PM): Got a file here I'm checking. Let me see how many you should have

WotA Daere (8:05:59 PM): ((It's 5 or 6 at our level, I think.))

WotA Erilys (8:06:07 PM): ((where are you looking up the rules, so I can refer to it later?))

WotA Kano (8:06:19 PM): ((I'm looking in Unearthed Arcana))

WotA Daere (8:06:21 PM): ((Eberron sourcebook, I'm assuming.))

WotA Kano (8:06:25 PM): ((p. 122))

WotA Kano (8:06:51 PM): ((You start with 5 points.))

WotA Erilys (8:06:52 PM): ((believe it or not, don't have the Eberron sourcebook! Have the UA, though, thanks))

AussieScum (8:06:53 PM): You all have 6 at level 2.

WotA Kano (8:07:02 PM): ((OK, that works for me.))

AussieScum (8:07:08 PM): They are tracked like Force Points. Put em on your sheet.

WotA Axton (8:07:10 PM): thanks

WotA Kano (8:07:15 PM): ((Every time you level, you get 5 + (1/2 your new level) ))

AussieScum (8:07:19 PM): So, if you want to use them here for near misses, they are available :-)

AussieScum (8:07:32 PM): (( Up to a maximum of 6 at level 2 :-) ))

WotA Axton (8:08:01 PM): i had no near misses

WotA Erilys (8:08:01 PM): ((I'll use one for that AC 20 I hit ..))

AussieScum (8:08:12 PM): Roll me that d6
(8:08:13 PM): WotA Erilys rolled 1 6-sided die: 3

AussieScum (8:08:20 PM): You magically hit

WotA Jarek (8:08:27 PM): (( I'd re-roll that charge, but that's back a ways. :) ))

WotA Erilys (8:08:30 PM): OooH!

AussieScum (8:08:51 PM): (( Magic works in funny ways, insight mid fight and all that ;-) ))
(8:08:54 PM): WotA Erilys rolled 2 6-sided dice: 6 2

WotA Erilys (8:09:05 PM): 10 pts dmg!

WotA Kano (8:09:10 PM): ((schweet!))

WotA Daere (8:09:20 PM): ((Best of all, the GM doesn't quiz you on your current mental state when you're rolling these. You can quite gleefully confirm criticals and dance up and down in your chair without concern!))

WotA Kano (8:09:28 PM): ((ROFL))

AussieScum (8:09:30 PM): Dethel is up after all that retconning ;-)

WotA Erilys (8:09:31 PM): ((LOL!!))

WotA Jarek (8:09:45 PM): hehehe

WotA Dethel (8:09:54 PM): will charge beasty with couched long spear...
(8:10:05 PM): WotA Dethel rolled 1 20-sided die: 9

AussieScum (8:10:26 PM): (( Action Point rules uploaded to the yahoogroup ))

WotA Dethel (8:10:28 PM): AC 15

WotA Erilys (8:10:30 PM): ((how can you couch a spear on a charge?))

WotA Dethel (8:10:45 PM): ((dunno, ask Steve))

WotA Erilys (8:10:46 PM): ((will put in house rules in a bit))

AussieScum (8:10:47 PM): (( I'm being generous ;-) ))

WotA Daere (8:10:48 PM): ((Couch is for jousting, set is for resisting a charge.))

AussieScum (8:11:04 PM): You miss

AussieScum (8:11:09 PM): Daere, show me your stuff

WotA Erilys (8:11:12 PM): ((Oh, thanks, right. Was confused))
WotA Jarek
(8:11:12 PM): (( btw - ))
OnlineHost (8:11:13 PM): WotA Daere rolled 1 20-sided die: 12

WotA Dethel (8:11:13 PM): seems to be my lot

WotA Daere (8:11:23 PM): Only a 17... let's have an AP.
OnlineHost (8:11:31 PM): WotA Daere rolled 1 6-sided die: 6

WotA Daere (8:11:36 PM): Better. 23.

AussieScum (8:11:37 PM): Ding!

AussieScum (8:11:39 PM): Hits
(8:11:40 PM): WotA Daere rolled 1 8-sided die: 7

WotA Daere (8:11:51 PM): ::thwip:: 7 pts

AussieScum (8:12:18 PM): Kano , show me your stuff, while the pride of Deverenia gets ready for round 2 in the on deck circle

WotA Kano (8:12:36 PM): ::starts gesturing and casting:: ((won't do anything until next time around))

WotA Jarek (8:12:47 PM): :: leg sweep, trying to knock him prone ::
(8:12:55 PM): WotA Jarek rolled 1 20-sided die: 14

WotA Jarek (8:13:04 PM): 20+ touch attack

AussieScum (8:13:14 PM): That will hit for touch

WotA Kano (8:13:16 PM): ((brb, taking dog out))

WotA Jarek (8:13:19 PM): opposed strength or dex, your choice
(8:13:21 PM): WotA Jarek rolled 1 20-sided die: 16

WotA Jarek (8:13:25 PM): I got 24

AussieScum (8:13:26 PM): Touch AC 12 ;-)
(8:13:32 PM): AussieScum rolled 1 20-sided die: 4

WotA Jarek (8:13:39 PM): free IT swing...

AussieScum (8:13:40 PM): I lose
(8:13:41 PM): WotA Jarek rolled 1 20-sided die: 17
OnlineHost (8:13:45 PM): WotA Jarek rolled 1 10-sided die: 3

WotA Jarek (8:13:51 PM): 10 dmg

AussieScum (8:14:11 PM): (( Is he down then? ))

WotA Jarek (8:14:13 PM): (( snag leg, drag it down, then impale. Big evil grin. ))

AussieScum (8:14:31 PM): (( Move equiv to stand, can still make a single attack, right? ))

WotA Daere (8:14:38 PM): ((provokes, though))

WotA Jarek (8:14:45 PM): (( sure, but it invokes AoOs ))

WotA Kano (8:14:51 PM): ((b))

WotA Daere (8:15:00 PM): ((or can full attack from prone at -4))

AussieScum (8:15:06 PM): he might do that

AussieScum (8:15:13 PM): He has BAB out the wazoo
(8:15:19 PM): AussieScum rolled 3 20-sided dice: 1 2 10

AussieScum (8:15:23 PM): Holy cow.

AussieScum (8:15:26 PM): We suck

AussieScum (8:15:41 PM): Axton, the beast bites in you the kneecap
(8:15:46 PM): AussieScum rolled 1 8-sided die: 4

WotA Dethel (8:15:47 PM): that's OK with us...

WotA Jarek (8:15:49 PM): (( speak for yerself, I rolled 16, 14, 17 :) ))

AussieScum (8:15:50 PM): Take 6

WotA Axton (8:16:06 PM): hey not fair i havent damaged him at all

AussieScum (8:16:10 PM): Erilys, you're up.

WotA Jarek (8:16:14 PM): (( everyone is now +4 to hit the prone guy ))

AussieScum (8:16:17 PM): (( Green's his favorite color ))

WotA Jarek (8:16:36 PM): (( from melee. it's actually harder for Daere. ))

WotA Daere (8:16:40 PM): ((Except for me and Dethel, right?))
OnlineHost (8:16:41 PM): WotA Erilys rolled 2 20-sided dice: 14 1

WotA Daere (8:16:45 PM): ((er, just me now))

AussieScum (8:16:51 PM): (( He has Intelligence of 4. Combat strategy is not this thing's forte ))

WotA Erilys (8:17:01 PM): AC 22
(8:17:11 PM): WotA Erilys rolled 2 6-sided dice: 3 5

WotA Erilys (8:17:16 PM): 10 pts

AussieScum (8:18:01 PM): Axton, better get your swings in, before everyone else kills it
(8:18:16 PM): WotA Axton rolled 1 20-sided die: 9

WotA Axton (8:18:27 PM): ac 22

AussieScum (8:18:31 PM): Hit

WotA Axton (8:18:34 PM): use a fp
(8:18:42 PM): WotA Axton rolled 1 12-sided die: 4

WotA Erilys (8:18:44 PM): (not needed)

WotA Axton (8:18:52 PM): only 11 pts

AussieScum (8:19:00 PM): FYI: What you are fighting
(8:19:01 PM):

AussieScum (8:19:18 PM): Dethel

AussieScum (8:19:32 PM): (( So nice having the Library of Thun available to steal images from ))

WotA Daere (8:19:35 PM): ((yucky!))

WotA Jarek (8:19:44 PM): Barrowgrim!

AussieScum (8:19:50 PM): Cheater!

AussieScum (8:19:51 PM): :-D
(8:19:52 PM): WotA Dethel rolled 1 20-sided die: 20
OnlineHost (8:19:54 PM): WotA Dethel rolled 1 20-sided die: 3
OnlineHost (8:20:00 PM): WotA Dethel rolled 1 8-sided die: 2

WotA Dethel (8:20:08 PM): 6 damage
(8:20:14 PM): (( here's K'evan by the way: ))

AussieScum (8:20:21 PM): Daere
(8:20:23 PM): WotA Daere rolled 1 20-sided die: 15

AussieScum (8:20:24 PM): Then Kano

WotA Daere (8:20:46 PM): Dangnabbit. AP
OnlineHost (8:20:57 PM): WotA Daere rolled 1 6-sided die: 1

WotA Daere (8:21:11 PM): Pfffft. Still only a 20... less 2 is an 18.
AussieScum (8:21:14 PM): (( Oh, and here's the Big "C" : ))

AussieScum (8:21:16 PM): Miss

WotA Kano (8:21:19 PM): ::A snarling, golden-furred badger pops into existance on the other side of the monster from Jarek, and moves in to attack:: ((And, with flank and prone, he might even hit))

AussieScum (8:21:20 PM): Kano , your spell completes

WotA Kano (8:21:34 PM): ::It'll Smite Evil on the first claw::

WotA Jarek (8:21:37 PM): danka
(8:21:39 PM): WotA Kano rolled 3 20-sided dice: 4 9 19

WotA Kano (8:21:46 PM): ((the bite hits))
OnlineHost (8:21:55 PM): WotA Kano rolled 1 3-sided die: 1

WotA Kano (8:21:58 PM): For 1 point.

AussieScum (8:22:05 PM): The badger, in a flurry of gnashing claws and teeth makes the thing wobble.

WotA Kano (8:22:06 PM): And, Kano fires his crossbow, just 'cos.
OnlineHost (8:22:10 PM): WotA Kano rolled 1 20-sided die: 10

WotA Kano (8:22:16 PM): ::and misses wildly::

AussieScum (8:22:28 PM): (( It is at zero. It dies on it's next action, or next hit.... ))

AussieScum (8:22:29 PM): Jarek

WotA Jarek (8:22:39 PM): "By Deverenus, die!" :: overhead chop ::
(8:22:42 PM): WotA Jarek rolled 1 20-sided die: 11
OnlineHost (8:22:45 PM): WotA Jarek rolled 1 10-sided die: 4

WotA Jarek (8:22:48 PM): 11 dmg

WotA Jarek (8:23:00 PM): (( 24 ac ))

AussieScum (8:23:07 PM): With a heave of his mighty halberd, Jarek neatly slices it's melon off.

WotA Kano (8:23:27 PM): "Nice!"

AussieScum (8:23:31 PM): Sirinus comes out from his cowering. "What ... was that?"

WotA Axton (8:23:36 PM): wtg jarek

WotA Jarek (8:24:02 PM): :: look over at Eirlys :: "Get any on ya?" :: grin ::

AussieScum (8:24:03 PM): (( This was a recommended wandering encounter. How level 2's are supposed to hit AC 28, I do not know ))

WotA Kano (8:24:06 PM): ::The snarling badger lays into the body for another 6 seconds, then vanishes with a 'pop'.::

WotA Jarek (8:24:13 PM): 28! sheesh

WotA Daere (8:24:14 PM): "That was... ugly."

WotA Erilys (8:24:18 PM): ((only with 20s :-( ))

WotA Kano (8:24:23 PM): ::to Sirinus:: "I have no idea."

AussieScum (8:24:29 PM): (( He got an AC reduction to 22 after the first round ))

WotA Jarek (8:24:39 PM): (( good call. ))

WotA Erilys (8:24:43 PM): "I hope they didn't summon it to delay us."

WotA Axton (8:25:03 PM): because it worked

WotA Kano (8:25:06 PM): "Might've..."

WotA Erilys (8:25:08 PM): "Unless there's a reason to examine it, shall we move before they hit the village?"

WotA Jarek (8:25:09 PM): :: clap Axton on the shoulder :: "You still good?"

AussieScum (8:25:13 PM): "If who ever 'they' are can summon something like that.... why are you following them?"

WotA Kano (8:25:25 PM): "Because they kidnapped someone."

WotA Axton (8:25:31 PM): i am hurt if that is what u mean

WotA Erilys (8:25:34 PM): "Because they'll do worse to the village, that's why."

WotA Erilys (8:25:36 PM): "That, too."

WotA Daere (8:25:46 PM): "And because they're killing berrypicking villagers."

WotA Jarek (8:25:46 PM): "Let's roll it off the road. Carrion feeders will be coming for something this big."

WotA Dethel (8:25:47 PM): :take a minute or two to check its trail and then move on:

WotA Erilys (8:25:51 PM): "Sorry, Axton - I didn't realize it hit you."

WotA Dethel (8:26:02 PM): "Ax are you hurt?"

WotA Axton (8:26:04 PM): 2 times

WotA Erilys (8:26:12 PM): "Ouch."

WotA Axton (8:26:16 PM): down 16
(8:26:18 PM): WotA Daere rolled 1 20-sided die: 18

WotA Erilys (8:26:28 PM): ::helps Jarek roll it off the road::

WotA Dethel (8:26:32 PM): "May I?"

AussieScum (8:26:40 PM): It's spoor leads back to a lair a little way in the hills. Nothing special there. Some bones. Mostly human/humanoid. Quite a few that look like horse carcasses though ...

WotA Daere (8:26:45 PM): ((Survival of 27 to check trail in immediate vicinity...))

WotA Axton (8:26:47 PM): that would be nice

WotA Jarek (8:26:52 PM): "Daere, any sign that the thing was doing more than attacking its next meal?"

WotA Daere (8:26:53 PM): "Yeccch."

WotA Kano (8:27:00 PM): ((No 3 rolls on Treasure Table A? :-D ))

WotA Daere (8:27:08 PM): "No, I'd say we just looked like lunch."

AussieScum (8:27:12 PM): (( A Barrowgrim's favorite food is horse ;-) ))

WotA Dethel (8:27:16 PM): "By the power of Flesh, Bone, Blood and Spirit be made whole" ::casts CLW::

WotA Jarek (8:27:32 PM): "Right. Well, then... once Dethel is done... let's move on."
(8:27:36 PM): WotA Dethel rolled 1 8-sided die: 1

WotA Dethel (8:27:51 PM): take 3 back
(8:27:55 PM): WotA Dethel rolled 1 8-sided die: 7

WotA Dethel (8:28:04 PM): and 9 more

AussieScum (8:28:14 PM): (( 3 rolls on treasure table A: (1) Horse ribcage (2) Human skull (3) Horse legbone ))

WotA Jarek (8:28:26 PM): :: once the body is moved, to Eirlys :: "Thanks."

WotA Daere (8:28:28 PM): ((Hats for Dinky!!))

WotA Axton (8:28:29 PM): thanks feel alot better. just a little hurt now

AussieScum (8:28:30 PM): (( Happy? :-P ))

WotA Kano (8:28:30 PM): ((Hey, I bet Dethel could make something out of that. :-D ))

WotA Erilys (8:28:56 PM): ::nods:: "You're welcome, Jarek."

AussieScum (8:29:09 PM): OK, another couple of days on the road (making Axton hale and hearty again, and all spells replenished, of course), you approach a small village

WotA Jarek (8:29:11 PM): :: pat Kano on the head :: "Nice little spell. Is that the same badger as last time?"

WotA Kano (8:29:30 PM): "Thanks, Jarek. Yup...I should give him a name."

WotA Axton (8:29:30 PM): i have another hole in me now???

WotA Kano (8:29:47 PM): "Maybe 'Spike'..."

WotA Jarek (8:30:12 PM): "Scratch Fury"

WotA Kano (8:30:20 PM): ((LOL))

AussieScum (8:30:31 PM): The kidnappers trail leads you into a small pine forest. By midday, after a few hours travel through the evergreen woods, you leave the forest and find yourself again in the open, rocky lands of the Broken Plains.

WotA Kano (8:30:32 PM): ((However, he is not capable of licking his own butt))

WotA Jarek (8:31:00 PM): (( kind of a waste of good combat rounds, if he did, no? ))

AussieScum (8:31:05 PM): In the distance, you notice a small group of houses gathered close together. The trail you've been following the last week leads right to it.

WotA Kano (8:31:16 PM): ((Yup, he only sticks around for 12 seconds.))

AussieScum (8:31:34 PM): </bt>

WotA Daere (8:31:45 PM): ((No smoke, flames, screaming villagers?))

AussieScum (8:31:59 PM): Smoke rises lazily from a few houses chimneys.

WotA Jarek (8:32:09 PM): "Sigh. We did not beat them here. They're making good time for having a prisoner."

AussieScum (8:32:10 PM): No other unexpected fires, like you'd expect with a razed village

WotA Daere (8:32:29 PM): "How do you guys want to play this? Me and Eirlys can sneak up and take a peek..."

AussieScum (8:32:30 PM): (( There's no save against BT, Vic ;-) You'll catch them when the story wants you to ;-) ))

WotA Jarek (8:32:44 PM): "Well, Sirinus. Here you are."

WotA Kano (8:32:51 PM): ::nods:: "Maybe drink a couple of those invisibility potions before you go."

AussieScum (8:33:05 PM): "Smaller than I thought. Oh well, maybe they need an apprentice woodcutter."

WotA Erilys (8:33:06 PM): "I'd rather save them, I think ..."

AussieScum (8:33:16 PM): "Looks nice and quiet though. Might be able to make a good life here"

WotA Erilys (8:33:20 PM): "Let's go, Daere ..."

WotA Jarek (8:33:23 PM): "Looks pretty normal, Daere. But if you wish to scout, please do."

AussieScum (8:33:25 PM): "Now that my foot's all better"

WotA Erilys (8:33:38 PM): ::go scouting with Daere::

WotA Axton (8:33:42 PM): get weapon out again

WotA Kano (8:33:44 PM): ::to Sirinus:: "Maybe you should, like, wait until they go make sure the coast is clear."

WotA Kano (8:33:57 PM): ::cast Mage Armor on self::

WotA Axton (8:34:02 PM): watch for an ambush

WotA Kano (8:34:08 PM): ((lasts 2 hours, better to do it now while it's quiet))

WotA Daere (8:34:09 PM): ::sneaks off::

AussieScum (8:34:12 PM): (( You being all sneaky? Or walking up in plain sight like "Hi, we're helpless females who need help" with a bat of the eyelids etc? ;-) ))

WotA Dethel (8:34:14 PM): :nods to Sirinus:

WotA Daere (8:34:26 PM): ((Yeah, not with my Diplomacy check, thank you...))

AussieScum (8:34:34 PM): (( Use your feminine wiles on them :-) ))

WotA Erilys (8:34:44 PM): ((yeah, right. Sneaky it is.))

WotA Daere (8:34:48 PM): ((taking 10 on Hide and MS gets me 18s in both))

WotA Erilys (8:34:55 PM): ((same here))

WotA Jarek (8:34:59 PM): :: the rest of us will approach slowly and openly (since we're already in 'spotted' range), to draw attention ::

WotA Erilys (8:35:19 PM): ((our diplo checks combined can't make one of our hide modifiers :-) ))

WotA Axton (8:35:22 PM): i can be seen for a long way

WotA Jarek (8:35:41 PM): seen? try being downwind. miles.

AussieScum (8:35:43 PM): (( I noted your Charismas the other night while looking who to give the gem to. ;-) ))

WotA Kano (8:35:52 PM): (Yes, but, Axton, in your case, they'll just think the hills are a lot closer today.)

WotA Kano (8:36:04 PM): (( :-* ))

WotA Daere (8:36:09 PM): ((cute but cranky, what can I say?... :-P))

WotA Erilys (8:36:23 PM): ((:-) ))

WotA Axton (8:36:27 PM): :-D

WotA Kano (8:36:28 PM): ((cute AND sociable, here. :-D ))

AussieScum (8:36:33 PM): As you approach, the ladies notice little more than a village, in somewhat of an alarmed state, as another band approaches down the road

WotA Erilys (8:37:00 PM): ((can we intercept?))

AussieScum (8:37:02 PM): You hear things like "Hide!" "If they are like that last lot, what will we do?" "We don't have any weapons to fight off bandits" etc

WotA Jarek (8:37:20 PM): (( I think the 'another band' is Us. :) ))

WotA Erilys (8:37:21 PM): ((Ah, ours, sorry!))

AussieScum (8:37:26 PM): (( I mean the villagers are alarmed at *your* band approaching *them* ))

WotA Erilys (8:37:35 PM): ((right))

AussieScum (8:37:48 PM): So, you get more BT

WotA Axton (8:37:55 PM): thanks

WotA Daere (8:38:01 PM): ((Yeah... I'll go ahead and keep a lookout, but looks harmless enough. Give them the all clear.))

AussieScum (8:38:22 PM): A score of single level wooden buildings with thatched roofs makes up this lonely, tiny thorp.

WotA Jarek (8:38:39 PM): :: be subtle acknowledging the 'all clear'. pick up the pace. Weapons away, look peacable ::

WotA Erilys (8:38:43 PM): ::quietly:: "Daere, let's circle and pick up their trail."

AussieScum (8:38:50 PM): As you head down towards the settlement, you see a few people on the outskirts looking in your direction

WotA Daere (8:38:51 PM): ::nods and does so::

AussieScum (8:39:05 PM): From far away, you soon see them disappear behind the houses.

WotA Erilys (8:39:09 PM): ::moves with Daere, wary for trouble::

AussieScum (8:39:36 PM): Some time later, shortly before you reach the outskirts of the thorp, a young man in an ill-kept chain shirt comes out towards you.

AussieScum (8:39:46 PM): At his side is a short sword in a beaten up leather scabbard.

WotA Kano (8:39:48 PM): ::brightly:: "Hi!"

AussieScum (8:39:56 PM): It's seen better days.

WotA Axton (8:40:01 PM): hi

WotA Kano (8:40:07 PM): "I'm Kano Katzindonas. Is this Pine Ridge?"

AussieScum (8:40:24 PM): The man stops in the middle of the path that makes the main road of the town and looks up over with narrowed brown eyes....

AussieScum (8:40:38 PM): "Who are you and what do you want in Pine Ridge?", he asks.

WotA Dethel (8:40:39 PM): :moves with Kano , hooded:

AussieScum (8:40:48 PM): (( Come on guys, I gotta type this by hand, let me finish! ;-) ))

WotA Kano (8:40:57 PM): ((Sorry, I forget.))

AussieScum (8:41:12 PM): (( Many of your questions were answered there :-D ))

WotA Jarek (8:41:26 PM): "We are hunters, pursuing kidnappers. We seek a group that hold a dwarf hostage. They should have come thru here recently."

WotA Erilys (8:41:27 PM): ((put bt on the front and we'll try to behave :-) ))

WotA Kano (8:41:33 PM): "Well, we're just passing through, though this guy here, I think, might want to stay." ::gestures towards Sirinus::

AussieScum (8:41:34 PM): "Hello, Kano . You may call me Vosko...."

WotA Axton (8:41:46 PM): he did

WotA Kano (8:41:51 PM): "This is Jarek, Axton, Dethel, and Sirinus."

WotA Axton (8:42:02 PM): hi

WotA Erilys (8:42:06 PM): ((oops, you're right :-[))

WotA Kano (8:42:11 PM): "Like Jarek said, we're chasing some guys."

WotA Dethel (8:42:13 PM): "Greetings"

AussieScum (8:42:25 PM): "Well met. We thought for a moment that you might be more like them.... but if you're hunting them....."

WotA Dethel (8:42:30 PM): "Has another group passed thru recently?"

AussieScum (8:42:36 PM): At this another man comes out from behind a nearby barn

WotA Jarek (8:42:40 PM): "They were unkind, I take it?"

AussieScum (8:43:05 PM): "If you're after that lot, we'll tell you all that we can. I am Karotas, the head man"

WotA Jarek (8:43:20 PM): :: nod to him :: "Jarek Arcadis, sir."

WotA Jarek (8:43:40 PM): "And we would appreciate any information or aid."

AussieScum (8:43:50 PM): While Karotas talks to you about the ruffians, Sirinus wanders off talking to Vosko. He thanks you for your aid as he goes off to settle into his new home.....

WotA Jarek (8:44:15 PM): "May the Storm bless your new life, Sirinus. Good luck."

WotA Axton (8:44:31 PM): bye sirinus.. sorry to see you go..... you would have made a great slave

AussieScum (8:44:36 PM): "Someone needs to put thoswe dogs down..... they came through here like a storm.... left yesterday afternoon"

WotA Kano (8:44:41 PM): "Good luck, Sirinus."

WotA Jarek (8:44:59 PM): "like a storm? Did they steal anything or harm anyone?"

AussieScum (8:45:22 PM): "There's six of them in all. Five men, one woman. The woman called herself Borka. She was a cunning, uncouth, savage looking redhead."

AussieScum (8:45:52 PM): "The men were all wearing shiny armor and wore an unfamiliar insignia." He describes it... you guessed it.... Andoveran.

WotA Jarek (8:45:59 PM): "All human? Was there a dwarf with them?"

AussieScum (8:46:38 PM): "They were carrying a short stout prisoner. He was smaller and stockier than I'd expect from a human. Would that be the Dwarf you mention?"

WotA Axton (8:46:52 PM): yes

AussieScum (8:46:56 PM): (( Remember that dwarves have only just reappeared on the surface.... many only know them in legend ))

WotA Jarek (8:46:59 PM): "It would. My apologies, I forgot that not everyone has ever seen one."

WotA Axton (8:47:19 PM): brb

AussieScum (8:47:39 PM): "One of the men, by the way, seemed to hold a higher rank among the rest of them. He also seemed to be on intimate terms with the red headed witch. His name was Avaris"

AussieScum (8:48:20 PM): "When they came through town yesterday, they bullied some folks and stole some food. The men seemed to like doing it, but the woman told them to stop it and hurry up. She seemed to want to move on fast."

WotA Jarek (8:48:43 PM): "How long were they here?"

WotA Axton (8:48:45 PM): b

AussieScum (8:48:53 PM): "Had she not been in such an obvious hurry, things could have been much worse. They were well equipped and seemed to have no fear of shedding blood"

AussieScum (8:49:03 PM): "I would say that they were here no longer than an hour or so"

WotA Dethel (8:49:30 PM): "When yesterday, please?"

WotA Jarek (8:49:40 PM): "Indeed. We buried three on the road that they group had gone out of their way to kill for no good reason."

AussieScum (8:49:41 PM): "The only real injury was Jordana, our herbalist. She tried to tend to the prisoner's wounds but she was hit in the face when she tried"

AussieScum (8:50:13 PM): "The rest of it was all talk and threats, and no one here had the arms to fight them"

WotA Jarek (8:50:26 PM): "Is she all right?"

AussieScum (8:50:36 PM): "They arrived about 2 or 3 hours before sun down. Left about an hour and a half later"

WotA Dethel (8:50:50 PM): "Does she need help?"

AussieScum (8:50:55 PM): "Her pride is bruised more than her body. But she's got a nasty black eye"

WotA Jarek (8:51:13 PM): (( time of day? )0

AussieScum (8:51:21 PM): "It's swollen shut at the moment, but she's been applying a poultice on and off since then"

AussieScum (8:51:31 PM): (( We're a little past noon. 1 pm maybe? ))

WotA Jarek (8:51:46 PM): :: look around for the ladies. can I spot them outside of town? ::

WotA Dethel (8:51:47 PM): "If you'll bring her here, I'll do what I can - if she's willing"

AussieScum (8:52:02 PM): (( That's up to them. Ladies? ))

WotA Dethel (8:52:03 PM): "Otherwise we should move on quickly"

WotA Kano (8:52:12 PM): "Yeah...we're close on their heels."

WotA Jarek (8:52:23 PM): "Did anyone overhear where they are headed? Or at least see?"

WotA Daere (8:52:45 PM): ((We'll pick them up on the far side, where the trail resumes... that's fine. If he can Spot an 18, he might see us before that. :) ))

WotA Erilys (8:52:48 PM): ((if we're done with our circuit, I assume we'll join the rest))

WotA Axton (8:52:52 PM): is there anything else we can do for u

AussieScum (8:52:53 PM): Jordana comes out. Karotas was right. Her left eye is swollen shut and her left cheek is similarly bruised. She wasn't just slapped. She was punched in the face with a mailed fist

WotA Erilys (8:53:00 PM): ((hmmm - cancel that :-P ))

WotA Kano (8:53:09 PM): "Ow, that looks like it really hurts."

WotA Jarek (8:53:22 PM): "Because, honestly Karotas, we haven't yet determined Why they kidnapped the dwarf."

WotA Dethel (8:53:37 PM): "Would you like me to tend to that, Mistress?"

AussieScum (8:53:40 PM): Jordana: "It's quite the ache. It looks better now than it did last night, believe it or not"
(8:53:57 PM): WotA Dethel rolled 1 20-sided die: 10

AussieScum (8:53:59 PM): "Are you a herbalist? I done everything I know how to, but if you have hidden talents....."

WotA Dethel (8:54:02 PM): Heal 18

WotA Dethel (8:54:23 PM): "I am not, but I am skilled in the healing arts"

AussieScum (8:54:35 PM): Karotas: "They left and went that way....." - he points past the village, still continuing in the direction you've been more or less heading for the last week

AussieScum (8:54:56 PM): (( A couple of Cure Minors would fix this up... or a Cure Light would have her right as rain again ))

WotA Dethel (8:55:33 PM): :drop a couple of CMWs as I tend to her:

WotA Jarek (8:55:56 PM): (( you mean, CmW. :) CMW comes next level. ))

AussieScum (8:56:38 PM): As her bruises vanish and her eyes open, she looks at you in astonishment. "You are *very* good, sir. I cannot begin to thank you enough. The pain is gone!". She stands up on tippy toes and kisses Dethel on the cheek.

AussieScum (8:56:44 PM): "Thank you so much!"

WotA Kano (8:57:01 PM): ::grins:: "Lucky you."

WotA Jarek (8:57:05 PM): (( careful, you might kiss a bone spur... ))

AussieScum (8:57:12 PM): (( Why is it that the elves get the girls? ;-) ))

WotA Dethel (8:57:23 PM): :is quite astonished at that!:

WotA Axton (8:57:31 PM): yea and i cant even get 1 slave

WotA Kano (8:57:32 PM): ((Because elves are assumed to be poncy sensitive types.))

WotA Dethel (8:57:40 PM): "You are most welcome"

AussieScum (8:57:47 PM): (( ha! Not in the accordlands they ain't ))

WotA Jarek (8:57:51 PM): (( in this world? naaaaa ))

WotA Kano (8:57:52 PM): ((Well, no shit.))

WotA Kano (8:57:56 PM): (( :-D ))

AussieScum (8:57:59 PM): And on that note, it's midnight

WotA Kano (8:58:06 PM): ((Poncy sensitive lawful evil necromantic types.))

WotA Daere (8:58:08 PM): ((Yes, it is.))

AussieScum (8:58:13 PM): Unless you have any more questions for the townsfolk, it's a good place to break for the night.

WotA Kano (8:58:21 PM): ((Hey, maybe they're putting the romance into necromancy. :-D ))

WotA Daere (8:58:30 PM): ((Yeah, I'm assuming the next thing is a Big Nasty Combat...))

WotA Axton (8:58:32 PM): only 9 here 8-)O:-)

AussieScum (8:58:52 PM): (( I sense much combat in your future ;-) ))

WotA Kano (8:59:07 PM): ((I sense many Action Points being spent.))

WotA Dethel (8:59:10 PM): ((wahoo!))

AussieScum (8:59:13 PM): (( we had a nice RP session tonight, with one random encounter to slake your bloodlust.

WotA Axton (8:59:14 PM): ((i have to continue to remind my self that axton is evil

WotA Daere (8:59:17 PM): So when's the next session?

WotA Erilys (8:59:38 PM): Second week in Oct, I think

WotA Jarek (8:59:45 PM): (( no kidding about the APs... you can get an extra swing, an extra spell... cool shit. didn't see anything about re-rolling, though. ))

AussieScum (8:59:57 PM): Oct 17/18

WotA Kano (9:00:05 PM): ((I think that may be a house rule for our home game with them.))

AussieScum (9:00:08 PM): However, that Wednesday might be bad for me again. Need to check Karate calendar

WotA Erilys (9:00:09 PM): no, third - what he said

WotA Jarek (9:00:26 PM): well, I know the thursday is out, so find out soon.

WotA Daere (9:00:30 PM): OK, that should be fine. I will doublecheck. The month has gotten considerably busier for me since last we looked at scheduling...

WotA Daere (9:00:59 PM): Just so long as it's not the 23-31st.

AussieScum (9:01:06 PM): Oh hell.... November is going to be bad.

AussieScum (9:01:08 PM): Arcanis Online

WotA Kano (9:01:29 PM): ((I'm toasty that same time, Leslie.))

AussieScum (9:01:38 PM): We'll see what we can swing around that. :-)

AussieScum (9:02:18 PM): I'm pretty sure that Oct 18 is week 10 of 10 or Jordan 's special classes

WotA Erilys (9:02:25 PM): Could move the Oct one to the week of the 3rd ...

WotA Erilys (9:02:39 PM): but I think Mike's busy the 10/11th

WotA Daere (9:02:40 PM): Well, I'm getting married that week, so no gaming silliness for me. ;-) There is only so far I can stretch the Brownie Points.

WotA Kano (9:03:00 PM): ((I am, at this point, unavailable the 10th and 11th. Possibly the 9th, too.))

AussieScum (9:03:12 PM): When's the wedding, Leslie?

WotA Erilys (9:03:13 PM): LOL!!! Absolutely, Leslie.

WotA Daere (9:03:19 PM): Oct 27

WotA Erilys (9:03:26 PM): (Our anniversary is the 21st, so I can sympathize.

WotA Kano (9:03:28 PM): Cool

WotA Erilys (9:03:30 PM): )

AussieScum (9:03:33 PM): how's the week of the 3rd for everyone?

WotA Daere (9:03:42 PM): OK, I think.

WotA Erilys (9:03:51 PM): Fine.

WotA Kano (9:04:00 PM): OK here, though I wouldn't want to go too late on that Monday.

WotA Daere (9:04:02 PM): Will doublecheck the electronic calendar at work, I'm not always good at writing that stuff down...

AussieScum (9:04:04 PM): we can always take it up in email :-) I know you East Coasters are about to turn into Pumpkins

WotA Jarek (9:04:25 PM): I'm good most any day.

AussieScum (9:04:31 PM): I do hope you are all enjoying this as much as I am :-)

WotA Kano (9:04:36 PM): (Yup)

WotA Jarek (9:04:44 PM): absolutely

WotA Axton (9:04:45 PM): lots of fun

WotA Kano (9:04:51 PM): (and, Vic used it as a sucker way into getting me to play the card game, too. :-D )

AussieScum (9:04:56 PM): Sirinus was a wandering encounter by the way

AussieScum (9:05:02 PM): I decided to place him there.

WotA Dethel (9:05:04 PM): I'm generally OK for Oct & Nov before Thanksgiving

WotA Daere (9:05:06 PM): Sounds like a plan, then.

AussieScum (9:05:11 PM): He was meant to be a 5 minute diversion. Stop, heal him move on.

AussieScum (9:05:16 PM): You had fun with him :-)

WotA Erilys (9:05:19 PM): LOL!

WotA Axton (9:05:19 PM): ok so when in october?

WotA Daere (9:05:24 PM): Eh, that's what half the game is about! :)

WotA Erilys (9:05:27 PM): You know that never works ...

WotA Dethel (9:05:36 PM): Having fun with all of it

AussieScum (9:05:38 PM): He has 2 lines in the module :-)

WotA Jarek (9:05:42 PM): one paragraph of gm text == twenty minutes later...

AussieScum (9:05:52 PM): Can we plan to T/Th the week of Oct 3?

WotA Daere (9:05:56 PM): Especially with this crew.

WotA Kano (9:05:59 PM): ((brb))

WotA Daere (9:06:16 PM): Yeah, I think so.

WotA Jarek (9:06:22 PM): sure.

AussieScum (9:06:33 PM): Wednesdays are universally bad for me until late October.

WotA Dethel (9:06:41 PM): can do

WotA Erilys (9:06:46 PM): yup

AussieScum (9:06:48 PM): Let's plan on that for now then :-)

WotA Daere (9:06:50 PM): So, can we banter on the road outside the village on the group? :-D

AussieScum (9:07:03 PM): Feel free.

WotA Daere (9:07:16 PM): Exxxxcellent.

AussieScum (9:07:18 PM): I'm not gonna stop you doing that :-)

WotA Daere (9:07:52 PM): Easier when there are obliging four-armed bartenders with bottles of Corellian whiskey, but we shall adapt and overcome!

WotA Erilys (9:08:19 PM): ((:-) Soon, we can post there again ...))

AussieScum (9:08:26 PM): I need to find out when I can sick a Brine Fiend on you guys

WotA Erilys (9:08:34 PM): ((though, Gor won't be around ... Merdeon will, though))

AussieScum (9:08:35 PM): Watch the Deverenian Knight flee in terror

WotA Jarek (9:08:36 PM): ah. briney! run!

AussieScum (9:08:43 PM): There is no more feared a monster in all the Accordlands!

WotA Jarek (9:08:57 PM): my ac of 30 is irrelevant!

WotA Axton (9:09:04 PM): and he still can bounce anyone out of the bar
(9:09:21 PM):

WotA Daere (9:09:49 PM): I think I'd better get going before the Brine Fiend gives me nightmares. ;-) G'night!
WotA Kano (9:09:51 PM): BTW, in case you were wondering about the "lick his butt" comment about the badger:

WotA Kano (9:09:59 PM): ((the cat is named Scratch Fury))

AussieScum (9:10:05 PM): Night Leslie :-)

(9:10:08 PM) WotA Daere has left the room.

WotA Dethel (9:11:47 PM): OK gang, I'm outta here...

WotA Kano (9:11:52 PM): night

WotA Axton (9:12:07 PM): night all

(9:12:15 PM) WotA Axton has left the room.

WotA Dethel (9:12:16 PM): Thanks for the good time
WotA Jarek
(9:12:20 PM): (( updated art for Briney... ))

WotA Dethel (9:12:24 PM): Nite

WotA Jarek (9:12:28 PM): later, Joe. have a good vacation

WotA Erilys (9:13:51 PM): AP question, guys - the rules say "Every time a character advances, he gains a number of action points equal to 5 + 1/2 his new character level. "

WotA Kano (9:13:58 PM): ((Jes, MR?))

WotA Erilys (9:14:31 PM): So, you start with 5, then at second level gain 6, then at third gain 6 more?

WotA Kano (9:14:41 PM): ((Yes.))

AussieScum (9:14:54 PM): The rules I uploaded for Eberron also show a max per level thing.

AussieScum (9:15:05 PM): So like FPs if you're not FS where the cap was 5.....

WotA Erilys (9:15:14 PM): The UA doesn't show one, I don't think.

WotA Kano (9:15:17 PM): ((The Eberron versions cap out, the UA version doesn't, apparently))

WotA Jarek (9:15:27 PM): nope. not in the srd rules.

WotA Kano (9:15:41 PM): ((We use the UA version in our home game, and there's no cap))

WotA Erilys (9:15:43 PM): Since it doesn't seem you can earn them except at levels, I wouldn't worry about capping them.

AussieScum (9:15:50 PM): Ah. Will have to think about that then. Which way to go. We can probably go that way then.

WotA Kano (9:15:55 PM): ((Unless you find that people wind up with a bunch of them.))
WotA Kano (9:16:09 PM): ((If we use them up, or mostly up, each level, then it's probably fine.))

WotA Erilys (9:17:00 PM): Even if we don't, the worst that happens is that one major combat sees the use of a WHOLE bunch. Not the end of the world.

WotA Kano (9:17:44 PM): ((I need to look into using them to emulate metamagic feats. :-D ))

WotA Jarek (9:17:48 PM): yeah - it's gonna be real tempting to swing twice A LOT .

AussieScum (9:17:56 PM): More so at low level

AussieScum (9:18:03 PM): When your attacks suck in general

WotA Jarek (9:18:08 PM): or, once I have PA, Cleave on command.

WotA Kano (9:18:12 PM): ((that's cool))

WotA Kano (9:18:25 PM): ((Remember, there is a rule that you can only use one AP per round.))

WotA Jarek (9:19:23 PM): right.

WotA Jarek (9:22:22 PM): so - we're saying we have 6 AP? minus whatever was spent tonight.

AussieScum (9:22:35 PM): I think that works.

AussieScum (9:22:45 PM): Since we started giving them at 2nd level, 6 works.





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"Warlords of the Accordlands" copyright 2006 Alderac Entertainment Group.