The Ghostwood Treaty

The Temple of the Undying Flame

Log 2006-09-19

 (5:47:10 PM) You have just entered room "steveaccordlands."

AussieScum (6:16:49 PM): Recapping where we last left off....

AussieScum (6:17:01 PM): As I recall, you had gone to chat with the elf in the lockup

AussieScum (6:17:26 PM): He had friends arrive

AussieScum (6:17:35 PM): And you beat them off with pointed sticks

AussieScum (6:17:39 PM): And some spectacular grappling

AussieScum (6:18:03 PM): Somewhere along the line you also found a note

AussieScum (6:18:42 PM): Which, thanks to the Super Secret Decoder Keyring you'd found in your Frosted Flakes earlier, you were able to decode

AussieScum (6:18:49 PM): That about sum it up?

WotA Dethel (6:19:02 PM): If you say so...

WotA Axton (6:19:10 PM): :-)

WotA Daere (6:19:12 PM): Sounds about right... the specific translation escapes me right now.

AussieScum (6:19:27 PM): I'm not typing it again, let me see if I can find it in the log from last time

WotA Kano (6:19:47 PM): ((Basically: the whole world is fooked.))

WotA Jarek (6:20:02 PM): I read the log this afternoon - pretty accurate. The note did reveal that the Elf does know a fair amount.

AussieScum (6:20:04 PM): "Let the first group do the killing - the ambassadors, Kaisen, the Llyran, and anyone who interferes.

WotA Axton (6:20:06 PM): yea... and we have to fix it

AussieScum (6:20:14 PM): You must focus on stealth. Make sure cynarre is safely out of the keep. Keep any fight short. The information he has is too important to compromise.

AussieScum (6:20:19 PM): Once you have him, all teams proceed immediately to the assembly point.

AussieScum (6:20:29 PM): Ghostwood is finished, but the Great Task begins. If you succeed in all, we will reward you beyond your capacity to bear."

AussieScum (6:20:34 PM): It is signed, simply, " -- C"

WotA Axton (6:21:14 PM): then we better get moving times a-wasting

AussieScum (6:21:17 PM): So, let's say you're still in the cell. You've just vanquished the bad guys

WotA Jarek (6:21:23 PM): "So... lop his head off to prevent this C from gaining any further advantage, or try to find out what he knows?"

WotA Kano (6:21:29 PM): ((What is the state of said prisoner?))

AussieScum (6:21:33 PM): What are you going to do now? (And it's got nothing to do with Walt Disney World)

WotA Dethel (6:21:44 PM): ((That's next week :-D))

AussieScum (6:21:46 PM): Tied up, as I recall.

AussieScum (6:21:58 PM): Some of you are hurt too yes?

WotA Dethel (6:22:21 PM): Dethel is OK

WotA Jarek (6:22:24 PM): a touch

WotA Axton (6:22:29 PM): im ok

WotA Kano (6:22:36 PM): "Well...given that this C guy has already sent his steath squad, maybe this spy will be safe locked up in here for a little while. I think we need to talk to the (guy who runs this place)."

WotA Kano (6:22:41 PM): ((I think I'm OK))

WotA Daere (6:23:39 PM): ((oooh, character sheet, character sheet... ))

WotA Kano (6:24:14 PM): ((Though I also think I'm out of useful spells.))

WotA Jarek (6:24:17 PM): (( took 7 - that's more than half at level runawayandhide ;) ))

WotA Jarek (6:24:35 PM): (( Sir Erik, mike ))

WotA Kano (6:24:45 PM): ((Thanks. That's the name!))

WotA Jarek (6:25:04 PM): "Or, maybe HE's coming next."

WotA Dethel (6:25:12 PM): "Do any of you need healing?"

AussieScum (6:25:21 PM): (( Ooooh yeah, let's have Cear come back and play tag with you! ))

WotA Kano (6:25:26 PM): "Maybe....but it seems like he's only sending one squad per job."

WotA Jarek (6:25:28 PM): :: nod affirmative ::

WotA Daere (6:25:41 PM): ((I'm checking... found the char sheet, no idea if I got hit or not... I'll skim back through the log... Sorry!))

WotA Kano (6:25:46 PM): ::points at the big bruises on Jarek:: "Even I can see that one, Bones."

WotA Jarek (6:25:59 PM): "Quite possible - Sir Erik is still alive, having only been attacked once."

AussieScum (6:26:03 PM): (( Not a big deal, I don't think. I seem to recall a lot of me sucking again ))

WotA Jarek (6:26:15 PM): (( me and MR were about it for hits ))

WotA Dethel (6:26:29 PM): :moves to Jarek, says quietly but firmly: "By the power of Flesh, Bone, Blood and Spirit be made whole" ::casts CLW::
(6:26:43 PM): WotA Dethel rolled 1 20-sided die: 6
OnlineHost (6:26:46 PM): WotA Dethel rolled 1 8-sided die: 7

WotA Dethel (6:26:56 PM): 8 back, Jarek

WotA Jarek (6:27:36 PM): "Much better, thanks, Dethel. Perfect, in fact."

WotA Dethel (6:28:14 PM): :nods: "Good"

WotA Jarek (6:28:17 PM): "Now, Cynarre... Any chance you want to tell us where this 'assembly point' is?"

WotA Axton (6:28:25 PM): MR says she is down but dont know how much

WotA Axton (6:28:37 PM): on the phone with her

AussieScum (6:28:39 PM): "Not likely"

WotA Daere (6:28:40 PM): ((Ah, yes... the prisoner formerly known as Asshat. I remember now. :) I got hit in the first fight, but not in this one, so I should be OK.))

WotA Jarek (6:28:42 PM): (( she got four back right at the end last time... ))

WotA Kano (6:29:00 PM): ((Erik's Clerics fixed us after the first fight.))

WotA Axton (6:29:02 PM): ok

WotA Axton (6:29:17 PM): she is still driving

WotA Jarek (6:29:20 PM): :: heft the halberd :: "See, I don't like that answer. And I'm running short on patience."

WotA Axton (6:29:21 PM): lots of trafic

AussieScum (6:29:23 PM): "There is little you could do to me that could even compare to the retribution my Lord will impose upon me should I talk to you"

AussieScum (6:29:37 PM): (( He did mention earlier that his next job was in Deverenia, as I recall, that's about all he had said"

AussieScum (6:30:06 PM): "Strike me down if you will Deverenian. You'll still learn nothing and I do not fear dying in service to my lord"

WotA Axton (6:30:14 PM): but if he doesnt find

AussieScum (6:30:19 PM): "But in the end, your country will be in ruins. I'll die content knowing that"

WotA Jarek (6:30:21 PM): (( Oh, I know. That was about the time I started that readied action. ;) ))

WotA Axton (6:30:28 PM): out where we got the info from it will be ok

AussieScum (6:31:03 PM): (( I like this guy. The prisoner formerly known as Asshat indeed. I don't usually get to play a pompous arsehole.... ))

WotA Dethel (6:31:41 PM): "Anyone have any ideas?"

WotA Jarek (6:31:49 PM): :: smile :: "Ah, pompous to the end. I love that."

WotA Kano (6:32:02 PM): ::hanging off the cell bars:: "So...when you don't show up...what's your buddy Cee Cee gonna do?"

WotA Jarek (6:32:31 PM): :: to Dethel :: "Yeah - gut this fish and then go talk to Sir Erik. Unless we feel the need for his permission to do that?"

AussieScum (6:32:38 PM): "I am sure that retribution will be rained upon your head and that of everyone in this dung hole of a keep"

WotA Axton (6:32:46 PM): if u dont talk we will let it be know that u told us everything we wanted to know

AussieScum (6:33:10 PM): "And who would believe the word of a filthy nothrog ?"

WotA Axton (6:33:15 PM): and all we had to do was ask

WotA Dethel (6:33:17 PM): "Perhaps what we have will be enough for Sir Erik"

AussieScum (6:33:24 PM): He spits in your general direction, Axton.

WotA Axton (6:33:25 PM): slap him

AussieScum (6:33:30 PM): *smack*

AussieScum (6:33:35 PM): Roll me a hit roll ;-)
(6:33:39 PM): WotA Axton rolled 1 20-sided die: 18

WotA Kano (6:33:44 PM): "I dunno...I think that that may be Sir Erik's call, Jarek."

WotA Axton (6:33:52 PM): melay ac 24

WotA Kano (6:33:57 PM): "Not that I'd *mind* if you made him shorter.:"

AussieScum (6:34:06 PM): The ginormous nothrog smacks the elf across the face. His nose breaks and he starts bleeding profusely.

WotA Kano (6:34:09 PM): ::runs his finger across his neck, and smirks::

WotA Kano (6:34:19 PM): "OOoohhh...good one, Green Mountain ."

WotA Axton (6:34:30 PM): thanks

WotA Axton (6:34:38 PM): no one calls me filthy

AussieScum (6:34:44 PM): The elf grins at that and through blood says "For that, I'm going to kill you last"

WotA Jarek (6:34:57 PM): :: sigh :: "Probably, Kano. Alright, Asshat." :: prop him back up :: "We'll be back."

WotA Kano (6:35:02 PM): ::look up at Ax:: "See, you're special, now."

WotA Jarek (6:35:09 PM): (( Hey. I said that last time. No stealing. )

WotA Axton (6:35:26 PM): always wanted to be special

AussieScum (6:35:30 PM): (( Haha. I don't remember yesterday, let alone last month. Been a busy month ))

WotA Dethel (6:35:47 PM): ((I'm with Steve))

AussieScum (6:36:05 PM): (( Sooooo, off to Sir Erik? ))

WotA Kano (6:36:09 PM): ::rattle the cell door, to make sure it's still securely locked::

WotA Dethel (6:36:11 PM): :head to Sir E:

WotA Axton (6:36:24 PM): yes]

WotA Jarek (6:36:29 PM): (( unless there are better ideas )) :: check the restraints and put a gag on Cynarre ::

AussieScum (6:36:43 PM): You make sure that the prisoner is secure, make sure that the battered guards are still breathing (you do, right?).....

WotA Axton (6:36:49 PM): can someone write a note

WotA Kano (6:36:52 PM): ((Probably should.))

WotA Axton (6:36:57 PM): that says thanks for the info

WotA Kano (6:37:10 PM): ::chuckles:: "Not sure it'll do much good, but..."

AussieScum (6:37:14 PM): (( Ha ha... A throggie with a sense of humor ;-) ))

WotA Kano (6:37:31 PM): ::scribbles the note Axton wants. In Nothrog. :-D ::

AussieScum (6:37:47 PM): You leave the cells and head on back to the Central Keep.

WotA Dethel (6:37:50 PM): :moves along:

WotA Axton (6:37:51 PM): oh is that what it looks likd

WotA Daere (6:38:01 PM): ::follows along::

WotA Kano (6:38:05 PM): "Yeah...see, all this time, you thought it was just pretty pictures."

WotA Axton (6:38:07 PM): follow

AussieScum (6:38:11 PM): In keeping with the theme of the day, where nothing has gone smoothly at all....

AussieScum (6:38:27 PM): As you march across the commons from the cells to the keep, you sense a disturbance in the Force.

WotA Kano (6:38:29 PM): ((Who died while we were out of the room this tiem?))

WotA Jarek (6:38:51 PM): (( the elven contingent? ))

AussieScum (6:38:52 PM): Well, maybe it's not the Force, maybe it's the mob that's forming in the area

AussieScum (6:39:24 PM): Tensions have been high ever since the murders

AussieScum (6:39:40 PM): Was it really only 3.5 hours ago?

WotA Kano (6:39:49 PM): ((Feels like a month. :-) ))

AussieScum (6:39:51 PM): Seems like a month ...

AussieScum (6:39:53 PM): ;-)

AussieScum (6:40:34 PM): An Andoveran happens to see an elf, Wynnerik, outside her tent.

WotA Kano (6:40:36 PM): "For the love of...I can't see a dang thing! All you tall folks in the way!!"

WotA Jarek (6:40:59 PM): :: grab Kano , lift him up :: "It's a mob, little one. Not much to see."

WotA Axton (6:41:02 PM): pick kano up on my shoulders

WotA Axton (6:41:06 PM): so he can see

AussieScum (6:41:16 PM): With long rapid strides, janse Stallings crosses the lawn towards the Central Keep.

WotA Axton (6:41:31 PM): ((make a wish jarek)):-D

WotA Kano (6:41:39 PM): ((AAAAAH!))

AussieScum (6:42:01 PM): Then, abruptly, he stops, takes some steps towards the grove then stands, hands on his hips, eyes smouldering

AussieScum (6:42:09 PM): He points towards the grove and shouts

AussieScum (6:42:26 PM): "Don't think I don't know! Don't think I don't know what you did!"

WotA Jarek (6:42:30 PM): (( who? ))

AussieScum (6:42:43 PM): Wynnerik, the object of his ire stands outside the grove

AussieScum (6:42:50 PM): (( She's the now default leader of the elves as I recall ))

AussieScum (6:43:09 PM): A few elves near her step towards Stallings, but she motions for them to hold.

WotA Axton (6:43:11 PM): we did nothing

WotA Jarek (6:43:12 PM): (( SHE? uh, pronoun confusion... ))

AussieScum (6:43:49 PM): "You know nothing. Your entire nation knows nothing."

WotA Daere (6:43:53 PM): ((I'm drawing a blank on who Janse Stallings is, too... an Andoveran, apparently. :) ))

AussieScum (6:44:10 PM): (( Some random guard ;-) ))

WotA Daere (6:44:20 PM): ::looks around for Sir Erik or somebody else authoritative...::

AussieScum (6:44:26 PM): The tone she delivers that last line in is icy and they carry plainly across the lawn

AussieScum (6:44:47 PM): Stallings turns towards the guards in front of the Central Keep

WotA Jarek (6:44:52 PM): (( So, some no-name idjit is insulting the head of the elves? ))

AussieScum (6:45:02 PM): Ya, that's about the size of it

AussieScum (6:45:16 PM): "How long will we let those who murdered our kin live?"

AussieScum (6:45:31 PM): "How long shall we allow them to stand on our ground and insult our honor?"

WotA Kano (6:45:39 PM): ::from on top of Jarek and Axton's shoulders:: "Ummm...they didn't do it."

WotA Kano (6:45:47 PM): ::then, louder:: "THEY DIDN'T DO IT!"

AussieScum (6:45:54 PM): The answer is apparent as the guards by the door nod their heads, step forward and draw their swords

WotA Jarek (6:45:55 PM): :: call to him, confidently :: "You must find them first, human. The elves are not thy enemy."

WotA Kano (6:46:19 PM): "REALLY!!! IT'S ALL BEEN A SET-UP!"

AussieScum (6:46:38 PM): Wynnerik lowers her hands and the Elves be her side move ahead. First they step quickly and then they run. Urged on by Stallings and Wynnerik, the two sides clash on the lawn.

WotA Kano (6:46:42 PM): "Somebody's pulling the strings...playing everybody for suckers!"

WotA Kano (6:46:52 PM): ((sigh...can't Diplomacize BT. :-D ))

WotA Jarek (6:46:54 PM): (( SAVE VS BOXED TEXT ))

WotA Dethel (6:46:54 PM): :make self small and inconsequential:

AussieScum (6:47:03 PM): (( While I'd love to give you even a snowball's chance in hell.... I'm reminded of an LF mod where there was a Riot in place ))

AussieScum (6:47:14 PM): (( However, that aside, roll me some 20's those that yelled
(6:47:21 PM): WotA Kano rolled 1 20-sided die: 14

WotA Jarek (6:47:22 PM): "Forget the fools. We have to speak with Sir Erik."

WotA Kano (6:47:31 PM): ((A 21 on Diplomacy))

WotA Kano (6:47:40 PM): "Yeah, Jarek. We need to get there, like now."

WotA Jarek (6:47:46 PM): (( gm gives no chance... there is no chance... young padawan. ))

AussieScum (6:48:00 PM): (( Oh, Janse Stallings is the commander of the gate house guards. You may have spoken to him right at the start briefly ))
(6:48:01 PM): WotA Jarek rolled 1 20-sided die: 2

WotA Dethel (6:49:08 PM): :Shakes head: I do not understand my people..."

AussieScum (6:49:10 PM): (( I love the GM comments here. Keeping in mind that these are all level 1 & 2 NPC's..... They fight for 20 rounds before being stopped. No way in hell even level 1 and 2's can miss each other for 20 rounds :-D ))

WotA Jarek (6:49:12 PM): (( dip of 6 there. woot ))

WotA Jarek (6:49:46 PM): :: nod to Daere and Erilys :: "I imagine they do, theirs."

WotA Dethel (6:50:05 PM): "Let's go find Sir Erik"

AussieScum (6:50:13 PM): (( OK, here's how I'm gonna walk with this. The humans have never trusted the elves. I'm sure that the only reason that they are even here is that the humans were bitch slapped by the elves and this was a way out

WotA Kano (6:50:16 PM): "Maybe he can get them to stop."

AussieScum (6:50:18 PM): of years of war ))

WotA Axton (6:50:20 PM): to sir erik

WotA Daere (6:50:25 PM): ::shrugs irritably:: "I'm not getting in the middle of that mess..."

AussieScum (6:50:55 PM): (( With that in mind, and the fact that you're a mixed party of humans, elves, Devs and throgs, they humans, already enraged by the murder of their leaders, are unlikely to listen to your group ))

AussieScum (6:51:10 PM): (( You're travelling with an elf, you must be collaborators blah blah blah.... ))

AussieScum (6:51:23 PM): (( Savvy? - and there's my pirate speak for the day ))

WotA Daere (6:51:40 PM): ::looks for clear path around mob to keep::

AussieScum (6:51:59 PM): You manage to bypass the mob and enter the keep, after all, the guards are in a general melee at this point.

WotA Jarek (6:52:01 PM): :: go right thru to the doors ::

WotA Axton (6:52:05 PM): want me to make a clear path

AussieScum (6:52:08 PM): In short order, you are outside Sir Erik's quarters.

AussieScum (6:52:20 PM): "Ah, enter, my friends. Have you anything to report?"

WotA Kano (6:52:23 PM): "I think a path was already cleared, by all the guards going to go kill the elves."

AussieScum (6:52:34 PM): (( He's apparently oblivious to the fight outside at this time ))

WotA Axton (6:52:44 PM): your guards left to fight the elves

WotA Kano (6:52:46 PM): "Oh, lots. But, mostly, there's a war going on in your courtyard. Your guards are trying to finish off the elven delegation."

WotA Dethel (6:52:48 PM): "In addition to the fact that there is a riot outside..."

WotA Kano (6:53:11 PM): "On general principles, it sounded like.:"

AussieScum (6:53:21 PM): "Damnation!" He points to his personal guard. "Go and stop that. Grab anyone else you can find"

AussieScum (6:53:32 PM): The guards snap a salute and run to break up the melee.

AussieScum (6:53:49 PM): He yells after them "And bring me the idiot who started it in chains!"

WotA Kano (6:53:50 PM): ((See? You can stop BT, by sending more BT after it. :-D ))

WotA Kano (6:53:55 PM): "That'd be Janse, by the way."

WotA Axton (6:54:01 PM): ((she will be here soon...... has to make a pit stop and grab her dinner))

WotA Jarek (6:54:14 PM): "Wynnerik didn't help matters."

WotA Kano (6:54:19 PM): "True..."

AussieScum (6:54:22 PM): "That idiot! So much for peace in our lifetime. But we'll deal with that after it's cleaned up"

AussieScum (6:54:33 PM): "So, I assume you have news for me?"

WotA Kano (6:54:46 PM): "Yessir..."

WotA Jarek (6:54:49 PM): "Anyway, m'lord, we thought you should know another group of rogues attempted to free the captive."

WotA Jarek (6:55:03 PM): "We were there, so they failed."

AussieScum (6:55:10 PM): "by attempted, I assume you foiled them?"

AussieScum (6:55:14 PM): "Excellent work!"

AussieScum (6:55:20 PM): "Did you find anything on them?"

WotA Jarek (6:55:32 PM): "But he is apparently of some worth to whomever is behind this.. " :: hand him our translation ::

AussieScum (6:56:03 PM): Sir Erik takes the translation and mulls it over, with a few "Hmmm"s and "Uh-huh"s

AussieScum (6:56:24 PM): After completing the message he sighs

AussieScum (6:56:52 PM): "This does not help me work out who did this, or why. However, it does make it clear that there's more to come"

AussieScum (6:57:02 PM): His eyes lower, and you can tell he is near exhaustion

AussieScum (6:57:27 PM): "We cannot be sure if everyone involved in this atrocity is gone, but I can no longer justify a lockdown."

WotA Kano (6:57:28 PM): "Indeed, sir...and it certainly indicates that Cynarre is not an agent of the elves."

WotA Jarek (6:57:39 PM): "Naturally, Cyranne refused to say more. He's quite comfident in his master's superiority and his own destiny."

AussieScum (6:57:49 PM): "Too much is happening in the world for us to remain locked in our small part of it"

WotA Jarek (6:58:06 PM): "With your permission, I'd like to execute him, to prevent him rejoining this C."

WotA Axton (6:58:09 PM): right your are sir

AussieScum (6:58:12 PM): "I do believe that I'll have to deal with that elf. I don't think leaving him locked up is safe."

WotA Daere (6:58:33 PM): ::grumbles:: "Knew I should've just shot him..."

AussieScum (6:58:46 PM): Sir Erik looks at Jarek and smiles. "How strange that I find myself in like mind to a Deverenian Knight. It's been a strange day, I shouldn't be surprised"

WotA Dethel (6:58:50 PM): "I think a number of us would be willing to ... help, Sir"

AussieScum (6:58:58 PM): "I can have one of my men do it, if you don't want to...."

WotA Axton (6:59:00 PM): i like make a wish better more fun

WotA Jarek (6:59:38 PM): "There was a time when our peoples were quite similar, m'lord. That circumstances bring us to that point again..." :: smile ::

AussieScum (7:00:17 PM): "Well, I thank you for your service in this stressful time. I have some things I'd like to give you in thanks, but we'll get to that in a minute"

AussieScum (7:00:33 PM): "I have no power to command you, now that the lockdown is lifted. But I would offer you advice"

WotA Jarek (7:00:45 PM): "Glady accepted, Sir."

WotA Dethel (7:01:03 PM): "Please..."

AussieScum (7:01:09 PM): "Those who did this are long gone. We do not know why this happened, or who was behind it. But I urge you to find the mastermind behind these assassinations. "

AussieScum (7:01:29 PM): "Our hopes for peace are shattered, but if we do not uncover who did this, all our hopes for any kind of future may be destroyed"

WotA Axton (7:01:36 PM): we can do that sir

WotA Dethel (7:02:11 PM): "IT would seem that they are bent on war..."

WotA Jarek (7:02:55 PM): "There's some angle they're playing. Some gambit of epic proportions."

AussieScum (7:03:06 PM): "A war involving all the nations of the Accordlands, to be certain. Perhaps the whole world"

AussieScum (7:03:47 PM): A guard arrives with your presents

WotA Erilys (7:03:52 PM): ((hi - give me a few to catch up ...))

WotA Jarek (7:04:17 PM): (( btw - for those non-ccg'ers - one of the best spells in the game, Medusan Lords' Gambit. C is a Medusan. I could not resist. :-P))

WotA Dethel (7:04:23 PM): ((Not to worry, we're wrapping up...))

AussieScum (7:04:27 PM): A longsword +1, A longspear +1, a Ring of Jumping, a scroll of See Invisibility and a potion of Cure Moderate Wounds. He throws in a bag of 100 gold coins for good measure

WotA Jarek (7:04:36 PM): (( and news that the riot has ended? ))

AussieScum (7:05:05 PM): Oh news quickly comes that the riot has ended. Stallings is in chains awaiting a chat with Sir Erik. With the news that the lockdown has ended, the elves pack up and leave immediately.

WotA Jarek (7:05:35 PM): :: to self and Kano :: "I wonder how quickly Lady Tremayne will be heading home..."

WotA Axton (7:05:36 PM): i cant use anything but the gold

AussieScum (7:05:36 PM): Fortunately, there were only a couple of fatalities. Everyone was too angry to fight very well.

WotA Jarek (7:05:52 PM): (( and too damn tired! ))

AussieScum (7:06:15 PM): "Well, I wish you well. If there's nothing else, I really need to return to restoring order around here. There's much to be done"

WotA Axton (7:06:34 PM): wish u well sir

WotA Dethel (7:06:38 PM): "Thank you"

WotA Jarek (7:06:51 PM): (( we would like to at least be certain of cynarre's execution, even if we don't do it ourselves, Steve. ))

WotA Daere (7:06:53 PM): ::looks a little dazed at having just been asked to go save the world:: "Uhhh..."

WotA Kano (7:06:53 PM): ::looks at Jarek, and laughs::

WotA Kano (7:07:13 PM): ::bow:: "Thank you, Sir Erik."

WotA Daere (7:07:26 PM): ::manages a bow and follows others out::

WotA Jarek (7:07:42 PM): "Luck to you, Sir. If ever you need aid..." :: tip of the head, head out ::

WotA Axton (7:07:55 PM): follows

AussieScum (7:08:04 PM): About two hours after the departure of the elves, most of the other delegations are packed up and mvoed out

WotA Dethel (7:08:09 PM): :follows, silent:

WotA Kano (7:08:31 PM): ::finds something to eat::

AussieScum (7:08:35 PM): (( I need 5 minutes to read a story ))

WotA Kano (7:08:39 PM): ((NP))

WotA Kano (7:08:57 PM): ((I could use the scroll...can scribe it into my spellbook, even though I can't cast it yet.))

WotA Dethel (7:09:05 PM): ((Shall we level while your gone???:-)))

WotA Daere (7:09:10 PM): "So... uhhh... now what?"

WotA Kano (7:09:20 PM): "Good question."

WotA Jarek (7:09:47 PM): "The prisoner threatened Deverenia. I feel that it may be time to return home."

WotA Daere (7:10:09 PM): "I seem to remember him threatening a lot of people..."

WotA Jarek (7:10:17 PM): "If no one wishes to join me, let's at least share a meal and do something with these spoils."

WotA Daere (7:10:30 PM): "Breakfast. Good plan."

WotA Dethel (7:10:34 PM): "Let's go find some place quiet & have a drink ... or 10"

WotA Axton (7:10:39 PM): i will join you jarek

WotA Dethel (7:11:29 PM): "I've never been to Deverenia."

WotA Kano (7:11:37 PM): "Let's see if those guys are still cooking that thing they claim isn't dog."

WotA Jarek (7:11:59 PM): (( from Cynarre, what Jarek is talking aboot -- I'll be in Deverenia before too much longer. I have a job to do there. My master won't forget me ))

WotA Kano (7:12:01 PM): "I have. It was...interesting."

WotA Axton (7:12:15 PM): all this time and i did not find one slave

WotA Erilys (7:12:40 PM): ((whew. I missed a lot! :-( ))

WotA Kano (7:12:48 PM): "If Cynarre wasn't such a politcally-important asshat, I'd say you could have him as a slave, Ax."

WotA Erilys (7:12:57 PM): "Think we'll really *get* breakfast finally?"

WotA Jarek (7:12:59 PM): :: laugh :: "The elven delegation is on their own now... you could pursue, Axton."

AussieScum (7:13:16 PM): Okie day, back.

AussieScum (7:13:24 PM): Goldilocks and the Three bears are done

WotA Erilys (7:13:26 PM): "What do you want slaves for anyway, Axton?"

WotA Axton (7:13:30 PM): elves make losy slaves

WotA Axton (7:13:50 PM): ((did the 3 bears win this time))

WotA Jarek (7:14:10 PM): (( yeah, cause Bart jammed a chair under the doorhandle ))

WotA Kano (7:14:11 PM): ((They ate her ALL UP. And she was JUST RIGHT. :-D ))

WotA Axton (7:14:16 PM): to do all the work i dont want to do erilys

WotA Erilys (7:14:36 PM): "Oh? What kind of work is that?"

WotA Jarek (7:14:52 PM): "You work? I figured you for a warrior's heart."

WotA Axton (7:15:05 PM): you want to be my slave and find out erilys

WotA Erilys (7:15:07 PM): "Pardon me?"

WotA Kano (7:15:19 PM): "I think that was the point....he wants to fight, and have a slave do all the menial stuff."

WotA Axton (7:15:27 PM): then you will find out what kind of work

WotA Erilys (7:15:29 PM): "no, I want to find out withOUT being your slave"

WotA Kano (7:15:40 PM): ::looks at the two of them:: "Kinky!"

WotA Kano (7:15:43 PM): ::grins::

WotA Jarek (7:15:48 PM): :: to Kano :: "Ah. Squire."

WotA Kano (7:16:08 PM): ::thinks:: "Yeah, something like that."

WotA Erilys (7:16:11 PM): ::glares at Kano , then grins:: "I don't think so, LITTLE one."

WotA Axton (7:16:17 PM): someone has to keep my weapons in shape and sharp

WotA Kano (7:16:48 PM): "Maybe smaller than you, but that doesn't mean the parts don't work." ::big grin::

WotA Axton (7:16:56 PM): and bathe me

WotA Erilys (7:17:01 PM): ::looks at Daere:: "Deverenia sounds good to me ..."

AussieScum (7:17:08 PM): (( Let me know when you're ready to move on, I'll get you the hooks for the next adventure and we can do loots and XPs and things :-) ))

WotA Dethel (7:17:09 PM): :shakes head:

WotA Kano (7:17:10 PM): "Crap, Green Mountain , you'd need three slaves, just for that."

AussieScum (7:17:15 PM): (( No hurry though :-) ))

WotA Daere (7:17:23 PM): ::rolls her eyes:: "Ugh. Can we PLEASE change the subject. At least until AFTER breakfast?"

WotA Axton (7:17:26 PM): ready here

WotA Erilys (7:17:29 PM): "What difference does it make if they work or not, if they don't fit properly?" ::grins::

WotA Kano (7:17:31 PM): "If you're going there, I'll go,too, Jarek."

WotA Jarek (7:17:31 PM): :: waves off :: "Okay, woah, big fella. Enough. We want to be able to eat, okay?"

WotA Axton (7:17:58 PM): well erilys ask

WotA Dethel (7:18:04 PM): :laughs at Erilys remark:

WotA Kano (7:18:06 PM): ::looks at Erilys, with a bit of surprise, and grins again:: "I can't explain...I'd have to show you."

WotA Dethel (7:18:31 PM): :rolls eyes at Kano :

WotA Erilys (7:18:57 PM): ::looks him up and down:: "Hmmmmm .... maybe someday I'll take you up on that. Just to assauge my curiosity."

WotA Erilys (7:19:02 PM): "But, I want breakfast first."

WotA Jarek (7:19:10 PM): :: turn to Daere, trying to ignore the rest :: "Sounds like you're the only one not signed up for a trip?"

WotA Kano (7:19:18 PM): "Well, I don't have all day...I'm not getting any younger."

WotA Erilys (7:19:22 PM): "We've only been trying to get it for a half-day already!"

WotA Kano (7:19:24 PM): ::grins::

WotA Dethel (7:19:57 PM): :starts at Kano 's remark: "Nor am I, Kano "

WotA Daere (7:20:28 PM): ::sighs:: "Well, I suppose I don't have anywhere else to go at the moment... I just hate to be away from home if the war starts up again. We're short enough on troops as it is."

WotA Axton (7:20:32 PM): well i want to break something might as well be my fast

WotA Jarek (7:20:37 PM): (( have we found any place serving anything resembling food? ))

WotA Dethel (7:20:42 PM): "Hopefully that will not always be true"

AussieScum (7:20:53 PM): Food can be arranged. You haven't quite left yet :-)

WotA Jarek (7:21:00 PM): "Stick with me, kid. You'll live longer."

WotA Jarek (7:21:18 PM): (( kid? where'd that come from - supposed to be Red. ))

WotA Erilys (7:21:27 PM): ::To Daere:: "You have a point - though, you know, if we go to do this, maybe the war will end sooner."

WotA Daere (7:21:33 PM): ((Well, kid is pretty accurate, too. :) ))

WotA Daere (7:21:53 PM): "Yeah, I get that... I dunno, it just feels like running."

WotA Kano (7:22:06 PM): "Maybe it's running...or maybe it's chasing the real cause?"

WotA Kano (7:22:10 PM): ::shrugs::

WotA Erilys (7:22:14 PM): ::grimaces:: "Yeah, I know."

WotA Daere (7:22:17 PM): "That, and Deverenia's a big place, right? Where in the hell do we start?"

WotA Dethel (7:22:23 PM): "Likely running into danger"

WotA Dethel (7:22:39 PM): "Food for thought, anyone?"

WotA Erilys (7:22:50 PM): "Hmmm ... anyplace with gossip?"

WotA Axton (7:22:57 PM): i want food for my belly not my thoughts

WotA Daere (7:23:01 PM): "I'd prefer coffee for thought. Lots and lots of coffee."

WotA Jarek (7:23:03 PM): "The capital, I imagine. Though I wonder where else this C and his allies have struck."

WotA Jarek (7:24:12 PM): "And I know some people we can travel with, at least part of the way. Safer."

WotA Kano (7:24:24 PM): :: Kano starts laughing::

WotA Erilys (7:24:29 PM): "Oh?"

WotA Kano (7:24:32 PM): "Yeah....*safer*...that's why...."

AussieScum (7:24:34 PM): (( You want to do food here? Or find a place on the road? ))

WotA Jarek (7:24:42 PM): (( here is good ))

WotA Axton (7:24:47 PM): here is fine with me

WotA Daere (7:24:49 PM): ((Food now! :) ))

WotA Dethel (7:24:52 PM): Here!

WotA Erilys (7:25:00 PM): "That's why what?"

WotA Daere (7:25:17 PM): ((I'll have the XP omelette, please, with a side of Level Up? :-P))

WotA Kano (7:25:23 PM): ::looks innocent:: "Did I say that out loud?"

WotA Axton (7:25:38 PM): 8-)

AussieScum (7:25:44 PM): (( OK, we'll do XP now, and when you're done with eating and RP we'll do the plot hook BT ))

AussieScum (7:25:46 PM): XP: 1000

WotA Erilys (7:25:56 PM): ((yay!))

WotA Daere (7:25:58 PM): ((Woooooot!)

WotA Kano (7:26:02 PM): ((Woot! 50% less squishy!!))

WotA Dethel (7:26:12 PM): Yee hah!

WotA Jarek (7:26:14 PM): "It's a good reason for everyone else, Kano . Her Ladyship will be pleased to see us again, as well, I'm sure."

WotA Kano (7:26:35 PM): ::just keeps chuckling::

WotA Dethel (7:26:39 PM): I'm taking a level in Bard!!

WotA Axton (7:26:44 PM): any one want to have a race

WotA Dethel (7:26:55 PM): Only kidding :-D

WotA Kano (7:26:58 PM): ((I have a race. Nimbic. :-D ))

WotA Dethel (7:27:25 PM): how many HP at 2nd?

WotA Axton (7:27:40 PM): foot race kano ... either straight or climbing

WotA Jarek (7:27:50 PM): (( d3 + 5 for clerics ))

WotA Kano (7:28:00 PM): ((I think I lose. To all of you.))

AussieScum (7:28:05 PM): Stole HP method from Vic, he knows :-)

WotA Daere (7:28:14 PM): ((For Scouts?))

WotA Dethel (7:28:22 PM): thanks Vic
(7:28:25 PM): WotA Dethel rolled 1 3-sided die: 1

WotA Axton (7:28:27 PM): so we have a theif for a DM

WotA Erilys (7:28:32 PM): ::eyebrows rise:: "Her Ladyship? I think I begin to see ....."
(7:28:36 PM): WotA Dethel rolled 1 3-sided die: 2

AussieScum (7:28:38 PM): I will steal all your XP ;-)

WotA Axton (7:28:39 PM): thief that is
WotA Kano
(7:28:43 PM):

WotA Kano (7:28:49 PM): ((that has the HP rules))

WotA Daere (7:29:03 PM): ((thx))

WotA Axton (7:29:04 PM): please dont.... they r all i have in this world
(7:29:11 PM): WotA Daere rolled 1 3-sided die: 2
OnlineHost (7:29:48 PM): WotA Jarek rolled 10 4-sided dice: 2 4 3 3 4 2 2 3 1 1
OnlineHost (7:29:52 PM): WotA Jarek rolled 1 4-sided die: 4

WotA Jarek (7:30:03 PM): max hp, woot

WotA Jarek (7:32:21 PM): "Lady Elanour Tremayne, Erilys. I noblewoman with some influence back home. Kano and I were invaluable in keeping her safe on the journey here. It's why we were here at all, honestly. There is nothing 'catty' going on."

WotA Axton (7:32:24 PM): .

AussieScum (7:32:31 PM): (( OK, I'll let you guys continue to eat and level and split loot. I'm going to tuck a child in, let me know when you're ready to continue. You make my job easy when you get into the RP like this :-) ))

WotA Dethel (7:32:51 PM): I'm good to go

WotA Kano (7:32:54 PM): ((Does someone have a master list o' booty? :-D ))

WotA Jarek (7:33:15 PM): there's loot on the webpage, and then just above.

WotA Axton (7:33:17 PM): not i it is above in the chat room

WotA Erilys (7:33:22 PM): Yup

WotA Erilys (7:33:32 PM): Where he said :-)
WotA Jarek
(7:33:34 PM): _Loot

WotA Dethel (7:33:51 PM): Do we get a feat at 2nd?

WotA Kano (7:34:03 PM): ((nope, 3rd))

WotA Axton (7:34:04 PM): i dont

WotA Dethel (7:34:16 PM): (then 5th?)

WotA Jarek (7:34:32 PM): (( well, I get one, but I'm a big dumb fighter. :) ))

WotA Kano (7:34:35 PM): ((Only thing in all the loot I really want dibs on is the See Invis scroll. Which I don't think any of the rest of you could use, anyway. :-) ))

WotA Erilys (7:34:37 PM): ::Smiles at Jarek:: "It's so easy to assume, with Kano giggling."

WotA Kano (7:34:47 PM): ((Yes, the level-based feats are at 3rd, 5th, 7th, etc.))

WotA Kano (7:35:01 PM): ((as opposed to the stock rules (3rd, 6th, 9th, etc.)))

WotA Axton (7:35:05 PM): only thing i can use is part of the GP's

WotA Kano (7:35:09 PM): :;snort!::

WotA Axton (7:35:20 PM): dont use magic

WotA Kano (7:35:23 PM): ::holds up three fingers, and falls off his chair, laughing::

WotA Jarek (7:35:34 PM): :: smile back, unruffled :: "Understandable. But you get used to that." :: kick him under the table ::

WotA Kano (7:35:38 PM): "OW!"

WotA Kano (7:36:10 PM): ::sits back up, looking properly chastised::

WotA Daere (7:36:21 PM): ((I'll take a potion of invisibility or two, those are always nice... otherwise, I don't think I need any of that stuff. Would like to get some better arrows if possible, though...))

WotA Axton (7:36:25 PM): continues to eat

WotA Dethel (7:36:39 PM): ((ring of protection sounds good))

WotA Kano (7:36:44 PM): ((Mayhaps we can sell some of the leftovers...won't amount to much, but still))

WotA Erilys (7:36:45 PM): "Why not, Axton?"

WotA Axton (7:37:01 PM): i just dont.

WotA Kano (7:37:09 PM): "Bet you'd use a magic axe."

WotA Axton (7:37:11 PM): ((curtis does not remember why))

WotA Erilys (7:37:15 PM): ::to Jarek:: "I suppose one would need to."

WotA Axton (7:37:41 PM): no i would not.

WotA Erilys (7:37:46 PM): ((cause you're a barabarian and some of your class goodies go away if you use magic))

WotA Jarek (7:37:52 PM): (( Jarek already took one ring of protection. )) "I carry a longsword as backup. And am a proficient rider. So either the spear or the sword would go to good use."

WotA Kano (7:37:58 PM): "Really. Ooooookay."]

WotA Jarek (7:38:10 PM): (( I thought it was magic arms and armor. potions okay? ))

WotA Dethel (7:38:19 PM): "Perhaps everyone should take a couple of the potions."

WotA Erilys (7:38:21 PM): "I don't know that I'd try selling anything here - we might fetch a good price for it elsewhere."

WotA Erilys (7:38:31 PM): ((potions ok, I think))

WotA Axton (7:39:00 PM): will wait for DM comment

WotA Kano (7:39:09 PM): ((Is that right? 16 potions of invisibility??))

WotA Dethel (7:39:15 PM): yup

WotA Erilys (7:39:18 PM): ((yup))

WotA Erilys (7:39:24 PM): ((looking, Axton))

WotA Jarek (7:39:28 PM): (( Dm has read as much of the book as you have, Curtis. he'll say - look it up. :-D))

AussieScum (7:39:45 PM): Back, DM comment: Barbarians in Accordlands don't use magic.

WotA Kano (7:39:47 PM): ((Then, heck yeah, everybody take 2, and the Sneak Twins each take 2 more.))

WotA Jarek (7:39:57 PM): :: nod to both Dethel and Erilys's comments ::

WotA Axton (7:40:04 PM): only have 1 copy.. and it belongs to MR

WotA Erilys (7:40:09 PM): ((magical weapon, armor, shield))

WotA Erilys (7:40:16 PM): ((all else seems to be ok))

AussieScum (7:40:32 PM): Ah, memory is faulty

AussieScum (7:40:37 PM): I can live with potioins then

WotA Erilys (7:40:40 PM): ((barbarian rules-wise, that is))

WotA Axton (7:40:42 PM): that is what i thought steve

AussieScum (7:41:33 PM): (( OK, while you're thinking about loot, let me BT you ))

WotA Erilys (7:42:08 PM): ((they do have a general distrust of magic, but are not prohibited except for what I noted above))

AussieScum (7:42:10 PM): As you depart, a dozen knights on horse back ride toward you, their Andoveran standard flapping wildly

WotA Kano (7:42:16 PM): ((So, then, as far as "permanent" magic items...2 +1 daggers, 2 +1 rings, +1 longsword, +1 longspear.))

WotA Jarek (7:42:18 PM): :: toss the potion of CMW to the cleric, put the Ring of Jumping out in front of everybody :: "takers?"

WotA Kano (7:42:38 PM): "Looks pretty...but I think it'd be a waste on me."

WotA Daere (7:42:44 PM): ::shrugs:: "I'll take it if no one else wants it..."

WotA Jarek (7:42:52 PM): :: offer the other ring of protection to Erilys :: "For close-quarters fighting"

WotA Daere (7:42:54 PM): ((I have ranks in it, am I the only one?))

WotA Kano (7:42:55 PM): ((and the Ring of Jumping. Duh))

WotA Jarek (7:43:11 PM): (( have ranks. and big strength ))

AussieScum (7:43:52 PM): Sir Erik, himself about to leave says "Those are Sir Robert's men, but we did not send word until a short time ago. How could he have heard of the deaths so quickly?"

WotA Erilys (7:43:58 PM): ::nods:: "I wouldn't object, if no one else minds."

WotA Axton (7:44:17 PM): i dont mind

WotA Jarek (7:44:41 PM): :: offer the daggers to Daere :: "For throwing, perhaps. Until they can be sold."

WotA Daere (7:44:50 PM): "Sure. Thanks."

AussieScum (7:44:51 PM): As the riders draw to a halt a few yards away, their ranks part, allowing a woman in fine white silk to dismount.

AussieScum (7:45:54 PM): Sir Erik steps forward and they briefly exchange words

WotA Erilys (7:46:29 PM): ((anyone else interested in the longspear or longsword? Or shall we give 'em to Jarek?))

WotA Dethel (7:46:41 PM): "Jarek, I don't need the potion, but would like the ring, as I said"

WotA Axton (7:46:44 PM): jarek can have them

WotA Jarek (7:46:47 PM): (( leaving.... yeah, those two. plus the ring-o-jumping ))

AussieScum (7:47:02 PM): He bows his head and then beckons you.

WotA Erilys (7:47:04 PM): "Which ring?"

WotA Daere (7:47:04 PM): ((I can use the sword, but he'd probably make better use of it than me.))

WotA Jarek (7:47:15 PM): "The potion needs to be carried by someone. Seems only fitting."

WotA Axton (7:47:19 PM): move over to sir

WotA Kano (7:47:32 PM): ::head towards Sir Erik::

WotA Erilys (7:47:41 PM): ::head over::

WotA Dethel (7:47:45 PM): "Actually someone other than I should carry it, in case I can not reach them..."

WotA Kano (7:47:50 PM): ((Dethel wanted the RoP))

WotA Daere (7:47:52 PM): ::follow:: "I have a baaaaad feeling about this..."

WotA Kano (7:47:54 PM): ((well, one of them.))

AussieScum (7:47:55 PM): "Friends, this is Her Grace the Duchess Cassnadra, wife of Sir Robert, Duke of Andover . He ....." Erik frowns a moment and closes his eyes before continuing.

WotA Dethel (7:47:59 PM): :follow:

WotA Jarek (7:48:13 PM): "And I feel that the ring is better suited for someone frequently in close combat. Like Erilys and myself."

WotA Jarek (7:48:19 PM): (( of course, go ))

WotA Erilys (7:48:20 PM): ::breath catches as she waits::

WotA Axton (7:48:35 PM): that is fine with me jarek

AussieScum (7:48:46 PM): "He is now acting regent after King Michael's passing. The king of Andover -- indeed many great men and women of all the lands -- has been assassinated."

WotA Kano (7:49:04 PM): "Whoa."

WotA Erilys (7:49:05 PM): ::eyes widen::

WotA Jarek (7:49:08 PM): :: quietly :: "So. It was not just here."

AussieScum (7:49:18 PM): Duchess Cassandra speaks now.

AussieScum (7:49:30 PM): "Yes, my husband's cousin is gone, and he shall be missed"

AussieScum (7:49:48 PM): "We cannot, however, afford the luxury of mourning without taking action".

WotA Axton (7:49:54 PM): who is next in line for the throne

AussieScum (7:50:03 PM): "Whatever gains Ambassador Caolwarder made have been lost"

AussieScum (7:50:33 PM): "And I wager that whatever forces High Queen Tepheroth has are marshalling to press the attack anew"

AussieScum (7:51:21 PM): " Andover 's remaining forces, noble heroes such as your Sir Erik here, must prepare to face them. We can spare no one to investigate these attacks, but Sir Erik has recommended you to me"

WotA Erilys (7:51:46 PM): ((refresh your web page - there are names by the items now.))

AussieScum (7:51:48 PM): "The assassins that escaped will surely tell their masters of you, and I darn'et hope that your actions will not have consequences"

AussieScum (7:52:13 PM): "Please, friends, in the hour of Andover 's need, I beg you to find the men who committed these atrocities"

AussieScum (7:52:16 PM): </bt?

WotA Erilys (7:53:12 PM): ::nods:: "Of course, my lady"

WotA Kano (7:53:13 PM): ::waits to see what the others' reactions are::

WotA Jarek (7:53:49 PM): :: kind of nod along... since this was our plan, to an extent. ::

WotA Dethel (7:54:00 PM): "a reasonable course of action":nods agreement:

WotA Kano (7:54:07 PM): "I'm in."

WotA Daere (7:54:14 PM): "Yes, ma'am."

AussieScum (7:54:16 PM): She nods before continuing

AussieScum (7:54:30 PM): "Then, before you go, allow me to give you a gift"

AussieScum (7:54:42 PM): She takes off her necklace.

WotA Jarek (7:54:52 PM): :: muttering :: "Damn. I was hoping for some good intel."

AussieScum (7:55:11 PM): Its setting holds a stone nearly te size of a human eye bearing odd looping engravings.

WotA Dethel (7:55:28 PM): :quietly:"That is intel..."

WotA Kano (7:55:30 PM): ::whistles:: "Nice."

AussieScum (7:56:01 PM): She offers it to Kano

WotA Kano (7:56:13 PM): ::his eyes widen:: "Ummm...for me?"

WotA Kano (7:56:19 PM): ::bows::

WotA Kano (7:56:25 PM): ::and extends his hands::

WotA Erilys (7:56:26 PM): ((Curtis is lost out of the room - working to come back))

AussieScum (7:57:03 PM): As she does, she says, "This gem bears only a simple enchantment, but is no simple treasure. In your darkest days, hold the stone tight, and it will remind you of why you fight"

AussieScum (7:57:13 PM): "Know that whatever else may come, you were heroes here today"

AussieScum (7:57:21 PM): With that done she turns to Axton

WotA Kano (7:57:26 PM): ::smiles:: "Thank you, your grace."

WotA Kano (7:57:31 PM): ::and he puts it on::

AussieScum (7:57:34 PM): "I am sorry, I did not mean to ignore your earlier question"

AussieScum (7:58:02 PM): "The succession is a little murky at the moment until we work out who is dead and who lives, but I would not be surprised if Robert takes the throne"

WotA Jarek (7:58:45 PM): (( heh. I would. :) ))

WotA Erilys (8:00:05 PM): ((brb - need to help Curtis' system))

AussieScum (8:00:42 PM): Then there's more BT towards Kano

AussieScum (8:00:47 PM): As he implodes

WotA Kano (8:01:08 PM): ((KABOOOM!))

WotA Daere (8:01:12 PM): ((hate it when that happens...))

AussieScum (8:01:28 PM): As you clutch the stone a light bursts up from your hands, focusing into an image: that of an Elven man - yes, that one who attacked you in the study -

AussieScum (8:01:57 PM): with coal black skin and white hair, sharpening double sided daggers like the ones the assassins wielded earlier today.

WotA Kano (8:02:05 PM): "AAAAIIII!"

AussieScum (8:02:09 PM): Behind him, several other figures stand in shadow.

AussieScum (8:02:27 PM): As the man raises his weapons, so too do the shadows behind him.

AussieScum (8:02:37 PM): The image wavers.... and vanishes

WotA Kano (8:02:47 PM): "Did you....did you all see that??"

WotA Jarek (8:03:36 PM): "We did."

WotA Daere (8:05:16 PM): (test)

AussieScum (8:05:24 PM): (( I'm here.... ))

AussieScum (8:05:29 PM): (( But my part is done for the moemnt :-) ))

WotA Erilys (8:05:40 PM): ((he's rebooting))\

WotA Jarek (8:05:41 PM): (( did we see any kind of background? ))

WotA Daere (8:05:45 PM): "That was creepy."

WotA Erilys (8:06:23 PM): ::looks suspiciously at the stone:: "And that's supposed to be a *good* thing?"

WotA Dethel (8:06:32 PM): "My Lady, how can we use this devise to your ends?"

AussieScum (8:07:30 PM): "There are no ends"

AussieScum (8:07:54 PM): "I just said it will remind you why you fight. The image in that gem is the reason this is going on"

WotA Kano (8:08:19 PM): ::shudders, and nods, as he dons the necklace::

WotA Dethel (8:08:42 PM): "I am sorry, I had thought it might help us find him..."

WotA Daere (8:09:32 PM): ((or perhaps help us call in an artillery strike on him...))

WotA Kano (8:10:00 PM): "Your Grace, Sir you know who that guy is?"

AussieScum (8:10:10 PM): "Based upon your actions, I'm sure he'll find you eventually"

WotA Kano (8:10:24 PM): "He found us once already...and that was no fun."

AussieScum (8:10:57 PM): "His face is unknown to me. I have never seen him before. But I judge you have met him then?"

WotA Dethel (8:11:10 PM): "We have"

WotA Erilys (8:11:12 PM): "Unfortunately."

WotA Jarek (8:11:26 PM): "Indeed. He confronted us in the keep. To give us a 'warning.'"

AussieScum (8:12:10 PM): "One you didn't heed, apparently"

AussieScum (8:12:38 PM): "Were I to place a wager, I'd guess that he won't take kindly to you being a thorn in his side."

WotA Erilys (8:13:12 PM): ::laughs:: "Not many people do. Including the elves in Llyr."

WotA Jarek (8:13:21 PM): "I do not have a problem with that."

WotA Kano (8:13:22 PM): "Yeah, well...the alternative is to just sit back and let him do his thing."

WotA Kano (8:13:38 PM): "Which seems to entail killing most everybody anyway."

WotA Kano (8:13:58 PM): "So...why not? I mean, who wants to live forever, anyway? Well, other than you, Bones." ::grins::

(8:14:23 PM) WotA Axton has left the room.

WotA Dethel (8:14:36 PM): "Not a matter for joking, but true"

AussieScum (8:15:24 PM): "I wish you good fortune on your hunt then. I believe you are going to need it"

WotA Erilys (8:15:31 PM): "Thank you."

WotA Daere (8:15:58 PM): ::nods::

WotA Jarek (8:16:01 PM): "Thank you, m'lady. If I may, have you heard from other lands? Is it only the Free Kingdoms beset by these assassins?"

AussieScum (8:16:31 PM): "Word is that all lands have been affected. Nationality has been irrelevant"

WotA Kano (8:16:56 PM): ((Bastidges! Farging iceholes!))

WotA Jarek (8:17:01 PM): :: pause :: "The Emperor? Sir Rhawn? Any news of Deverenia?"

WotA Kano (8:18:24 PM): ((I fear Axton has passed beyond...))

AussieScum (8:18:26 PM): "Both live, as far as I am aware"

WotA Erilys (8:18:41 PM): ((still booting :-( ))

WotA Jarek (8:18:45 PM): :: stifle an audible sigh ::

WotA Kano (8:19:07 PM): ((What the hell is he booting up? A Cray?))

WotA Erilys (8:19:21 PM): ((no, sounds like a problem - brb again))

WotA Dethel (8:21:19 PM): ((While we're waiting on that))

WotA Jarek (8:21:41 PM): (( uh, not sure what more to say here... )) "I appreciate the information. My companions and I will do what we can to combat this new evil."

WotA Daere (8:21:42 PM): ((Which way are we going? On to Deverenia, or to... what, Corinth ?))

WotA Jarek (8:22:11 PM): :: bow to her, assuming we're parting with them ::

WotA Kano (8:22:42 PM): ::bow:: "Thanks for the necklace, your grace."

AussieScum (8:22:53 PM): "Travel safe, my friends"

WotA Erilys (8:23:10 PM): ((back, and Curtis should be back shortly))

WotA Jarek (8:23:32 PM): (( I haven't heard anything that points me anywhere else, but our original choice of Deverenia. *shrug* ))

WotA Erilys (8:24:20 PM): ((agreed))

WotA Dethel (8:24:33 PM): "Jarek, I can agree that those of you taking the fight to our enemies should be best protected, by the same token weapons effective from a distance should go to those us who don't"

WotA Daere (8:24:43 PM): ((Shiny. Straight through the woods, following the river, going all the way up the coast and then over?...))

AussieScum (8:24:56 PM): (( Deverenia is a good place to think about heading. And you'll have another option presented to you shortly ;-) ))

WotA Erilys (8:25:36 PM): ((Steve - how do you want to handle the sale of mundane stuff? Want us to do it on camara? Off camera?))

WotA Jarek (8:25:45 PM): "Such as, Dethel? If you're good with the dagger or the spear, just say so."

AussieScum (8:25:56 PM): (( Off camera is fine ))

WotA Dethel (8:26:16 PM): "And, as I have said, I can heal myself at need, but mostof you can not. It makes most sense for one of you warriors to take the potion"

WotA Erilys (8:26:18 PM): ((half price? full price? ;-) ))

WotA Kano (8:26:19 PM): ((brb))

WotA Erilys (8:26:28 PM): ((brb again))

WotA Dethel (8:26:35 PM): "The spear would be my preference."

AussieScum (8:26:49 PM): What do you think? ;-)

WotA Dethel (8:26:55 PM): "The dagger is much to close":grins just a bit:

WotA Daere (8:27:24 PM): "That's why you throw them..."

WotA Daere (8:27:26 PM): :)

WotA Daere (8:28:01 PM): "Right. So. Thatta way, huh?"

WotA Dethel (8:28:07 PM): "That's what a bow is for"

WotA Jarek (8:28:08 PM): "Fair point. Here you go." :: Dethel gets the longspear (reach , baby!) :: "Um, Axton, is a potion of healing too much magic for you? Otherwise... Erylis?"

WotA Jarek (8:29:03 PM): (( alright, MR, no more naming characters with hard-to-type vowel-consonant combinations. :-P))

WotA Kano (8:30:12 PM): ((Poor Axton...stuck on the Ethereal plane.))

WotA Kano (8:30:45 PM): ((hey, at least, this time, my PC's name doesn't end in "il" ))

WotA Jarek (8:31:14 PM): "Yes, Daere. That way. With luck, we might catch up with the Deverenian contingent I spoke of. They may move slowly, but there's strength in numbers through the rougher parts."

WotA Daere (8:31:27 PM): "Works for me."

WotA Daere (8:31:45 PM): ::starts walking:: "You guys coming?"

WotA Kano (8:31:47 PM): "Though, on the way here, they seemed to really need Jarek and me to handle anything tougher than cutting firewood."

WotA Dethel (8:32:16 PM): "What of the mission we just undertook?"

WotA Kano (8:32:32 PM): "It was...general...Dethel. Didn't contradict going to Deverenia."

WotA Kano (8:32:52 PM): "'Stop the bad guys' could take us just about anywhere, given that they've killed folks just about everywhere."

WotA Dethel (8:33:03 PM): "True. On both counts."

AussieScum (8:33:11 PM): (( Let's give Curtis another 5 minutes or so and if he doesn't come back, I'll give you the setup to wrap for the night ))

WotA Jarek (8:33:30 PM): :: shrug :: "The guards are competent. Nothing more, Kano." :: to Daere :: "And more than willing to let the little one show off."

WotA Kano (8:33:32 PM): ::to Daere:: "If it means getting to watch you walk, I'm following." ::grins::

WotA Dethel (8:33:34 PM): "Wandering is fine with me, its what I do"

WotA Dethel (8:34:22 PM): "And with this group, its like having a slapstick comedy along for the ride"

WotA Jarek (8:34:24 PM): (( are we proceeding on Thursday sans Joe, or is this it for the month? ))

WotA Daere (8:34:30 PM): ::shakes her head and keeps walking...::

WotA Dethel (8:34:47 PM): ((Its possible I may be able to make Thursday...))

(8:34:53 PM) WotA Axton has entered the room.

WotA Jarek (8:34:59 PM): :: interpose between Kano and Daere, grin at the nimbic ::

WotA Kano (8:35:08 PM): "What?"

WotA Dethel (8:35:28 PM): :Thinks about the sandwich that just got made:

WotA Erilys (8:35:41 PM): ((back, sorry))

WotA Axton (8:35:50 PM): i am back

WotA Dethel (8:35:52 PM): :doubles up with laughter:

WotA Kano (8:35:53 PM): ((Yay, Axton!))

WotA Kano (8:35:59 PM): ((Did you have to slay your PC?))

WotA Dethel (8:36:12 PM): ((Welcome back from the Twilight Zone!))

WotA Axton (8:36:14 PM): that is what happens when you run new soft ware

WotA Jarek (8:36:15 PM): (( I doubt it looks Anything like a sandwich, Joe. *grin* ))

WotA Jarek (8:36:30 PM): (( he's alive! alive, I tell you! ))

WotA Axton (8:36:33 PM): came very close to throwing it out the window

WotA Kano (8:37:02 PM): ((it's 'cause you're running that silly Vista. :-D ))

AussieScum (8:37:13 PM): (( OK, so we playing Thursday or we done for this month? You guys call it ))

WotA Jarek (8:37:28 PM): (( says the guy running actual AOL software... ))

WotA Axton (8:37:33 PM): yea.. the release copy 1. supposed to be golden

WotA Jarek (8:37:35 PM): (( let's play! ))

WotA Erilys (8:37:36 PM): ((I'd like to play, please? ))

WotA Daere (8:37:42 PM): ((go for Thursday))

WotA Kano (8:37:46 PM): ((I'm easy either way))

WotA Erilys (8:37:53 PM): ((release CANDIDATE 1 - not supposed to be golden))

WotA Axton (8:37:58 PM): fine with me

WotA Dethel (8:38:05 PM): OK by me

WotA Axton (8:38:08 PM): fine

WotA Dethel (8:38:21 PM): Take D with you, and hopefully I'll show up...

WotA Axton (8:38:25 PM): it was fine till i tried to click on the link

WotA Axton (8:38:32 PM): then it went haywire

WotA Kano (8:39:01 PM): ((Not to minimize the yeoman effort that the Steinhours made to get Curtis back up tonight...but, do we keep going tonight, given that we're at a natural break point?))

WotA Erilys (8:39:18 PM): ((do we want to sell all the mundane stuff? Or should I sell and post money?))

WotA Axton (8:39:21 PM): i am back

WotA Dethel (8:39:29 PM): I'd prefer to wrap and do administrivia

WotA Daere (8:39:30 PM): ((I say sell and post money.))

WotA Erilys (8:39:47 PM): What administrivia?

AussieScum (8:39:49 PM): (( I got some setup we can do for next time ))

WotA Dethel (8:39:58 PM): selling and posting money :-D

AussieScum (8:39:59 PM): (( Gimme like 5 minutes and we'll unfold that and call it ))

WotA Erilys (8:40:00 PM): ((setup would be nice))

WotA Daere (8:40:06 PM): ((By all means, bring on the setup... :) ))

WotA Axton (8:40:17 PM): ok by me

WotA Jarek (8:40:19 PM): (( oooo setup. and yeah, just sell all and total up. ))

WotA Axton (8:40:36 PM): hopefully my maching will behave it self next time

WotA Erilys (8:41:46 PM): Hopefully!

WotA Axton (8:42:27 PM): that is what happens when you get on the bleeding edge of technology

WotA Erilys (8:42:35 PM): while we're waiting - how interested are you guys in the history of where items came from?

WotA Axton (8:42:49 PM): fine by me

WotA Kano (8:43:13 PM): ((Don't care...but then, I'm getting a scroll. :-) ))

AussieScum (8:43:17 PM): OK, here we go

WotA Dethel (8:43:21 PM): could be interesting

WotA Erilys (8:43:25 PM): In other words, is the fact that these goodies came from "The Ghostwood Treaty" enough, or do you want specifics like I have currently?

WotA Jarek (8:43:40 PM): by module is good enough

WotA Dethel (8:44:08 PM): ((for that purpose by module is cool, I thought you we're talking about RP background))

AussieScum (8:44:19 PM): The day after the Assassin's Strike, a short stout man with a long Grizzled beard - a dwarf - approaches you

WotA Jarek (8:44:27 PM): esp. since the items will make their way to our character sheets too

WotA Erilys (8:44:42 PM): 'k, thanks.

WotA Jarek (8:44:47 PM): (( where might we be at that point, Steve? ))

AussieScum (8:44:51 PM): He is dressed in elaborately ornamented white robes and his beard is braided with gleaming metal.

AussieScum (8:45:11 PM): (( Oh, on the raod to Deverenia ))

WotA Jarek (8:45:18 PM): 'k cool

WotA Dethel (8:45:43 PM): ((Sporting any holy symbols?))

WotA Erilys (8:46:04 PM): ::watch him with interest::

WotA Kano (8:46:17 PM): "Hi!"

WotA Jarek (8:46:37 PM): "<Greetings>" (( <in dwarven> ))

AussieScum (8:46:50 PM): Two stocky warriors in polished plate armor, carrying warhammers that look too large for them, stand a few paces behind him

WotA Daere (8:46:56 PM): ::stares::

WotA Jarek (8:47:04 PM): "<What do you want?>"

WotA Axton (8:47:16 PM): keeps eyes open watching for trouble

AussieScum (8:47:25 PM): "Ladies, Gentlemen", the dignitary calls in a soft yet commanding voice.

AussieScum (8:47:42 PM): "My name is K'evan of the Green. May I have a moment of your time"

AussieScum (8:48:04 PM): "Oh, how polite of you to greet me in my native tongue"

WotA Axton (8:48:05 PM): yea

WotA Dethel (8:48:15 PM): "Most certainly, Noble Sir"

WotA Jarek (8:48:17 PM): "The moment is yours, K'evan."

AussieScum (8:48:36 PM): The man looks at each of you in turn, and his crystal blue eyes seem to probe every line, crease and dimple in your faces.

WotA Erilys (8:48:47 PM): ::takes a position a little to one side, but listens intently::

WotA Axton (8:48:55 PM): that will take some time

AussieScum (8:49:04 PM): "I'm told you did well yesterday. Forgive me, we are not an official delegation, we arrived only recently from the World Below"

WotA Erilys (8:49:06 PM): (LOL!)

WotA Dethel (8:50:00 PM): "Thank you for your kind praise"

AussieScum (8:50:08 PM): "My people are .. unfamiliar with the surface world. We received word that a group of many leaders was meeting here, and as our king had enjoined me to learn about the surface world, I had thought it best

AussieScum (8:50:12 PM): to meet them all at once"

WotA Dethel (8:50:14 PM): "What news of your home?"

WotA Kano (8:50:43 PM): ", that...didn't go so well."

WotA Axton (8:50:46 PM): they were but they left

AussieScum (8:50:50 PM): "I was, it seems, too late. I spoke to Edwin Moss this morning. You impressed him."

WotA Erilys (8:50:52 PM): ::softly:: "Ohhhhh...."

AussieScum (8:51:15 PM): His expressioin betrays worry and the wrinkles around his suddenly tired eyes deepen.

WotA Erilys (8:51:23 PM): ::nods::

AussieScum (8:51:27 PM): He takes a long deliberate breath.

AussieScum (8:52:15 PM): "I am afraid we must ask for your help. Although we do not wish to impose upon you, I fear we have little alternative. We do not trust the elves or the nothrog and the Andoverans are mourning their losses."

AussieScum (8:52:36 PM): "The Deverenians ... well te Deverenians would not weldome out presence. thus we cdome to you....

AussieScum (8:52:46 PM): but I am gettign ahead of myuself. May I explain our position?"

WotA Axton (8:52:53 PM): then i will not be of any service to you

WotA Kano (8:53:00 PM): ((That's OK...we need to find some stuff to kill to gain XP before we go after Medusan Lords. :-) ))

WotA Erilys (8:53:03 PM): ::looks at the rest of the party, and smiles to herself::

WotA Jarek (8:53:03 PM): :: looks around at the elf, the nothrog, and the andoverans... smiles ::

WotA Dethel (8:53:08 PM): "Please do"

WotA Axton (8:53:33 PM): so good day sir

WotA Erilys (8:53:43 PM): "Axton? Don't do that."

WotA Erilys (8:53:52 PM): "He just means your country, not you."

WotA Axton (8:54:01 PM): he said he does not trust me

WotA Erilys (8:54:21 PM): "No, he said he doesn't trust Nothrogs in general. That's different."

WotA Daere (8:54:26 PM): ::mutters:: "Maybe you should ask him if he wants to be your slave..."

AussieScum (8:54:32 PM): "What I have to tell you is of the utmost importance. What is said here, stays with us."

WotA Axton (8:54:34 PM): i do not think so

WotA Erilys (8:54:48 PM): ::elbows Daere and mutters back:: "Don't give him any ideas ...."

WotA Erilys (8:55:13 PM): "Trust me, Axton. I'll go into detail later."

WotA Daere (8:55:14 PM): ::shrugs and grins, then goes back to trying to look serious and attentive::

WotA Dethel (8:55:15 PM): "While I can keep a secret, I prefer to know who I am keeping it for"

AussieScum (8:55:21 PM): Not long ago, an artisan from one of our western villages disappeared. We fear the worst. Barrin, the man whoh disappeared, was no ordinary Dwarf. His skill is renowned among our people."

AussieScum (8:55:30 PM): "We have reason to believe he was kidnapped!"

AussieScum (8:55:34 PM): TO BE CONTINUED.....

WotA Erilys (8:55:43 PM): ::tries to catch Jarek's eye to speak for us::

WotA Daere (8:55:58 PM): Hmmm...

AussieScum (8:56:00 PM): (( I think that's as good a place as any to stop. ;-) ))

WotA Erilys (8:56:03 PM): ((cute, Steve!))

WotA Axton (8:56:09 PM): ok by me

AussieScum (8:56:24 PM): See you all same bat time, same bat channel, 9 PM ET Thursady :-)

AussieScum (8:57:52 PM): Oh, new adventure name

AussieScum (8:58:07 PM): "The Temple of the Undying Flame"




Copyright Maryrita Steinhour, 2006, 2007.
"Warlords of the Accordlands" copyright 2006 Alderac Entertainment Group.